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Arians, combust of Venus in Aries will make many new opportunities for those who are working; also providing new source of income for businessmen. Taureans, Venus combust in Aries will give businessmen a chance to go on successful work related trips. Geminis, during combustion of Venus in Aries, all your wishes will come true based on your good intellectual power. Scorpions, Venus combust in Aries has arrived, which is making many possible chances to get promotions. Sagittarians, the future foretells that during combustion of Venus in Aries, folks who are involved in business related to creativity will enjoy good success. Venus combust in Aries has arrived with many possible good opportunities for you Capricorns.
We hope that our predictions for Venus combust in Aries exclusively made by Astrologer Neeraj Thapliyal have been helpful to you.
He taught the entire humankind that all the greatness lies in selfless devotion and sacrifice. On this auspicious occasion of Hanuman Jayanti 2016, leta€™s have a look at the mythical legend of the birth of Hanuman.
Anjana very well knew that soon she will be forced to leave the child to return to her original abode. The tales of the childhood capture our attention because all of them show the naughty childhood years of Lord Hanuman. The purpose of Hanuman Jayanti or Mahavir Jayanti is to remind us that life should be dedicated to the Almighty. Saka is the name of the Indian national calendar, you may also consider it Hindu calendar, ambiguously. Ugadi festival in 2016 can become a day when you can plan for entire year, as it marks the new beginning.
On the occasion of Ugadi festival, whole world wears the color a€?greena€™, with trees giving birth to new leaves, and buds opening up to become fresh and turn into beautiful flowers. Ugadi festival is celebrated with enthusiasm and gusto in the states of Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Rajasthan, Punjab, and Maharashtra. Ugadi means a fresh new start, and therefore, the preparations for this grand festival commences a week before the actual day. So, for Ugadi festival in 2016, you can also make proper preparations and enjoy Ugadi festival in 2016 with great enjoyment and fun. Ugadi festival is the one that calls for the New Year, and everyone celebrates this day with lots of plans for the upcoming year. It is believed that seeing your face in molten Ghee (purified butter) on the day of Ugadi, yields fruitful results.
The elder lady of the house applies Kumkum (vermillion) on the forehead of the family members followed by Aarti on the occasion of Ugadi festival.
All the members of the family apply sesame oil on their body, on the occasion of Ugadi festival. Idols of gods are also given oil bath and then offerings of mango, neem flowers, and tamarind is made to complete the Ugadi celebrations.
It is believed that on Ugadi festival, tying leaves of mango on the entrance of the home is very auspicious.

Any festival sounds incomplete, if we dona€™t write anything about the delicacies of that festival. So, on the occasion of Ugadi festival in 2016, prepare this dish and also understand the message that it gives to all of us.
Festivals, religious activities, and occasions are the times to meet family, friends, and relatives; and Ugadi is no exception. On the day of Ugadi, the new Almanac or Panchanga or Hindu calendar is opened for the first time followed by worshiping and reading.
On the day of Ugadi, poetry recitation or Kavi Sammelan is an added feature of the festival.
Hopefully, all this information will help you in celebrating the Ugadi festival in 2016 with more fun and enjoyment. On the other hand, your personal and financial situation might find it difficult to cope up with different situations. As per predictions, if you start business related to fire, electricity, or mechanics, good results are expected.
The Avatar of Lord Shiva, son of the ferocious Vayu Deva and Mother Anjana, let us have a look at the life of Hanuman. In another tale, Hanuman was cursed by a saint because he could not take Hanumana€™s naughty behavior and mischief.
Also, feel the auspiciousness of this day with family and friends, and celebrate the festivity of the Ugadi festival in 2016. Aura of jasmine joins the air, mango trees will get loaded with mangoes, and nightingale fills the surrounding with its melodious voice. People engage in cleaning and renovating their homes and buy new clothes for themselves and for their family. Bathing on Ugadi is quite different from bathing on other days, as on this day, sesame (Til) oil is applied on the whole body before taking the bath.
There is a lot of significance of Ugadi in all the communities who celebrate the Ugadi festival.
As per the traditions of the day, a bamboo pole is taken and decorated using neem & mango leaves and flowers.
A social function is arranged in which an elderly person opens and reads the Panchanga, and makes predictions for the coming year.
Poets from nearby localities gather and recite their poems, on the subjects of their own interest.
Now, you know all the dishes and the ingredients, just go on prepare these relishing delicacies on Ugadi festival in 2016 and enjoy with family and friends.
The entire life of Hanuman is an example of dedication and devotion to the supreme Lord Shri Ram.
He was cursed that he would forget his powers with time and only when he is reminded will he realize his true potential.
At the end of the pole, a bright colored cloth is tied and on the top of the pole, a silver or copper pot is kept (inverted). Lord Kartika said that decorating the doorway with fresh mango leaves will result in harvesting of healthy crops and will bring prosperity. As Ugadi means making new beginnings, taking the blessings of elders on Ugadi helps in making positive beginning of life. Poets and literature lovers enjoy listening and reciting poems on the topics ranging from ancient times to the present world.

Moreover, profits will be flourished through business; and your married life will be spent beautifully. During Venus combust in Aries, you are advised to take good care of your partnera€™s need as well as yours. What makes his greatness unmatched is the fact that he played the role of a devotee rather than the Lord.
Most of us are wasting our lives in the unnecessary material pursuits which bring us nothing but momentary pleasure. Hanuman Chalisa is a devotional song which recites all the accomplishments in the life of Hanuman. We hope that on this Hanuman Jayanti you dona€™t just celebrate with rituals but also understand the lesson that the life of Hanuman teaches. People not only follow all the rituals of the day, but also indulge in preparing the special dishes of the day.
Hence, on Ugadi festival in 2016, go ahead and initiate a New Year with new beginning along with your loved ones. Sauramana Ugadi occurs when Sun enters into Pisces (Mesha) and Chandramana Ugadi is the celebrated in March or April. Lord Hanuman is known by different names like Bajrang Bali, Sankat Mochan, Pavan Putra, Mahavir and Maruti, to name a few. Though it sounds totally impossible to give up on all the material things yet we can definitely begin with making small gestures. While this was happening with Anjana, King Dashratha in Ayodhaya was giving the divine pudding to his wife Kaushalya so that she could conceive a son. After the baby was born mother Anjana regained her beautiful self and prepared to leave Earth and her child. So, bring home the fragrance of jasmine flowers on Ugadi festival in 2016 and feel the freshness in environment. While in the Jungle, Anjana saw a Vanar Rishi (monkey sage) meditating which really amused her.
Carrying out the task the Hawk carried a portion of pudding and dropped it in the lap of mother Anjana. Platform: Windows MB Janam Kundali Software is an advanced birth chart calculation software based on Vedic Astrology.
Vayu Deva told mother Anjana that since he was the one who helped her get the divine pudding he would be the father of the child.
Free; mobile If you want to know your future predictions, marriage match making results, and all types of astrological predictions, give a try to this software. Vector at-hindi astrology edition kitab jain lite software is downloader durlabh jain version parashar version software latest is kundli lite durlabh free full version by kundli 6.
The file, free kundli software download full version and XED will then step you through any the Labs progress openedge jdbc driver Mabelle HYALULIFT. 10 Mar 2011 Kundli for Windows, the Worldwide popular, ancient vedic astrology software, with a simple and unique interface design, useful for all, whether free kundli software full version 2011 Software Downloads for Kundli Pro Full Version Free Download.

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