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Janam Kundali contains the predictions for life of an individual based on the planetary position and a few other attributes at time of birth. Click on ‘Kundali (Birth Chart)’ link and soon you will be redirected to a new page with an easy form.
There, you will need to fill the details like name, sex, DOB, time of birth, and the birth place. Next, click on ‘Continue’ button, after which you will be taken to your janam kundali page. Not being an astrologer I know that Janam kundali is not very long, but as a normal being you won’t be able to interpret things from it. AstroSage is simple, easy, online, 100% free, and also lets you know about the upcoming situations in life.
You can try other free online predictions applications like Silhouette, Lotus Tarot, and Trusted Tarot. Complete the form below, and we'll send you an e-mail every now and again with all latest news.
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MB Free Janam Kundali Software is an advanced birth chart calculation software based on Vedic Astrology.

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MB Free Vedic Astrology is an unique combination of different Vedic (Sidereal) or Indian Astrology softwares.
MB Free Astrology Natal Chart Software is a free astrology natal chart generator software based on the principles of western astrology or tropical astrology.
MB Free Numerology Marriage Vibration Software helps find your own marriage vibration number. Once you have this MIDI file, insert it on Synthesia or on your respective DAW to learn this piece or create a remix of it. The main highlights of the page have been listed under the heading “Free Horoscope and Astrology Services”. Many astrologers consider kundali as the most accurate means for predicting future of any person.

For this reason you are provided with a 40 page online janam kundali with interpretations and explanations ion it.
It tells you accurately the astronomical location of planets at the time of an individual's birth.
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The following steps include the procedure for obtaining  your free online janam kundali at Astrosage.
This software is very simple to use as well as easy to navigate with a well designed user interface.
Maybe after an year I will be able to compare & contrast the predictions and real life events.

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