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Microsoft has launched a 4G-LTE enabled version of its Surface 2, adding AT&T data to its flagship hybrid for the first time. Despite being the cheaper device, the AT&T-compatible Surface 2 only gives you one choice of carrier. Right off the bat, the biggest noticeable difference between the EVO 4G LTE and the One X is the design.
Exactly like the screen on the One X, the Super LCD2 display on the EVO LTE is absolutely stunning.
Speed wise, using the EVO 4G LTE is a bit like sitting behind the wheel of a Formula One car. Sprint customers are getting a future-proof phone, which is great, but not being able to see those next-gen speeds right now is such a bummer. For more information on how we rate phones and tablets, be sure to check out our official mobile review scoring format guide.
Brandon’s deep love of technology stems from watching the Back to the Future trilogy one-too-many times. Of course, the Surface 2 isn't the only tablet to let you browse the Web and send e-mails over cellular data, with Apple's iPad Air being one of its most notable competitors.
Two different tablets: Surface 2 with LTE is an ARM tablet and the Surface Pro 2 is the Intel chip tablet.

The handset maker was adamant before MWC that its days of overwhelming consumers with multiple devices was over — then the company delivered the One line. The carrier has promised to roll out some of its LTE network by this summer, but that’s only in a limited market — for now. I could’ve ran a mile before a Web page loaded, and trying to watch YouTube videos was not an option without a Wi-Fi connection. The Microsoft slate is significantly cheaper than the 64GB model of Apple's LTE-enabled iPad Air, which sells for $829.
Instead of the One X’s polycarbonate back, Sprint’s iteration is made of part aluminum and part Holy crap what is this gaudy, shiny plastic mask? As you can see from the Quadrant screenshot from above, the EVO 4G LTE scored 4851, just a smidgen less than the One X’s 5055. It’s a two-stage design, so anyone who has used a digital point and shoot will feel right at home. Some users may be on their phone a lot, while others — like me — will be on it intermittently throughout the day. The service will provide fuller, more natural-sounding and less fatiguing voice quality.” Regular calling performed well, though! The EVO 4G LTE is well designed — despite its plastic helmet — and comes equipped with several really cool added bonuses, such as the microSD slot, kickstand and (we’re assuming this will be good) HD Voice.

But Sprint began to lose its way, resulting in a lull of truly flagship-worthy devices (save for the introduction of Apple’s iPhone). The HTC One X and One S are arguably two of the most well executed, well thought out Android devices in quite some time. However, I did notice the occasional stutter or two while playing games, but nothing too major.
Now, Sprint is hoping it can recapture some of its acclaim by shining that big ole EVO signal to the sky, saying, “Help us, EVO.
With a pretty noticeable design change, a new carrier and some new tech, the EVO 4G LTE, while not One in name, beautifully continues on HTC’s more focused frontier of next-gen mobile technology. The red strip, by the way, houses a pretty great kickstand — which is admittedly a bit if a nuisance to open — that can support the phone in several different ways — you can even charge the device while the kickstand is in use. Setting the screen at max brightness looks terrific inside, and I was still able to see very well under direct sunlight. Navigating the device was a pretty painless experience as well thanks to the S4 SoC, and opening apps was snappy.

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