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Jyotish Tools is a lightweight software application designed specifically for helping you perform Indian astrology analyses based on the Vedic horoscope. The program comes packed with an integrated atlas and offers support for the ACS Atlas version 2.
The main window records a thorough set of details about charts (Natal or Rashi chart) along with information about the planetary positions, current transits, and speed of the transit planets.
Jyotish Tools lets you select between several chart styles, like northern, southern, eastern, or western (circular), color charts so you can analyze them from the perspective of Prof. Furthermore, you can analyze the planetary strengths using the Systems Approach and enable the Iyer analysis for viewing the natal chart in southern chart style and Shripati chart in northern style inside the natal chart. The application gives you the possibility to take chart notes on the horoscope in the lower left window of the GUI.
There’s support for some other utilities that help you check out 52 dates of planetary data by day, week, month, or year, find transit hits in a horoscope via the graphical ephemeris feature, identify a specific time when planetary positions are auspicious for a certain event using the Muhurta tool, and change the date and time of the transit chart displayed in the program.

Jyotish Tools does not disappoint in terms of functionality because it offers support for various nifty tools suitable for exploring Indian astrology concepts.
Throughout its history, it has frequently been maligned and rejected both by the powers-that-be and by the masses. Sun crosses the equator going northward (which is the first day of spring in the Northern Hemisphere). Pluto as the ruler of Scorpio; however, for most of Western astrology's history, traditional rulerships were used.
It lets you make use of the Systems Approach rules and analysis, interpret the transit influences over natal planets and natal influences over transit planets, as well as check out a coded display of planetary periods. However, you still need need to have some background knowledge about Indian astrology in order to understand the notations employed by the tool. Plus, you can view a list with contemporary dashas (you may set the dasha levels and select the Bhukti sequence), and twenty divisional charts.

They often reveal connections (such as those between houses) that might otherwise be missed. Analysis of that chart supplements the information about the life theme given by the natal chart. A help manual is available in case you are interested in finding more about its capabilities.

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