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Where can one possibly begin to start with the illustrious, prestigious “law of attraction” mentality?
By adapting and adjusting your current understanding of this mental game being played at all times, we believe you can attract the quality of life you seek and desire. The law of attraction tips, books, quotes, movies and money habits discussed below are meant to broaden your awareness of how it works and how to practically implement and apply back into your own life to start producing the results and change you want to see come to fruition. It truly is amazing to know when Napoleon Hill first wrote about the Law Of Attraction, it had been known by thousands of internationally reputed leaders, politicians, businessmen, lawyers and corporate moguls for centuries.
Fast-forward to modern day times and terms, we can begin to focus on the 9 pivotal environments of life and set our attention on how to start receiving the wealth and abundance the law of attraction energy can give us if we start manifesting the right thoughts, harnessing the right power, and cultivating the right contributing factors in our life. Millions of people around the world are now embracing the Law of Attraction, a new-age theory that is based off positive thinking and quantum physics. Apparently it was passed down in secrecy from one generation to another with the fear that its validity would be diminished if it was made known to the wider public.
The law of attraction has forever remained a marvel of all times and a source of inspiration for anyone who so desires to be successful in life.
It’s interesting that Napoleon Hill goes into detail to describe the parts that make this law without merely stating the law itself. Apparently, the Law Of Attraction requires patience to learn and implement, but when one fully understands it, they can really experience rocket improvement in their business and entire life in general. Napoleon Hill had the great privilege and honor of having very cordial and productive relationships with the powers-that-be of those times from which he borrowed a leaf to help us out in achieving true success not only in business, but also in the world in general. Amongst the many demands of the law that stands out the most is providing more value to another person in business than they paid for or expected to get.
It is true however, that over the years, successful businessmen have reaped more benefits and made a staggering amount of wealth by providing their clients with more value than they paid for.
These businessmen tend to retain their customers longer and enjoy a larger percentage of their various market share thanks to following the law of attraction. Most businessmen or entrepreneurs do not embrace this concept at all or at least only embrace it in theory, but hardly ever practice it.
Many entrepreneurs trying to make money online through internet marketing or network marketing, have already tapped into the law of attraction and are reaping its benefits daily. It is true that some of the results of practicing the law of attraction takes time to be realized but for sure, he or she who genuinely follows this law is bound to experience this phenomenal success in their lives. There are many Empower Network affiliates who claim to have got their business off the ground by simply tapping into the law of attraction. The overall idea behind this law is that for some mysterious reason, man naturally attracts whatever they think about whether good or bad.
Therefore if one desires to get willing buyers for his business, then he or she should initiate strong thoughts towards achieving this feat, and these strong thoughts or vibrations will attract buyers all over the universe interested in purchasing what one is selling, and success in business will be assured. Quantum physics can prove that everything which exists in the world, both visible and invisible, is made up of vibrational energy frequencies. If you want to find out more about this mysterious Law of Attraction, there are quite a few different films and books that you can purchase which will open your eyes and your mind to a whole new perspective on life. A great movie that will pull you down into the rabbit hole is The Secret written by Rhonda Byrne.
The Compass is a great movie that inspires hope, motivation, and the desire to succeed in anyone that is seeking change in their lives. Pass It On is an inspirational documentary that features many successful people that have used the Law of Attraction to their advantage in order to improve their lives. One of the best part about all of the law of attraction books and stories is that they all give a different perspective based upon the same ideologies and concepts. And together, with the help of one another as a rock solid support system, we can ascend into any realm of possibility imaginable just by being consistent in our regenerative actions and persistence in our WHY do we do what we do message in life. While there are many books that can help teach you the principles of the Law of Attraction, the most sought after book is called The Secret, which is based off of the new age film “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne. At any given time, no matter the time of day or the day of the week, the Universal Law of Attraction is constantly pairing similar frequencies that our conscious minds are sending out into the world. Now this may sound like a bunch of crap, but what if someone told you that the Law of Attraction was the key to get anything that you want in life? The easiest way to learn how to invoke the Law of Attraction is to learn from the people that have already become successful in their lives using a specific formula.
Let’s dive into the core principles and fundamental values of like begets like, allowing the law of attraction and association to go to work for you and create your reality and craft your story with more power and influence than ever thought of prior.
The ideas and beliefs that you currently have are simply uncontradicted thoughts that you have thought about over and over again. Have those sources done their own due diligence to find out if their beliefs are really true, or do they have faith in those beliefs because another person had instilled those beliefs onto them just like they have done to you? As you can see, belief is a very powerful energy that does not require any proof of truth as long as it seems plausible enough. Just like believing that a benevolent force in the universe causes good things to happen, believing in the Law of Attraction can also cause good things to happen. Just by believing, you are invoking the universal law that causes things to happen the way you believe they will. Maybe you don’t think you can own a big home because the news is saying that the economy is bad, or maybe you think you don’t deserve to own such a luxury. You have to forget about everything that is going on around you because letting those external sources to affect you can manifest excuses, blame, and other negative energies in your life. This puts out positive vibrational energy frequencies that the universe will match with other positive frequencies to bring us everything that we desire.
When you feel that whatever it is that you believe in will eventually happen, you are putting out the vibrational frequency of expectation to make a stronger connection between what you desire and what you will have.

When we stop being attached to the outcome, knowing the divine cosmos as above so below attitude will proudly play itself out, we too can become attuned and awakened with our divine purpose and mission throughout life. The law of attraction is a mysterious force that is always at work and it never yields a different match to the vibrational energy frequencies that we put out. And if you continually have self-defeating beliefs that you will never have what you want, won’t ever be what you want to be, or can’t do what you want to do, you will never get anything accomplished.
Though it may seem impossible, try to stop worrying about “how” it’s going to work and start thinking of the many positive possibilities that can put you on the path to getting exactly what you want in life.
And when you want something badly enough and believe that you’re going to eventually have it, the Law of Attraction will match your vibrational energies with a way to make your beliefs and expectations become your truth. Believe in yourself, expect that you’ll get what you want, and eventually it will become your truth.
After 3 or 4 days, the same car, same license plate, same everything, right in front of me.
The notion of a sankalpa or resolution, like many other aspects of the yoga tradition, has been redefined by modern teachers and authors in a way that appeals to the masses.  Many interpret sankalpas as an affirmation, and suggest that by declaring something to be true the Universe will automatically make it so. After all, surveys have found the same level of happiness between the very rich individuals on the Forbes 400 and the Maasai herdsman of East Africa.  Why is this?  According to several articles and surveys 3 major factors to an individual feeling they live a happy life is intimacy with others, meaningful work, and general positive thinking.
I would like to think the recipe that makes for happiness is more encompassing than never having to live without opulence.
By using euphemisms like “abundance” are we not just trying to validate our pursuit for material gain? Books on Law of Attraction, my top ten Law of Attraction books that are a must for your library, some are available as Free eBooks.
If you are interested in the Law of Attraction and would like to understand this law from a physical and biological approach, as well as from a spiritual and practical point of view, the following books are a must have for your library. Of course my first choice would have to be my own book, The Unlock The Power WorkBook, but as that is not really objective, and it is only available as a digital download at the moment, I am disqualifying my own book.
So my top ten books on Law of Attraction are as follows, although I must point out that this is not a league of books from first to tenth, rather a list of the top ten books in their area, or in their approach, and of course, in my opinion. In fact, if you are serious about learning the Law of Attraction, I would recommend you read all of my top ten books on Law of Attraction.
Think And Grow Rich was originally titled The Law of Success and first published in 1928, it is the result of years of study by Napoleon Hill on behalf of Andrew Carniege, one of the richest men of the time, to find a definitive formula to success and wealth. The Law of Success was condensed and republished under the title Think And Grow Rich in 1937.
Although Napoleon Hill never uses the words Law of Attraction in his book, referring instead to the 'Supreme Secret', he offers a 13-step system to implement this secret. I use The Law of Success in my training program Unlock The Power of You, which is far more detailed. You can also download this Law of Attraction book from my library, check out the review page below to find out how. Neale Donald Walsh's book Conversations With God really opens the spiritual mind, challenging many of our perception of what God means. If you have read any books on Law of Attraction you will understand that as we think, we vibrate, and depending on what we vibrate, we experience. Dr Wayne Dyer helps us to look at our thoughts, particularly the programmed thoughts we came to think and believe about ourselves as we grew up, showing us that some of these beliefs limit our experiences, and by just a simple adjustment in what we believe, we will begin to live a limitlessness life.
In The Vortex you emotional tone is chosen by you, and all things that match those emotions are aligning, out of The Vortex your emotions are held to ransom by your reality.
Can we really choose healing over pain, ease over disease and harmony over fear by thinking?
Dr Bruce Lipton fascinating view of cells structure, the misinterpretation of DNA and our ability to direct our biology.
If you would like to download some free Law of Attraction eBooks, simply join my Law of Attraction magazine by using the form on the right. I will also give access to my Law of Attraction library where you can down load a collection of books on Law of Attraction. Many books on Law of Attraction give you plenty of evidence and reason for this Law, but all to often leave you wondering just how to go about implementing it. Ask And It Is Given offers clear and concise method, with over 20 processes for you to try, and apply.
Abraham-Hicks offer some of the greatest books teaching you the processes of manifestation, this being their number one.
Not really a Law of Attraction book, but a real delve into forgiveness and the release associated with letting go. William P Young's story, whilst appearing in one sense tragic, offers a view of hope, love and joy, even through, the seemingly worst of circumstances.
Charles Haanel's Master Key System was originally set up as a correspondence course, giving students step-by-step practical lessons and explanations about the Law of Attraction. Haanel's instructions are clear, concise and enlightening and his methods follow logical thinking processes, one of the classic books on Law of Attraction.
The Master Key System is also available as a free download, visit the review page below to find out more.
Another one of the great books on Law of Attraction from Abraham-Hicks, this time, as you would expect, dealing with our relationship with money, but also exploring our life experiences, how we create them, and what we can do to change them. If you would like to introduce someone to the Law of Attraction, or if you're having trouble coming to grips with it, let Solomon teach you.
I started this website back in 2006, with the dream of making it the No.1 site to discover, apply and master the Law of Attraction.
I am well on the way to achieving this dream, and would like to thank you for visiting my site, and for helping me to become one of the top Law of Attraction websites. I would also like to thank SBI for their site building tools and advice, which has made this all possible.

If you have any comments, thoughts or suggestions, please use the comments form at the bottom of this page. For those that are shaking their heads and thinking this is just some sort of cultish marketing ploy to attract followers regardless of their religious beliefs or lack thereof, the science that supports this theory cannot be ignored. But those who understand it the most discovered that even if the public understood this law, its potency would still remain intact despite the odds. Naturally, one would be inclined towards knowing the law immediately, and implementing its demands as soon as is possible. Napoleon Hill gives a very lucid example of the lustrous success of Andrew Carnegie of Carnegie Steel Company, who was by then the world’s most richest man, and famed for greatly applying the law of attraction affirmations for business. Most businessmen disagreed with this concept simply because they did not see any need to part with more resources than that which the client paid for. The law of attraction dictates that if one genuinely engages in charitable activities, then nature will conspire in a mysterious way to provide them with successful opportunities that they would have otherwise not attracted. These amazing features of a work at home business opportunity can dramatically change the way you experience life. So creation of success or failure begins with a thought process that attracts it, and if that thought or will is strong enough, it attracts that which it desires or put into motion by thought. When it comes to visible energies, most people immediately think of things such as fire and laser lights. This conscious vibrational energy that exists in each of our mind’s can actually connect with other invisible energies by constantly emitting energy frequencies.
Every one has their own story, and this film will walk you through the steps that they took to reach their success. Many people use this as a reference guide to help them improve their attitudes and thought process to allow the Law of Attraction to attract positive things into their lives.
A natural-born truth-seeker from birth, my heart leads and leans towards ultimate and absolute truth in the way we think, feel, become, exist, and live.
Because you have found no logical reason to change your mind about your beliefs, you believe that what you know is the absolute truth. And just as soon as I was thinking about, it popped out of nowhere right in front of my eye sight. The arena hopes for more passionate writers such as you who aren’t afraid to say how they believe. Other than Gandhi and other Sadhus in India, I am not sure if anyone has ever chose to experience the state of truly having nothing- in a material sense. Hardly, but should we expect the players of what we would call evil to meet with some sort of damnation. When you do everything will flow in a seemingless effortless existence, where your desires are your experiences, your relationships are blissful and your health at ease.
This book is perfect for a younger audience being introduced to the Law of Attraction, but will entertain, inform and uplift any adult to. If so, why not write a Law of Attraction book review, it will help others find the perfect book for them.
Many successful people who practice the law of attraction today, will attest to the truth or validity of this fact. What you must realize is that even solid objects like dogs, cats, trees, and our very own bodies are all visible energy.
All of these vibrational energy frequencies in the universe, both solid and invisible, contain magnetic energy.
Rhonda discovered that this secret knowledge was actually cryptically mentioned in books that were published in the early 1900’s. And it’s sequel What the Bleep Do We Know: Down the Rabbit Hole may just finish off blowing your mind and taking you even further down the rabbit hole.
After a lifetime of having no idea what to do with her creativity and energy, she discovered yoga allowed her to find the beauty and excitement in stillness. Do you deserve to be happy, wealthy and healthy, and to the length that you believe you deserve these things is probably represented by the level you experience these things. If not, you are in a perfect position to create more of what you do not have enough of, and this book can help you begin.
The invisible energies that often come to mind are sun rays, radio waves, microwaves, and cell phone signals. Now seeing as how we have all been raised on the same planet, we know for a fact that magnets are attracted to their oppositely charged counterpart. I imagined my self driving it around, feeling the steering wheel and how it looks like from the interior. This time I memorized the license plate and all other details I couldn’t catch the last time. However, the most important invisible energy that exists on this comes from the thoughts from our very own minds.
Prior to being published in books, the law of attraction was known about by the Mayans, Essenes, and students of the Kaballah.
Behavior psychology proves that 30 days of continuous practice will condition your mind for the things you really want.
In simple terms, the answer is that the invisible energy that comes from our thoughts is not governed by the same force that governs the invisible energy of magnets.

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