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While the ‘formula’ of the procedural drama has long been to stick to the task at hand, mainly solving a crime, that mold has certainly been broken in the “Law & Order” franchise before.
Viewers have met Fin’s son, one of Munch’s ex-wives, Amaro’s wife and daughter, and Olivia’s half-brother, all of whom have brought both joy and pain into each staff members life; just as in real, non-TV, non-procedural, life.
But can Amanda really help her sister when she has her own personal demons, as in her gambling problem, to deal with?
Giddish believes that while her character has her own issues, she knows what needs to be done when it comes to her sibling.
Playing Kim Rollins is Lindsay Pulsipher, who’s appeared on “True Blood” and who's actually worked with Giddish before on “Chase,” a drama that Giddish headlined. Pulsipher enjoyed tackling such a multi-dimensional role saying, ”It’s fun for me to play a character that’s flawed, because you get to explore the psyche behind that.
When it came time to create the bond on screen between the two women, Giddish revealed the process, disclosing, “The first scene we did, we sat down in my apartment and it was like, ‘ok, here we go’. Now that Rollins’ sister has made such a dramatic re-entry into her life, will she return to the canvass in the future?
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Photos: Ghost are scary awesome on day two of Northern Invasion 2016These days, it’s not exactly novel for a hard rock band to wear makeup or masks but there’s still no one else out there like Ghost. It seems like the "SVU" detectives can't catch a break when it comes to taking some time off for the holidays. The official synopsis for tonight's episode "Presumed Guilty" confirms this as it reads "The SVU squad’s holiday celebrations are disrupted when a relative of Detective Tutuola is arrested for assaulting a priest. While this certainly sounds intriguing, fans of the show seem a bit more curious about what's going on in the episode stills that have been circulating and how these scenes will play out in tonight's episode. First, there's the shot of Fin and Amanda, seemingly taking part in a holiday meal together. Then there's the shot of Olivia and Nick aboard a plane, with Olivia appearing to be bundled up while Nick looks as if he's ready to escape to the tropics. Are they truly going on a trip together or are they just on the same flight, jetting off to each meet up with some as yet unidentified party?
To add a little fuel to the 'secret Benson storyline' fire, producer Michael Smith has teased via Twitter that there's "Something new in store for Benson" and that "at end u will say 'hot sh--' to your tv.
This stage-trained player began working as a professional actor before graduating from college.

Goren and Bishop (Samantha Buck) investigate the murder of an investment banker who was about to be divorced. The bullets used in three separate murders match those belonging to a cop (Bill Sage), who insists he's not the killer. Giddish certainly hopes so, saying, “We had such a great experience filming this storyline that I think (Executive Producer) Warren Leight wants her to come back. But where are they and what exactly transpired that led to them dine together in what appears to be a 'family' type setting? In 1988, she appeared in The Grapes of Wrath, her first collaboration with Chicago's famed Steppenwolf Theatre Company.
At the end of the episode everything isn’t really resolved; it’s not a warm and fuzzy ending.
And, besides what’s said in the dialogue, you have to create a silent dialogue that family members certainly have with each other.

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