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Above is a useful way of understanding the Minor Arcana and Decans in terms of their Kabbalistic source. Each card of the Minor Arcana has a planet associated with it to help explain the dynamics of that particular card.
The Four Worlds of Kabbalah have their reflection in many spiritual systems around the world, and the number 4 itself has many correlations and correspondences one could mention. Always remember that when dealing with metaphysical systems, it is good to be rooted both in tradition but to also allow for a little leg room with free association.
I've discussed the importance of the symbolism of masculine and feminine and the sword and the cup in my first 4 or so podcasts here.
One way to conceptualize the elements is to think of Cups-Water as the next fractal level up from Disks-Earth, and Wands-Fire as the next fractal up from Swords-Air.
Within the Hermetic arrangement of the Tree of Life, the path of the Lovers connects the spheres of Binah (The Great Mother, The Great Sea, etc) and Tipareth (the hub of Yetzirah being the airy, mental world of Kabbalah).
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I understand that the information I provide will be used to generate my own personal numerology reading. For example, look at the Two of Wands which is the first Decan of the Cardinal Fire sign Aries. This can allow for greater synthesis between seemingly disparate systems and one may find many interesting correlations and points of agreement between them. There is both involution and evolution, a constant churning like motion between the dualities where different qualities are exchanged. These pairings are different expressions but carry the same "charge," just as the Greater is to the Greater and the Lesser is to the Lesser in the modified platonic chart above.
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These cards (excluding the Aces) can be seen as subdivisions of the 12 signs of the Zodiac, called Decans or Decanates.
If someone for example has Jupiter within the first 10 degrees of Leo, we can interpret this as Jupiter in the 5 of Wands, or Jupiter in the Fire portion of Geburah, the 5th sphere of the Tree of Life.
For example, someone familiar with astrology and the I Ching might say "But, fire signs do not resonate with Yin and the Moon, so that category and correspondence is 'wrong.'" Superficially this seems to be a true statement, but throughout the Kabbalah, Astrology, Tarot and also the I Ching, we find positive and negative charges intertwined in various ways, that is, we find Yin within Yang and Yang within Yin.
This is just one way of conceptualizing the interaction of masculine and feminine polarities. For example, the emotions we feel (water and water signs) are mirrored in the different chemicals of the actual physical world of the body (earth and earth signs) though on a more refined level.
The 36 Decans illustrate how each sign has within it 3 distinct expressions, so one can say that there are in fact 36 signs of the Zodiac, not just 12.
The title of this card is Dominion and signifies male creative energy bursting forth and potentially destroying that which is in its path.

There is the lightning path striking down the tree and the serpent path coiling up the tree. Another way of viewing this is in the famous line from the Book of the Law which states:Love is the Law, Love under Will. Emotions represent your ability to feel and listen to the world around and within you, and the actual molecular structure of things like dopamine, serotonin, etc., deeply affect your mood, but it's also vice versa where mood can affect the production of these chemical codes. The numbers 2 through 10 are displayed four times on the Zodiac wheel, each number forming a 90 degree Cross, and with each "arm" of the four-armed Cross representing one of the four elements.
As stated on the Tarot and the Tree of Life page, Kabbalists describe the topmost sphere of Kether as being a kind of "illusion," that it is simply a "Malkuth" of the next world. Here we see the duality of Gemini, the inner and the outer, and how Gemini acts as a mirror of sorts. Sometimes things need to be "destroyed" in order to be reformed, or for outmoded and outdated to give way to the new and improved. This can also be applied to the mind (air and air signs) being mirrored in the higher functioning or frequencies of the spirit (fire and fire signs). Many people are familiar with the phrase "if you look into the abyss you will only see yourself." It's as if the abyss is a mirror, but many may become terrified of that mirror. If we look again, for example, at someone with Jupiter within the 5 of Wands decan, we would say his Jupiter is within the Atziluth (spirit) of Geburah (strength). Being the very first Decanate of the very first sign, the Two of Wands in the sign of Aries is a sort of a grand uprooting of all the possible stagnant energy that may have accumulated in the time leading up to it. One may wonder if he were moving from the furthest left to the furthest right in a linear fashion, "what happens beyond the 'greater of the greater' stage then?" The answer is one moves right back into Malkuth, Assiah, and the Earth like a feedback loop.
The "Will" from an astrological perspective is shown in the masculine Air and Fire signs, signs of a "positive charge," which in Tarot are the suit of Swords and the suit of Wands, mind and spirit.
You could say "fire carries the messages of air," or vice versa, " mind carries messages of spirit i.e. This is what Gemini represents and why the Hebrew letter Zayin which is attributed to the Lovers card means both "sword" and "armor." You may pierce into the abyss and discover many important things, yes, but you may also need to shield yourself from it. If however Jupiter were in the 6 of Cups Decan, it would be Briah (creation) of Tipareth (beauty). This card signifies the turbulence of new beginnings, of breaking the mold and bringing new life, fresh ideas, and intense creativity into ones sphere of being.
Aries is the sign, at least in the northern hemisphere, which signifies the arrival of Springtime emerging out of the cold Winter months before it.
On the male's cloak there are serpents and on the female's cloak there are bees (see the Venus section of the planets page and also this post I made on the syncromysticism forum). These symbols will be placed in various areas depending on the card and are not the same for each. One might also understand this symbolism in terms of Air signs of the Zodiac flowing into Water signs, or Swords dipping into Cups. The child of the male figure on the left is grasping the feminine Cup or Graal, and the child of the female figure on the right is grasping the masculine spear. If you are looking at the card indicating 10 to 20 degrees of Libra, the Three of Swords, Sorrow, you will see the symbol of Libra and also the symbol of Saturn. Therefore, moving from left to right in the above chart is an ascent, whereas moving from right to left would be a descent.
Within the round of our year, Air signs always move into Water signs, which is symbolic of the mind "surrendering," in a sense, to the "water" of the great wilderness being the creative world of Briah, the all encapsulating nature of the morphic field.
In Lon Milo DuQuette's book Chicken Qabalah, on page 79, he gives a somewhat humorous story as to how the Four Worlds operate by picturing them as a single 4 story building.
One cannot know black unless one also knows white, and one cannot know pain unless one also knows pleasure.

While I do agree that it is perfectly alright to change things to make better sense of them, the current correspondences shown here and on the cards serve well enough to describe the tone of each card. The top floor corresponds to Atziluth, the 3rd floor to Briah, the 2nd floor to Yetzirah and the 1st floor to Assiah. One may also consider it exclusive (evolution, Yang-rising, the outer directed mind seeing contrast) and inclusive (involution, Yin-descending, the inner directed soul and experience of Union within the whole). For example The Hanged Man card which has the number 12 and is the pivot or balance between the Air sign of Libra (11) and the Water sign of Scorpio (13).
But, as Alan Watts discusses in this talk, the extreme of polarities or dualities is an illusion as there is a third "transcendental" point of understanding between them. Within these different floors are different "modes of being" that help in the process of creation, of bringing the "highest" world of Atziluth-like conception down into the material realm of Assiah. The Hanged Man "suffers" as the sharpness of the individual mind is submerged underwater and becomes more fully connected to the whole (as if it was separate in the first place, which is perfectly symbolic of the minds connection to and influence upon the morphic field). Beginning with Aries, the planets follow the repeating pattern of Mars-Sun-Venus-Mercury-Moon-Saturn-Jupiter. These four stages are generally what everyone engages in at various points in the creative process. One might say that the feminine is "outer directed" and social, whereas the masculine is "inner-directed" and individual. Within the story, the creative process is illustrated through the simple existence of chairs, that is their conception, creation, form and material.
We have the first basic concept of "sit," being the first general "is-ness" of the world of Atziluth - conception. Anything that is done without the aim of Love, Understanding, and the all inclusive embrace of the feminine, is doomed to futile exclusivity, tyranny and deviation from the course of creation.
Then comes the many creative inspirations, ideas, aesthetics, and excited "aha" moments of the world of Briah - the creative. This "aim" is symbolized by Cupid pictured in the top of the Lover's card whose arrows "pierce the heart" causing one to fall in love. After this stage comes actual measurement, planing, trial and error, cutting, assembling, etc., of the Yetziratic world of mind and formation.
So within the Yin, we see a highly concentrated version of the Yang, a point of understanding of Yang that is encapsulated within Yin.
This act of piercing is reminiscent of the spear piercing the side of Christ upon the Cross. Within the Yang, we see a highly concentrated version of Yin, a point of understanding that Yang has about it's "Yin interior." Within Kabbalah this is described as men having feminine souls and women have masculine souls. One can think whatever they want about Plato, but when human experience is divided into four separate modes of being like this one can easily see the Tarot and Kabbalistic correlations.
It is painful and Saturnian, but out of those seeming extremes comes integration and harmony within the whole. There are many correspondences one could make, and it doesn't have to be rooted at all in Platonism.
When these areas become imbalanced or radicalized, men tend to become too passive and Yin, and women too aggressive and Yang. But, the keywords and descriptions used to illustrate each of these four "worlds" in the Platonism video match nearly perfectly the interpretations of the Four Worlds of Kabbalah, and hence also to the four suits of Tarot and the four elements in Astrology. One could create a synthesis of the same basic principles as found in Kabbalah, Tarot, Astrology, and the I Ching with the Platonic Tetralogies and metaphysics as illustrated in the video.

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