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4G promises faster connection to the Internet for high-speed Web browsing, music and video streaming, and uploading pictures and updates. The Huawei Ascend P1 LTE was next of the four, topping out at 27Mbps and averaging around 15Mbps. But before the folks at Samsung get too excited, we have to offer a word of warning about 4G tests.
Remember this is only the first comparison of the first 4G phalanx — when the Nokia Lumia 920 and 820 enter the mix in November things may change.
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Although the International Telecommunications Union-Radio (ITU-R) decided upon the specifications for 4G back in 2008, we have seen a number of different names appear for networks that promise 4G data speeds, many of which provide very different results to consumers.
Many a€?first generationa€? 4G technologies, such as Mobile WiMAX and HSPA+, didna€™t quite match up to the full specifications. Interestingly enough, even LTE, which is commonly marketed at 4G LTE, doesna€™t satisfy the technical requirements decided upon in this specification.
The standards must also provide backwards compatibility with the investments into early a€?4Ga€? technologies. The big enabler for these type of speeds in consumer hardware is carrier aggregation, a term you have probably spotted on high-end smartphone specifications sheets. The past three years has seen a much wider roll-out of LTE networks and a number of countries and carriers have begun offering carrier aggregated networks to consumers too. All of the countries that topped the rankings for mobile network speeds last year are offering LTE-Advanced capabilities.
In the US, AT&T offers Category 4 LTE with carrier aggregation, as does Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon.
Although true 4G is sort of here, therea€™s not really an absolute speed that we can point at to say a€?thata€™s a proper 4G networka€? in reality.
Instead, ita€™s perhaps best to view this generation of wireless technology as an evolving and ever improving standard.
By the time we get the speed of true 4g, they will have called it 7G or by some fancy names like Ultra Z (which is gonna be like 1 terabit per sec in theory? I created a Facebook account only because various forums allow logging on using Facebook credentials. My friend, I have had Metro for a while, with the $50 plan, you are correct, you get I believe 2.5 megs of 4g, than it drops significantly once you used up all your allowance. Building materials such as concrete and steel in your home or office may block 4G LTE signals or significantly weaken it. Don't suffer in data speed silence when there are solutions that will bring your 4G LTE signal into your building. We’ve put the iPhone 5, Samsung Galaxy S3 LTE, HTC One XL and Huawei Ascend P1 LTE through their paces but which is worth your money? The first 4G network is EE, formerly known as Everything Everywhere, created by the merger of Orange and T-Mobile. In terms of download speed the S3 and iPhone 5 both performed best, scoring above 40Mbps a number of times.

The iPhone is also a beautifully built piece of engineering, with a gorgeous aluminium casing banded in steel. But the larger screens give you more room to play with, while the P1 LTE has a subtle chin that helps it sit comfortably in the hand. But once again the One XL is a step down from the mighty quad-core chip in the original One X, which was crushed by the original S3 in benchmark tests. The A6 processor in the iPhone 5 dynamically overclocks, which is a fancy way of saying the chip uses less power when you don’t need it, and ramps up when you do.
That means you get to whisper sweet nothings to voice-controlled personal assistant Siri, download apps from the iTunes App Store, and make FaceTime video calls. And the Samsung Galaxy S3 LTE comes with the latest version of Android, Jelly Bean, which means you’re ahead of the Android pack if you opt for the Samsung.
If that annoys you, just wait until you hear the first rumours of the follow-up to the Samsung Galaxy S3 -- the Samsung Galaxy S4.
If you have been browsing through different smartphones and carrier contracts, you have probably spotted a number of these terms scattered throughout advertisements and spec sheets. Firstly, the standards arena€™t strictly enforceable as the ITU-R has no control over carrier implementations. This situation only became more complicated in October 2010, when the ITU-R completed its assessment of six different candidates to actually use to meet the full requirements of the planned 4G standard.
However, HSPA+, WiMAX, and LTE were also allowed to be labelled as 4G technologies, despite not offering the full feature set promised by the a€?officiala€? technologies. So if youa€™re running an LTE, WiMAX, or HSPA+ connection, youa€™re not really up to speed. Therefore LTE and LTE-A implementations can share bandwidth, which has contributed to more affordable gradual roll outs. Carrier aggregation enables receiving handsets to make better use of fragmented carrier bands, in order to downloaded data faster through the use of multi-antenna techniques (MIMO) and Coordinated Multi PointA (CoMP) technologies. There is also a big push to make improvements to infrastructure in order to achieve these high download rates. According to the latest report from GSA, 1 in 3 global network operators are investing in LTE-Advanced networks and 25 percent of them have already launched such networks to consumers. Although, these appear to only be available on a limited number of bands and therefore arena€™t available universally across the country.
These daysa€™ customers can seamlessly move in and out of LTE and LTE-A network coverage and therea€™s quite a wide variation in consumer speeds because of this. One that will move relatively seamlessly, at least from a consumer point of view, from pre-4G through to next-generation 5G technologies as network providers continue to upgrade their network technology. It doesn’t matter how fast the standard is if they throttle or have limited bandwidth available to a tower. Powerful Signal has configured systems using the latest technology that bring 4G LTE signals from outside and rebroadcast them inside your building to be used by 4G LTE devices. As well as the four phones mentioned above, EE will later this year offer the Nokia Lumia 920 and Lumia 820, and a 4G version of the Samsung Galaxy Note 2. The S3 was more consistent, however, with the iPhone 5’s speed more likely to drop drastically. Unfortunately the black version is prone to scratches round the edge, although the white model is less susceptible.

Both screens are absolutely gorgeous — perfect for watching movies, playing games and browsing the Web, all in crisp, clear detail. There, the iPhone’s HDR mode and decently flash-lit low-light snaps edged out the other phones.
4G is 3G, only faster, giving you a speedier Internet connection on your smart phone, tablet or laptop.
If you can't wait that long then the 4G version will be available with Jelly Bean as standard.
The souped-up 4G version of the HTC One X is set to be the first to fire up Orange and T-Mobile's fast-approaching next-generation data network.
These days, fast mobile data connections are easy to come by in many countries around the world, but all of these terms and network types can mean slightly different things for your data speeds.
This was due to the fact that many carriers and hardware manufacturers had already begun investing in these networks during the two and a half year deliberation. As such, network hardware is split into categories depending on their capabilities and you won’t see devices or networks automatically jump up to meet these specs. LTE-A aims to improve data speeds by usingA a mix of traditional macro cells and vastly improved small cells. A considerable number of European countries now have Cat 4 and Cat 6 LTE network operating across numerous carriers as well. Unfortunately, the US appears to be languishing behind other countries when it comes to investing in and rolling out faster LTE-Advanced deployments. Of course, Verizon is promoting it as lightning fast with a huge budget behind their marketing efforts.
Everyone wants the new speeds offered by 4G LTE but sometimes there are obstacles that may prohibit you from utililizing a 4G LTE network.
However, if you like taking control of your photos, the S3 offers the most features, especially now it’s been updated to the latest version of Android, Jelly Bean. Therea€™s a long period where early networks dona€™t necessarily match up with what consumers expect. In other words, LTE and WiMax standards are gradually improving to meet the IMT-Advanced specification. Some high-end modems will support 2 or 3 carriers these days and can therefore provide some pretty speedy data connections. The aim is to offer better high speed coverage at the networka€™s edge and more bandwidth, but the transmitters will have to function on different frequency bands in order to avoid interference. The iPhone 5 is a male model, beautifully put together and a slick all-rounder — but the S3 LTE is an Olympic bodybuilder, a powerhouse of a phone with a giant screen, rammed with Jelly Bean features.
Although most advanced 4G LTE markets are over this stage now, these networks types are still developing in some countries and the issue is bound to rear its head again as we move towards 5G. If you live in New York, you might get better speed, but most people live outside of New York. T-Mobile’s 4G network can reach download speeds of 21 Mbps and will double to 42 Mbps next year.

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