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Horoscope 2013 astrology & predictions 2013 zodiac signs, Horoscope 2013 astrology gives predictions for 2013. Astrology, horoscopes, indian vedic astrologer, horoscope, Astrology portal providing host of indian astrology prediction and horoscopes by astrosapna. Vedic astrology: indian astrology – hindu horoscope 2016, Indian astrology 2000 provides free hindu vedic astrology birth chart, love compatibility chart, daily, monthly, annual horoscope reading based on moon sign by indian.
Free horoscope - vedic astrology - indian astrology, hindu, Indastro provides free vedic astrology birth chat, indian astrology compatibility, daily, monthly, annual free horoscope reading based on moon sign.. Copyright © 2012 Autos Weblog, All trademarks are the property of the respective trademark owners. Astrology is the scientific study of planets, stars and other heavenly bodies and how their position influences human beings and their activities. Kerala astrology has also been considered to be the oldest, consistent and most accurate form of astrology in the world.
In ancient times, the maharishis used astrology to make predictions based on their expertise and knowledge with the blessings of God.
Lastly, it should be kept in mind that the practices of Kerala astrology should never be compared with those of Fortune tellers. It is a full-proof study that dates back to nearly 5000 years and has been founded, comprehended and developed by rishis of the Vedic times.

Over time, only the knowledge of the person and the success of their findings became the basis of the faith.
It should only be used as a supernatural guide to tackle problems by following the remedial measures.
Some of the eminent names known for their contribution to Vedic astrology are Aryabhatta, Garga, Kalidasa, Varaha Mihira and Maharishi Parashara to name a few.
The Kerala astrology methodology uses ‘cowries’ or sea shells, and is greatly valued worldwide for its predictive accuracy. Kerala astrological predictions are entirely based on scientific study of different planetary constellations.
The study of astrology revolves around 8 planets that are Sun, Moon, Jupiter, Mars, Saturn and Venus and two other shadowy planets namely Rahu also known as The Dragon’s Head and Kethu or The Dragon’s Tail. The state is well known for its resourceful information on subjects like astronomy, astrology, horoscope and vasthu sasthra. Accurate predictions can only be made through comprehensive knowledge of different astrological aspects and is procured by mastering astrological education.
Different astronomers around the world work on the planetary placements of these heavenly bodies in the universe and make predictions thereby. This southernmost state is not only popular for Ayurvedic practices, its astrology predications have also been pulling people from different corners of the world.

Kerala astrology uses the principles of ‘Asthamangala Prasana’ as an integral part to make astronomical predictions. It is used to find solution and the root causes of different problems faced by the mankind like family problems, stress, infertility, business failures and other unsolved issues. These principles are also extended to Vasthu Sasthra and it is gaining immense popularity in the state. Kerala astrology can guide us to leave a happy and glorious life by performing good actions and eliminating all malefic acts. Asthamangala Prasana is also followed for new construction and other auspicious activities like constructing temples. The builders are requested to follow these traditional principles when constructing new homes or offices. It also reveals the effect, both good and bad, of our past, present and future actions and also provides remedies to remove the malicious acts.

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