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I used to like reading these, although lately, print media hasn’t been much of a part of my life.
Back to exciting stuff – a Corcom branded EMI filter designed for a 10A load, marked 10K1 F1522, made in Barbados and appears to be coded 4th week 1982.
It was filled with green right angle PCB mount connectors for a particular sort of connector.
A 300ohm to 75ohm balun to hook up old ladderline to TV, not that useful nowadays since ladderline isn’t used in modern installs.

Relays – one seemed to be a multiple-circuit trunk style relay, and two power relays.
I'm a bit of a nut for electronics, computing, photography, radio, satellite and other technical hobbies. Probably worth about $12 in LEDs, although this is likely to be quality OSRAM material, so might even be worth the cost of the goodie bag itself! Definitely vintage stuff, but each one would be worth $3-5 each in bulk as they’re generally no-maintenance high reliability devices.

But because of a need to purchase some M3 screws with my supervisor, I wandered in with him to the Alexandria Jaycar and had a browse around and I stumbled on a fairly big heavy polybag of stuff with no price and the catalog number XB9000. Probably good for telecoms devices that run off 48v bus, but not that much use for me I’d say.

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