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You are a progressive thinker, open and receptive to new technologies and breakthroughs in science, and the latest discoveries in any field.
Virgo rising with Sun and Saturn give a dignified and austere countenance and a desire to do proper and good works. Libra learns the truth about relationships -that they need to be free and unrestricted in order to succeed. They easily and intuitively absorb, understand, or transmit ideas and knowledge, as though accessing or working it from a collective source.
There is a robustness about your contemplation of the real world that is not injured by a very keen sense of beauty.
You have high expectations and a deep belief that mankind’s problems can be solved through the use of our creative intelligence and inventive mind.

Your great ability is to see beauty in things without finding it necessary to deny their reality. You have no patience for those whose conservative, unimaginative outlook limits their capacity to find solutions and envision a better future. Conversely, you make all useful things as beautiful as possible and thus believe in the utility of art and the art of utility.
You also like to keep abreast of current developments in world affairs, for you instinctively know that what happens in one part of the world affects everyone. Nothing real is likely to be offensive to you if it has a use; you will smell the odors of a pigsty less than others because you are thinking of bacon rather than of filth.
But on the other hand, the beauty of an army will leave you cold because you will shudder at the slaughter.

Practically speaking, you have an aptitude for organization and enjoy being involved in cooperative endeavors or businesses that are contemporary and innovative. Your sense reactions are conditioned by a rugged and realistic approach to experience that causes you to regard everything you see, hear and touch in the light of your appraisal of its utilitarian and artistic merits, and little reaches you through the senses without passing through this nicely balanced court of values.

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