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Most people who try to use the Law of Attraction are basically wanting to click their heels together and have their intentions manifest before their eyes.
Yes, you can most likely have whatever you can imagine, usually not by thinking about it alone, though, but by adding action, positive belief, and more.
I’ve covered this at length in recent books, and in recent audio programs, such as The Secret to Attracting Money. For now, yes, learn more about the Law of Attraction, but also be sure to actually use the Law of Right Action and do something.
Thanks for that reminder – I come to your website everyday and its the most wonderful inspiration.
Of course affirmations, change of beliefs and positive thinking is important but it has to be done on a daily basis along with the action that needs to be taken. Imagining what you want is a great way to program your unconscious but it’s only a first step.

Affirmations are one way to plant a new idea in your mind, but affirmations usually don’t go deep enough to create change.
While I believe in magic and miracles, I also know too many people self sabotage their own desires and deceive themselves; they trick themselves out of their own good. I’ll be doing it again in my new audio program, where I explain how to move from the Law of Attraction to the Law of Creation.
You may not use them without written permission but you may link to the posts or give out a link to the posts.If you like the free articles on this blog, let Joe know by buying him hisall-time favorite gift - an Amazon gift certificate. It seems so many who promote the LOA want to tell people that you envision and then you receive. ES MUY CIERTO TODO LO QUE DICE Y LO PRIMORDIAL NO DEBEMOS OLVIDARNOS DE AGRADECER, AGRADECER TODO LO QUE TENEMOS, TODO LO QUE DIOS NOS HA DADO Y NOS SIGUE DANDO!! They saw the movie The Secret and thought they got it, when all they got was an introduction to it.

I haven’t seen it yet but the publisher ordered a first print run of two million copies. Your belief will bring you absolute affluence.***Attain the Exact Life You Want Through the Power of Affirmations. It gets mesmerized by the invisible and overlooks the visible; it judges the material as bad, not realizing that everything is spiritual.

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