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As with many things in life we can sometimes give up when we don’t see the results we want.
The daily practices I use include My Gratitude Journal, Clarity lists, recorded affirmations and visualization. Once you get into a routine with your daily practices it becomes natural to feature these things in your day.

Choose to follow this and you will start to see things show up in your life which you may have only dreamed of. This entry was posted in ¦ LOA in Action ¦ and tagged how to use law of attraction, law of attraction, law of attraction made easy, law of attraction made simple, law of attraction queen, liz green, practice makes perfect, the secret rhonda byrne, the secret to the law of attraction by Liz Green. Get excited about all the wonderful things showing up in your life like they are already here  The law of attraction is real and you can see it working in your life….

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