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On 12th bright day of the month of Asadha (July) on the return of the Lord to the temple after the famous Rath Yatra. On full moon day of the Kartika (November) the deities are decorated with gold ornaments inside the temple. On the full moon day of Falguna (March) the deities also decorated with gold ornaments known suna Besha. Sri Mayur Chandrika - A golden peacock feather used by Lord Jagannath as Sri Krishna head piece.
Sri Chulapati - A golden ornament worn traditionally on the forehead to increase the beauty of the face.

Lord Jagannath is an extended form of Lord Vishnu, the chief Lord of the Hindu Vaishnavism. Held on the 11th day of the bright fortnight of Ashadha (June-July), this adornment takes place in the respective chariots of the Lord,His brother and Sister near the Singhawar.
As such all the incarnations of the Lord Vishnu are ascribed to be an image of Lord Jagannath only. All the three deities are bejeweled with gold ornaments and the Lord Jagannath and Balabhadra appear with hands and feet made of gold. At night the representative’s images Srinarayan, Vasudeva and Bhubaneswari representing Jagannath, Balabhadra and Subhadra respectively are brought to the well decorated sleeping chamber and placed on the cots.

While Lord Jagannath holds a gold Chakra(disc) in his right hand and a silver conch in the left hand, Lord Balabhadra appears holding a gold plough in the left hand and a gold mace in the right hand. One of the popular adornments of the Lord, the Suna Besha is witnessed by millions of people.

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