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The Hollywood Reporter recently revealed that the dreaded yet charming Greg Yates (Dallas Roberts) will be making a comeback to the NBC series.
Yates was a focus in season 17 premiere of the NBC procedural, and will now be returning in the crosoover episode which is set to air in February, according to the report. But for fans who liked to see Yates pop up off and on in a case, Olmstead has some disappointing news, this might be the last time.
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Thankfully, Leight had the perfect story in his back pocket that he had originally plotted as a two-part SVU. The episode starts off innocently enough, when Yates asks Rollins (Kelli Giddish) to visit him in prison because he has information on several missing women. Because the women Yates is referring to hail from Chicago, it prompts Benson to call Voight (Jason Beghe) to send a substitute. Once out from behind bars, it doesn’t take long for Yates to return to Chicago, where he once again faces off with Lindsay.
Leight also revealed early May that one of the episodes being slated for season 17 will dwell on a transgender teen. An evangelical pastor spanked women's bare bottoms to administer "spiritual discipline", a court has been told.

Sonny and Rollins head up to the prison and Yates asks Rollins about her pregnancy, much to Sonny's annoyance.
Then head over to the link here, and you can also sign up here in the event you want some other updates on all we cover, courtesy of our CarterMatt Newsletter. When a new body washes ashore on the beach where Yates buried many of his victims, the SVU team looks at Yates as the prime suspect, only to discover something far more sinister is amiss. In fact he will be the center of attention again, as the investigation teams will be trying to nab Yates, who has escaped from prison. He left his chilling mark to the audience after kidnapping and killing Nadia (Stella Maeve), a recurring character in the show. Enstarz predicts, however, that he can serve as some sort of serial killer consultant. After being seriously injured, Amaro informed Benson (Mariska Hargitay) of his want to be with his family. To get the best possible experience on our website we recommend that you upgrade your browser. Benson calls Voight in when Gregory Yates claims responsibility for a bunch more murders, which he says occurred in the Midwest. Is this a body that the team just missed, or is it possible that this is a body that was left after Yates was put behind bars?
The police chief said they would need to open a hotline to help them track Yates down and one of the detectives on the case said that they were tracking his phone, iPad and credit cards.In the next scene Greg Yates was driving down the highway with Nadia trapped in his car with him. Erin Lindsey goes to interrogate him in prison and he is creepy but doesn't really give her much info. The last time fans saw the butcher, he was being threatened by Voight (Jason Beghe) while locked up in prison.

At this point, it depends on where he is and what he's doing and what the story needs," he explained.
Yates then shopped at a convenience store and offered to help a young mom carry her items to the register. Yates was last seen in the SVU season premiere serving a life sentence in an upstate New York prison alongside serial killer Rudnick (Jefferson Mays). Outside the store someone in the parking lot told him there was a person moving around in his car. He first joked about having kidnapped someone but then said that the one moving around was actually his dog. She begged him to let her go, but he refused.The Chicago Fire characters went searching for Nadia and they found her car abandoned on the side of the road with a smashed birthday cake in the car, which is what she had gone to pick up. One of the cops on the Chicago Fire team said a car had been spotted with a man driving and a woman being held prisoner.
When the driver got out of his car with his hands raised, they realized they had the wrong person.
That’s when the police realized that Yates had switched license plates between his car and the car of the person they pulled over.
They asked the man when the last time he had gotten out of his car was and he said he had been at a rest stop hundreds of miles away.To help solve the case, the Chicago police called in the services of the SVU.

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