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Proposition: The Kepler Laws allowed Newton to establish his Law of Universal Gravitation without which Newton would have been at a considerable loss! Prior to Johannes Kepler ( 1571 - 1630 ), Copernicus ( Polish: Mikolaj Kopernik, 1473 - 1543 ) supposed that planetary orbits were approximate circles which indeed are ellipses of a special kind. Kepler's 2nd Law ( Equal Areas in Equal Times ) states that a planet's motion maps out equal areas in equal times for a radius vector, , drawn from the sun - foci to the planet. This then provides one of the first and most important empirical proofs of Newton's Law of Universal Gravitation since planetary centripetal acceleration solely depends upon the distance of the planet from the sun!!
Of course, planets do not accelerate and fall into their center bodies due to a countervailing centrifugal force and Newton's Law of Inertia.
Hence, here is a further interpretation of the force which maintains a planet's orbit about the sun and which is directly dependent upon the planet's distance from this central body.

Moreover, the universality of Newton's concept of forces acting upon bodies did not just allow for the relative mass of the sun to effect a planet's orbital motion, but equally that there exists a mutual force arising from a planet's mass and hence its reciprocal effect upon the sun. This says that there is some universal value, , for both the sun and any planet and therefore for any body whatsoever in the solar system.
Although successful, Kepler's laws remained a set of empirical rules without a dynamical basis. In any event, because circles are special cases of generalized ellipses, any derivations based upon Kepler's 1st Law ( Planetary Law of Ellipses ) for ellipses must also hold true for circles. This universal factor of proportionality, , is called the gravitational constant and was finally and fairly accurately implicitly determined [ within 1% ] in 1797 by British Henry Cavendish ( 1731 - 1810 ) whose original intent was to calculate earth's density relative to water. The link between these laws and the physical world would be established about 50 years later by Isaac Newton (1642-1727).

Rather, Cavendish misinterpreted his discovery of the gravitational constant as earth's density; nevertheless, the torsion balance apparatus conceived and built earlier by then deceased John Mitchell ( Reverend, geologist and English natural philosopher, 1724 - 1793 ) was crated and sent on to Cavendish which allowed him to complete his 1797 experiment to within 1% accuracy of the modern gravitational constant calculation!
Cavendish published his results in Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London, Vol.

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