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Reading aloud with your child for just 20 minutes a day  strengthens relationships, encourages listening and language skills, promotes attention and curiosity and establishes a strong reading foundation.
Go beyond words – Point out specific objects and illustrations in books to your toddler. Encourage – If your child wants to try to pronounce a word, encourage her and take the time to let her recognize and pronounce words. Have fun – Your positive reaction to reading time will signal to your child that books are fun. Reading is the one thing that have the power to relax us and yet educate us and develop us in  a better person. The experience of reading a book depends of the place where you are reading and if you read the book and have view like this , than you have yourelf a winning combination.
This is super creative corner to read books with your kids or have a private time with book by yourself. This is great idea for everyone who want to bring the reading a book to a whole new level of stylish reading corner where you can relax and still feel like you are in some stylish french coffee. This kind of reading corner will double up the pleasure of reading a book and have a little you time.
When elementary school students have math worksheets to fill out, spelling tests to study for, after school activities to participate in, and chores to finish, it’s no wonder that the standard daily reading homework assignment can fall to the wayside. No one is going to debate the importance of being able to read in order to learn and navigate through life. This infographic, an oldie but goodie from Perry and Lecompton School District, quantifies the long-term difference between regular, periodic and infrequent reading. With all of the lifetime upsides that come from reading, how can teachers and parents help kids develop a habit of daily reading? Build reading time in your classroom every day. Help students develop the habit by consistently setting aside a few minutes a day for your class to relax with a book.
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Although reading in schools is still considered to be required coursework, the kinds of emotions, innovations and ideas children are likely to experience from behind a book are unparalleled. Help your child feel at home among books and take advantage of they many free programs your library or bookstore offers.
Reading is the part of the day that gives you the time to relax and still provides you with wisdom and creativity. Is so awesome to have one place in the house which will radiate with creative and educative energy. A British study found that students who frequently read for pleasure not only had better vocabulary and spelling—which is to be expected—but that those students were also more proficient at math.
The University of Buffalo found that students who read novels could put themselves into other people’s situations more easily, and had increased compassion. In a six-month daily reading program, scientists found that the amount of white matter in the area of the brain associated with language actually increased. This is a great graphic to share with parents to help them get on board with your daily reading assignment. In his book “Mini Habits,” Stephen Guise suggested starting a new habit with a small change that can easily be accomplished.
No matter what the age of your students, give them the chance to form pictures in their heads as you read to them.
You know that feeling when you come back from work and you are stress out about many work problems, the taxi driver does not have change to give you back , there was a lot of traffic jam in the streets , your boss screamed at you all day and you get back home  seeking for one place where you can feel calm and free of stress.Therefore we come to idea to inspire you to have a special reading corner.
After all, parents may reason, their child can catch up on reading over the weekend, over the summer, or during a less hectic time.

The theory is that reading exposes students to new ideas, which may make new math concepts easier to comprehend.
Magazines, newspapers, graphic novels, recipes, audio books and online reading can add a new dimension of skill and enjoyment.
Tell them about some of your favorite books when you were young and let them see what books you are currently reading.
Ask students to report back on how the listener reacted to the story (yes, even the inanimate ones). Life can get hectic, even for our youngest students, but helping them form a daily reading habit really can make a huge difference. Young readers who are presented with a number of books at a young age have drastically improved grades and comprehension in their later years, as well as an improved sense of self, logic and speech. But the effects of regularly skipping that reading homework can have long-term effect on a child’s life.
Keep in mind the benefits reading offers adults, such as providing stress relief, decreasing the likelihood of developing Alzheimer’s, and boosting analytical thinking.
Even though reading is undoubtedly important, keeping close track of what children read is equally as pivotal. Then the next day, knowing how easily you accomplished the task before, you’re more likely to do it again.
With reading, perhaps set a limit at two or three minutes, then gradually adding a minute at a time.
Longer periods of reading are obviously preferred, but reading consistently, over a period of time, is an effective way to create that habit.

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