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Meditation and emotional release prepares for Kundalini AwakeningDuring meditation the individual gets increased conscious access to lower levels of consciousness – he is confronted with his subconscious or unconscious mind. The increasing access to the unconscious may be facilitated by both meditation and feeling releasing therapy, which tend to elicit the same kind of brain wave changes (slower frequency, higher amplitude). Deeksha facilitates Kundalini awakeningOur research has shown that direct transmission of energy (Deeksha) from an awakened person can stimulate Kundalini awakening in another person very effectively. The Kundalini energy reaches the brain’s prefrontal areas approximately 12 seconds after the command was given and builds up to a maximum in both hemispheres after 37 seconds. Itzak Bentov has developed a physical-physiological model, which may shed some light on the Kundalini phenomenon. Bentov further theorizes that the standing waves in the ventricles will stimulate an electrical loop circuit in the sensory cortex oscillating at 7 Hz – which incidently is within the EEG theta frequency band. Kindling and brain functionsAccording to Bentov, the 7 Hz oscillating current in the sensory cortex – set up by sitting immobile in meditation – also passes through the limbic system. The kindling phenomenon speeds up the electrical loop system, which exists between the thalamus and the cortex. Apparently, when the brain is supplied with an extra amount of high grade energy (Kundalini) it becomes a ‘Bose-Einstein condensate’.
I remembered when I first heard about the word “Kundalini” was from my former yoga teacher some 14 years ago, she warned me about the danger of awakening this innate energy which could lead to many disorders like hallucination, sex perversion, depression and mental breakdown. It was only after I met my master, Paramahamsa Nithyananda that I was given the right context from the enlightened consciousness which helped me to drop all the fears and welcome the awakening of this innate potential energy within me.
Here I would like to put the right context and understanding about Kundalini energy given by my master.
Kundalini Shakti(energy) is an extraordinary inner potential energy which is in every human being, it is the inner potential bio-energy, the possibility for God.
In one recent research conducted in Inner Awakening programme on the participants by Nithyananda Dhyanapeetam, it showed that within 18 days of Kundalini initiation, all of the participants experienced 1,300% increase in mitochondria cell energy.  Usually the mitochondria cell energy can increase to maximum of only 25 to 30% from Yoga practice or physical workout. Fundamentally, each one decides what they want to become in life and put their attention in that direction, and they become that.
Kundalini awakening is about activating the life energy in you, it should be done directly by an enlightened Master who is master of this science, in his presence, so that the Kundalini is not only awakened, but it is also made to travel in the proper direction.
Here is the scale to find out whether your Master is master of Kundalini: He can awaken anybody’s Kundalini just by his casual will! In essence, Kundalini awakening when it is done by an enlightened master is the best thing that can happen to you because he not only heals you from all the diseases and makes you look young with a new body-mind, he also puts you on the path to Self-Realisation to ultimately experience God in you.
Teo Siew Yong draws from over a decade's worth of experience in the Vedic healing arts of Yoga and Mediation to share the sacred knowledge and experiences of self healing and self discovery with people who are ready to look within. This entry was posted in Articles and tagged enlightenment, extraordianr, inner potential energy, kundalini awakening, kundalini shakti. Siew Yong (Ma Nithya Durgananda) is a featured author for “Conscious Business” in the best selling Adventures In Manifesting series along side with contributing thought leaders like Chris Farrell, Vishen Lakhiani Scott DeMoulin and many more. FREE ConsultationFREE 10-min no-obligation call to understand your requirement and see if I can help you and if you are suitable for a personalized programme which I am offering. This process is associated with a lowering of EEG frequency and an increase of amplitudes (more alpha and theta waves).

Meditation may increase attention, sensitivity and access, while the expression of feelings during psychotherapy can promote the actual release of physical and mental blocks in the body and nervous system making the person more whole. This hypothesis has been supported in our research by both subjective observations and objective EEG measurements. When the heart is pumping blood into the aorta, tiny mechanical vibrations (micromotions) develop in the upper body. As this oscillating current passes through the sensory cortex in a closed circuit, it will create different bodily sensations starting in the toes and moving up the body to the head. Here it stimulates the pleasure centers in amygdala thereby initiating the socalled kindling phenomenon. This extra supply of energy from lower centers causes a diffuse activation of the whole cortex reflected by increased synchronization and coherence of brain wave activity within all frequency bands. A ‘condensate’ is a substance whose molecules have a greater order and coherence than normal. Thus following Kundalini awakening, the brain turns into a super-conductor with a focus like a laser beam. At that time the space I received this information was from fear, not the right understanding.
It is time-tested, fool-proof, side-effect free science, evolved, experimented, experienced, and expressed by the great Vedic inner scientists – rishis.
When the Kundalini energy is awakened, not only does it bring tremendous energy into our mitochondria cell energy levels, it completely recreates, rejuvenates our inner organs, energy levels. The DNA at the molecular level, the most basic unit of our physical construction is thoroughly awakened by Kundalini awakening.
Even fear and greed awakens the Kundalini, but, each time the fear or greed awakens Kundalini, it actually weakens us! Kriyas – the combination of breathing, visualization, verbalisation, all these processes put together is called “Kriya”. So, Kundalini also awakens in people who want it, who are ready to experience it, who are really interested in it. You trying to awaken your own Kundalini is equivalent to you trying to do open heart surgery for yourself!
In deep meditation more and more neurons of the brain work in synchrony at a slower and slower pace directed by bodily and subcortical mechanisms, This is an attempt by the brain to confront, contain, and eventually integrate blocked feelings and traumas at deeper levels of consciousness. We found that immediately following Deeksha, the receiver increased her alpha and theta activity in the whole brain. It’s interesting to note that the left frontal area takes the lead since it responds slightly faster than the right and climbs to a higher maximum (mean Gamma 17.5 uV for the left side vs.
If the body is completely immobile and respiration is slow and barely perceptible – as is the case in deep meditation – these micromotions will assume great regularity and oscillate at seven cycles per second (7 Hz).
Animal experiments have shown that electrical stimulations of the amygdala for a few seconds each day for two or three weeks produce convulsions.
As the energy flows from the thalamus to the cortex and awakens latent or unused parts of the brain (especially in the frontal lobes) the whole brain begins to pulse as a unit generating coherent, high amplitude brain waves within a broad frequency spectrum. In a ‘Bose-Einstein condensate’ the molecules not only have a high degree of order but they also overlap and the condensate behaves like a unit.

From this misunderstanding, the cognition I made at that time was not to awaken my Kundalini energy for fear of all the dangers. Kundalini energy is responsible for whether we experience emotional fulfilment, Bhakthi (devotion), we experience enlightenment through devotion, or we experience enlightenment through knowledge and wisdom. Kundalini energy is the fulfilment of our lowest basic incompletions like sex, hunger to the highest fulfilment and completion like Enlightenment, expressing the Cosmic Union. Not only can it bring tremendous physical health, mental health, emotional fulfilment but it can also manifest extraordinary experiences and powers and joy in your personality. Kundalini awakening makes one look young because when the mitochondria cell increases, the degradation process of our cell energy stops. Unless it is your guru who has already proved that he is a master of this science, it is not advisable to go for any of these Kundalini processes. These old repressed traumas encountered in the process must be confronted, felt, and consciously integrated. In some subjects the increase of alpha was most significant in the frontal area where it increased from 20% to 100%  (see also Deeksha and the Brain). Subsequently standing waves in and above the audio frequency range will develop in the ventricles of the brain. Amygdala is the part of the brain most amenable to kindling which tends to spread from the midbrain in an orderly sequence to hippocampus, the occipital lobes and finally to the frontal lobes. During rest maximum amplitude will be in the alpha band but during intense focus high amplitude beta and gamma waves will prevail, especially in the frontal area.
Examples of ‘Bose-Einstein condensates’ in inorganic matter are superconductors and laser beams. Whatever achievement happens in our life, whether in the form of wealth or in the form of power or in the form of health, or in the form of happiness, or in the form of fulfilment, everything in life, Kundalini is the source. If the Kundalini energy can be awakened and directed, it can get anything we want. When this energy is awakened, the basic incompletions like hunger, sex, all that gets completely completed and it raises the very level we perceive our self. In Vedic tradition, it is very important to have a Siddha Guru, means an enlightened Guru, not only who has experienced his Kundalini completely awakened, but who has also awakened thousands of people’s Kundalini.
From my own experience, if you have the right Master, there won’t be any problem and side-effect by awakening your Kundalini. At the time of maximum energy, the phase synchronization of Gamma waves between the left and right side goes up to a very high level.
These may cause the high-pitched sounds meditators sometimes hear which may herald the activation of the Kundalini.
This travel of energy can be traced by means of EEG measurements, since it is reflected by an increasing amount of alpha waves spreading from the occipital to the frontal cortex.
However a scientist by the name Herbert Frohlich showed that by feeding extra energy to the cell walls of living tissue, the cells would line up in the most orderly, condensed way we know – the ‘Bose-Einstein condensate’ – and the cell walls would start acting as a unit. According to Paramahamsa Nithyananda, awakening the Kundalini energy can heal many diseases including cancer just in forty-eight hours!

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