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Janam Kundali is an elaborate Vedic horoscope that can help you to know more about yourself with accurate precision and free your current life from hassles. After trying Janam Kundali and convincing yourself of the amazing precision of this astrologic science you’ll probably never want to consult any other type of astrology anymore.
By consulting the Janam Kundali astrology people can discover their karma and find solutions to improve their lives by following remedies.
You can find your latitude and longitude of your birthplace and have a birth chart created for you. With the help of Janam Kundali you will find out about your benefic and malefic planets that have influence in your life.
Other aspects that influence our lives are the Ascendant or Lagna, the Zodiac sign or Rasi, and the movement of planets in our horoscope.
The planetary positions will be shown on your lagna chart that describes different positions of the two shadowy planets Ketu and Rahu, and the positions of the seven planets Mars, Venus, Mercury, Saturn, Jupiter, Moon, and Sun. Lal Kitab predictions can give you insight about how the benefic and malefic planets influence your life and what major or minor events to expect during your life period. The accuracy of Janam Kundali predictions and reports will surely make you a believer in astrology. The Janam Kundali Birth Chart of the Hindu Vedic astrology uses “Houses”, “Bhavas”, and “Sthanas”. In the modern Janam Kundali Vedic astrology are considered a total of 12 planets or “grahas”. The 12 planets are Sun or Ravi, Moon or Chandra, Venus or Shukra, Mercury or Buddha, Mars or Mangal, Kartikeya, Kuja, Jupiter or Guru, Saturn or Shani, Uranus or Harshal, Neptune, Pluto, North Node or Rahu, and South Node or Ketu. All these signs or Rashis are imaginary divisions of the Zodiac, each of them occupying 30 degrees from the 360 degrees of a full circle.
The Ascendent or Lagna is that sign which is rising at the time of birth on the Eastern horizon.
In a fully plotted birth chart all the precise positions at the time of birth for all the 12 planets are shown in the chart.
Janam Kundali astrology also analyses the twelve houses: Lagnasthan, Dhana-sthan, Bhatru-sthan, Matru-sthan, Vidya-sthan, Ripu-sthan, Bharya-sthan, Mrutyu-sthan, Bhagya-sthan, Karma-sthan, Labha-sthan, and Vyaya-sthan. Janam Kundali Vedic astrology can be a great help for people who want to get a deep insight in the mysteries of life and karma and wish to find a way to predict their future and improve their life. Once the birth horoscope is ready, planetary positions at the moment of birth are calculated and filled in the horoscope. Using the ancient methods of Hindu wisdom, you can find out life prophecies that can transform your future. We may not always understand why we are getting a pain or a gain in our life when the apparent reason stays hidden from us.
This ancient science was developed by wise rishis at a time when they had no space craft, no telescope or any other tools to explore the universe. Whether or not you are familiar with Vedic Astrology and understand these concepts the results are still the same.

A Janam Kundali birth chart is a personalized horoscope that can reveal many truths about your karma, your personality, and your future. Janam Kundali astrology can tell you the auspicious days and the inauspicious days for certain aspects in your life. The planets influence all the stages in our life, from childhood and adolescent years to adulthood and old age. You will learn about all your basic astrologic details about your auspicious days, lucky numbers, favorable points such as Gana, Yoni, Rasi, Lagna, Nakshatra-pada, and Varna. The Janam Kundali reports will not only give you astrological details but will also provide predictions about your career, health, ascendant, nature, personality, behaviour and financial stability. All these reports will explain in detail about your life style, character, career, finances, health, occupation, hobbies, happiness and fulfillment, and love matters. For example, presume that you are a shy, anxious and confused person but you don’t know the reasons behind personality traits. You will also be able to know the charting of your future in advance and you will find ways to better prosper in your life. The Rashis are revolving around us as the Earth is revolving around its own axis in a full period of 24 hours.
Janam Kundali is a diagrammatic representation of all the planets’ positions at the time of the birth. Therefore, planetary positions in the Zodiac calendar at the time of the birth of that person will have a strong impact on his life. In Vedic astrology, other divisional charts and Dasha Bhuktis, which are widely known as planetary periods, are also calculated. You will understand about yourself with full clarity and you will live your life in a more optimistic way. Janam Kundali can help us understand more about the ins and outs of our Karmic fate that leads and drives us.
The ancient rishis have used only their wisdom and clairvoyance to develop the Vedic astrology. If you don’t feel fully successful in your current life and you would like to know some alternatives, the Janam Kundali astrology can analyze your best choices of career.
With information about the most auspicious periods in your life you can take control over your life and make the best of it.
You will receive all the astrological calculations such as lagna kundali, rasi kundali, rashifal, dasa, and many more.
Janam Kundali will help you to discover what kind of person you are, which careers or professions are the most suitable for you in order to achieve success, how other people perceive you, and many more predictions and reports. Janam Kundali will help you understand how the effects of certain malefic planets make you the way you are.
Neptune, Uranus, and Pluto are recently discovered planets and they were not considered in the ancient times. The sign is a fixed Air sign with masculine energy and it is also governed by the planet Saturn.

The coded language of planets indicate how that person actually is and how his course of life is likely to be. When the planetary positions in the Kundali clearly indicate a failure, even the most persistent efforts will go in vain.
It has been proven that the insight of the Janam Kundali horoscope is accurate and can bring much clarity in life.
Sometimes that may not come from the same source as those affected by our actions, but even if the source may be altered the results are always in concordance with our own actions. After Galileo created the first telescope the modern scientists were puzzled to discover the same nine planets that were seen centuries ago by rishis. You can have all your data calculated for you, such as the planets positions at your time of birth with results in the East Indian style or in North and South styles. You might wonder why your relationship with certain people, your family, your colleagues, or your wife is not harmonious and smooth. Knowing which planet is benefic and which planet is malefic for you will help you understand more about your life and will give you a way to profit more from the prosperous influences. You will also receive various predictions for the future, such as Mangal dosha fal, Shani Sade Sati fal, gocharfal, dashafal, and many others. However, one should always consider the planetary transits with reference to the planetary positions in the Kundali.
However, these astral points have a great influence on the nature and for this reason they are considered as planets in the Vedic astrology. If planetary transits are referred in absence of planetary positions at birth, predictions would go wrong. Once this is done, one can find Ascendant at the time of birth, based on the local mean time.
And it goes without saying that if you know the person well, you would know how to deal with that person or how to handle that person. Some people, who may just consider the position of Ascendant and start predicting, can go completely wrong.
Birth horoscope with planetary positions requires basic factors to gauge things and situations in store for you. A Kundali is a mirror to life and its correct analysis will help you reach your destination easily and happily. But by using readings of a person’s Kundali, we can easily know the brighter as well as the weaker side of the person, and in turn, deal with that person accordingly. The idea is to create a better and healthy society, which is possible only if we know the potential of that person.

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