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Kota was pegged to be the Industrial capital of Rajasthan but most industries that were set up had to shut down or ran into losses due to lack of political will and vision (as in the rest of the state).
I Love this article which focuses on the Education sector and how the coaching business is making positive news in India. So students go through one test to get into the coaching, which will then prepare them for the final IITJEE test.
With Kumar Classes you were getting benefit of chemistry subject only, but now with chemistry you can avail of sure-fire guidance in Physics, Mathematics & Biology as well. This year about 1.25 lakh students are likely to join Kota-based institutes, according to estimates by coaching centres. Anurag Gulung, 17, from Gangtok, Sikkim came to Kota last year while Mohammed Kamran, 16, is here from Oman.
The average batch size is 180 studentsTHE BUSINESS OF COACHINGThere are about three dozen coaching centres in the town, including big ones such as Bansal Classes, Allen Career Institute, Resonance, Vibrant, Motion IIT JEE, and Career Point.
The lure of some coaching centres is such that students even have to take an entrance test to join these institutes.
Hotels, hostels and coaching institutes have come up on industrial land owned by state-run Rajasthan Industrial Development and Investment Corporation, he adds. In 1986, Kota came in the IIT limelight when local boy Sanjeev Arora topped the entrance exam.
Such was the euphoria at the time that coaching centres started hiring IIT graduates as teachers.
Today, almost 35 per cent of the coaching fraternity is from the IITs.Almost all institutes run in-house faculty training programmes to beat competition and keep a buffer of teachers, says Verma of Resonance.
But that was broken early this year when Etoos poached 11 teachers from Resonance at an annual salary closer to the Rs 1 crore mark, says Om Sharma, an IIT Bombay alumnus who teaches math at an institute.The role of coaching institutes gained even more importance in 2005 when the format for the engineering entrance exams was changed. Some institutes have opened their own schools and are admitting students from Class Six onwards to prepare them for IITs.
The coaching fee for Classes Nine and 10 goes up to Rs, 30,000 and to as much as Rs 1 lakh for the final two years of schooling.
Maheswari of Career Point says the new pattern will increase the dependence of students on coaching centres.
It's a very flexible system where the bonding between teachers and students is very strong."Coaching classes run from six in the morning and students clock as many as 12 hours a day preparing for the entrance examsThe mushrooming coaching industry has a dark side as well. Though there is no official data, estimates from people in the coaching business suggest students from Kota grab nearly a quarter of the seats in the IITs. This post is more about what artists, scientists and fantastic thinkers such as Shakespeare, Blake, Emerson.
How to bring expansive states of consciousness, growth and learning to humans through interacting with horses. This program melds aspects of human consciousness, energy awareness, horse wisdom and nature to create safe learning environments that support authentic expression and skills development in this new and rapidly emerging field.
Intuitive and emotional intelligence, agility, and savvy providing you ease in coaching others. A deeper sense of self, purpose, and connection to others and a sense of fulfilling your life purpose. Finesse in using intention, focus, and body energy to create connection, movement, and communication with Horse and others.
We attract individuals who feel a deep connection to animals and nature and wish to serve others or the earth and its creatures.
Receive a Free Audio Interview with Kathy Pike instantly, and be notified in advance for upcoming training programs.
One of the special features unique to Kathy Pikea€™s yearlong EFLC Certification Program is the Mind Body MethodTM Coach Training, originally developed by Kathy Pike and taught for over twelve years.
Additionally our program also includes the rare teaching that horses offer regarding the non-linear and circular flow of life and energy. While working intimately with Horse, ourA certification students enter a journey of somatic exploration, energetic awareness, spiritual connection and intellectual integration for a new and renewed sense of clarity, purpose and direction.
Develop the confidence to be the leader of your own life while transforming the lives of others? We encourage our certification students to meld our distinctive teachings and coaching processes with their existing philosophies and methods. The actual work you will experience with horses may at times feel indescribable and may even produce a sense of magic or a state of being you have not experienced before. Immerse yourself in a yearlong program with a a€?herda€? of like-minded individuals creating a solid support system? Learn the coaching methods, horse skills and processes needed to create successful programs with horses?
Our training is rich with unique learning as we draw both the well-seasoned coach and therapist, as well as the experienced equine facilitators and riding instructors. After completing our EFLC Certification Program, you will venture forward as a Certified EFLC Approved Facilitator with a strong new sense of purpose and passion in life — fully prepared to provide powerful and successful EFLC sessions and programs. Dramatically increasing your intuition and emotional intelligence so you can deepen your relationships with others. Expanding your sense of self and increasing your ability to be of service to others and horses.
Transforming the sabotaging energy patterns that are keeping you small, allowing more of your unique message and branding to come forward in this work. Gaining confidence and self-worth, giving you unprecedented strength and power over your life. Obtaining the tools and knowledge to immediately add EFLC sessions to your existing coaching, therapy or riding services or a new business. Learning the key methods to successfully and smoothly coach and guide others through transformational EFLC sessions.
Implementing clear boundaries with grace enabling you to achieve your spiritual and financial goals. Practicing the proven methods for creating a safe, supportive, and nurturing container for your clientsa€™ processes with horse. Utilizing our ready-to-use worksheets, assessments, and checklists to provide a concrete and transformational experience for your clients. Creating deep relationships with both horses and humans based on trust, congruency and clear communications. We enable you to move forward with Horse making a significant difference in the lives of others by providing you with multiple manuals and ready-to-use forms, scripts and outlines so you can put your new skills and knowledge to immediate use. Ready to use client session worksheets and workshop folders to give you a perfect foundation to launch your sessions and programs.
A ready to use Client Intake Package a€“questionnaire, release forms, safety agreements and the actual intake flow to create a safe container and structure for your clients. Best practices for communicating with facility owners, filling your sessions, and marketing your business. We are committed to providing the best training program to prepare you in your work with others. Step into the leader that lies within them giving them power to take the reins in their life forever. Heal their body, mind and spirit so they can be free to live a powerful and courageous life. Our teachings focus on living the Way of the Horse by developing the authentic self, nurturing presence, expanding full bodied consciousness and deepening onea€™s connection to onea€™s self and the rhythm of the earth and its creatures. Listen in on this excerpt of a discussion call where Kathy interviews both students and graduates about their experiences, expectations, and transformation through learning in the Equine Facilitated Learning and Coaching Certification Program. Individuals already in helping professions (coaches, consultants, therapists, healers, physical therapists, nurses, etc.) and individuals who work with horses (horse trainers and riding instructors) apply to this program. Some individuals may choose to take the EFLC Level One Training separate of the Certification Program. One of our primary philosophies is that the more you invest in yourself, the more positive affect you have on others and the world. Each year we offer an optional Natural Horsemanship for EFLC training program in which you may choose to enroll. During the program you will learn several models of coaching that will change how you view coaching and facilitating others to their potential. For the last 10 years Kathy has traveled internationally teaching tools for body-centered awareness, personal leadership and Equine-based Learning programs.
The Beauty of Bach Flowers – Keeping Your Herd (and Yourself) HealthyI came home to a grieving herd. Class 1: Introduction to the Condensed Emotional ScaleYou'll enjoy the wonderful synergy between Rebecca and Michele as they develop this series together.

Class 2: How to Access Courage When it Seems to be LackingJumpstart your life or business with a big boost of COURAGE! Class 3: How to Develop Positive ExpectationsThis is a crucial topic to living a happy, fun and fulfilling life. Class 4: To Forgive or NOTLearn the price we pay for NOT forgiving and the benefits when we do. Class 5: Freedom is an Inside Job and Only YOU Can Do ItLearn about the 4 types of freedom and which you have control over.
Class 6: Is Enlightenment Even Possible?In this final lesson in the six part series: Do My Emotions Matter? There are many techniques, strategies, programs, books, meditations out there that will tell you how to manifest your desires.
Visualization is a great technique to use, but you must be careful, because it can backfire. If you are reading this, most likely you want to change the results that you have been getting.
Kumar Classes was established with a deep commitment to promote and propagate quality education to reach the lowest level of our society.
This prompted Etoos, with no experience of operating anywhere outside Korea, to open its first overseas office in Kota two years ago.The first director of Etoos India, Kang Sung Jin, spent six months in Kota before starting operations. Today, he is a faculty at Etoos, and earns more than he ever did.To really appreciate the celebrity-like status of the star teachers in Kota, all one has to do is look at the billboards.
Gulung's first introduction to Kota was from a Chetan Bhagat novel -- Revolution 2020: Love, Corruption, Ambition -- in which the protagonist comes to the town for engineering coaching. In recent years, however, growing competition among coaching centres has led to simpler entrance tests.
He now studies in a private engineering collegeLAYING THE FOUNDATIONThe foundation of the coaching industry was laid in early 1980s by V.K.
Verma, an IIT Madras alumnus who founded Resonance in 2001, had also initially joined Bansal Classes. On average, the tuition fee is Rs 30,000 and the coaching fee Rs 20,000 for Classes Six to EightThe reason students focus more on coaching rather than school is that the format of the engineering entrance tests is different from the Class 12 exams, which retain subjective questions.
The tuition fee for Classes Six to Eight is Rs 30,000 on average while the coaching fee is Rs 20,000.
Some institutes have gone a step further and opened colleges and even universities to maximise revenue opportunities.The new entrance test pattern introduced from this year, which will give high weighting to Class 12 board exams, will add another dimension. These include help in school admission, lodging and boarding, and counselingTHE PITFALLSGovind Maheswari, Director, Allen Career Institute, says some coaching chains such as FIITJEE, Aakash, Sri Chaitanya and Narayana, which operate multiple branches across India, tried to establish a footprint in Kota but did not succeed. Sushil, a professor at Kota Medical College, says the problem of depression is growing among students. Cycles are the main mode of transport for the thousands of students who stay in KotaAs for Singh, he wants to go back to Bihar after completing his engineering studies and open an IIT coaching centre in Siwan district.
Taught nationally and internationally for over 10 years and reaching over 10 countries, our program is the most complete choice for coaches, riding instructors, therapists, artists, equine specialists and counselors who wish to integrate Horse into their business. The white horse energy brings one back to their authentic nature and aligns one to their highest potential. Our goal is to provide experiences that help others achieve a deeper appreciation of these gifts.
These original coaching models provide the structure and process for you to coach your clients to deeper levels of self-awareness while they are interacting with horses. The Horsesa€™ Way offers humans a a€?how toa€™ for living a richer more authentic life while maintaining a deep connection to self and others. The EFLC program has been taught in several countries and draws individuals from across the world. These otherworldly, transcendent and highly transformational states of consciousness and experiences become grounded through our written materials, worksheets and coaching processes. Kathya€™s heart-centered teaching and ability to highlight and support the unique gifts and qualities of each certification student means that the well-seasoned professional gains just as much through the certification as those new to the field of equine learning and coaching. The certification program places a high emphasis on developing coaching and leadership skills. As you demonstrate heart-based leadership and practice the law of attraction your relationships will begin to shift to new levels of co-creation. Individuals going through life transitions from all walks of life and who are seeking a new way to serve both horses and people also apply. These individuals often have completed work with other teachers and want to experience Kathya€™s philosophies and methods first hand.
Becoming an EFLC Certified Facilitator is an ongoing journey of self-discovery, self-acceptance and self-advancement; a commitment to growth and expansion.
In the meanwhile, we highly suggest you lease or find a horse of your own to work with during the program. In addition to this program, we may also strongly suggest that some certification students obtain additional horsemanship skills as needed. Kathy brings 20 years of professional coaching to this training, along with her Mind Body MethodTM Coach Training. Programs that honor the Horse as Teacher naturally have many fluctuating energy dynamics and unique considerations for both horse and human. It will provide you the tools to work with others and at the same time you can anticipate changes in your life as you grow more fully into your heart-based potency and authentic expression.
She has reached countries such as Australia, The Netherlands, Belgium, Finland, Denmark, Singapore, Canada, Latvia, France, Saudi Arabia, New Zealand, South Africa and Spain just to name a few. I had been teaching in Arizona when one of my herd members, a beautiful red Mare by the name of Dizzy, had passed away. Learn how to use the amazing T-Tool to surface your REAL feelings and transform them into high-level vibrations! Learn how to get off the dysfunctional triangle and transform it into a highly-functional triad.
Rebecca Hanson and Michele Laub give a delightful overview of the Condensed LOA Emotional Scale (CES) as a Road Map to Success.
When you become sick, stressed, angry it is showing you the flow is blocked, or has a kink somewhere.
If you visualize your desire, but are feeling any sort of negative emotion while doing so (stress,worry,doubt) then you are attaching a negative feeling to your desire. And a lot of people get into a horrible cycle, of looking at their results, and then thinking that they are those results. I thought I would make more money (a desire of mine) by being busy, so why would a sit and do nothing for 15-30 minutes?
Honestly, being happy and grateful for all that you have is one of the most important, if not the most important thing you can do. When Jait Singh of Bundi slew the Bhil chieftain Kotya and captured Akelgarh in 1264, he was so impressed by Kotya’s bravery that he named his newly conquered principality Kotah after him. A native of Muiyan village in Bihar's Siwan district, Singh first came to this nondescript Rajasthan town in 2009 after completing his Class 12 with the same dream.
Depending on the course, students spend between Rs 40,000 and Rs 1 lakh a year on tuition fee alone in Kota's coaching centres.
The exodus of these star teachers dealt a severe blow to the top coaching centres, especially Bansal. This trend continued until 2002, when IITs stopped allowing coaching institutes to participate in campus placements.
Instead, they prepare for the engineering entrance tests and go to school only to take their Class 12 exams. Bansal, however, says engineering aspirants will continue to flock to Kota in spite of the failure of students such as Bihar's Kamal Singh. White horse seeks illumination and is referred to as the sage that is willing to surrender what is familiar, ego based, and brings short term gratification, in favor of choices that lead to liberation, service, and the honoring of what is sacred. Our certification students grow both personally and professionally through understanding the nature of horses and building confidence, presence and trust while engaging with them. The Mind Body MethodTM coaches clients to access the truth of their being and inner wisdom with ease and grace.
Certification students who wish a more mystical journey explore aspects of shamanism or the seven primary energy centers (chakras) of both Horse and human to experience key spiritual lessons. The different cultural views, terminologies and methodologies represented in our human herd brings a diversity that stimulates creative exploration and acceptance in each individual.
We teach you how to coach your clients through the deep connections found with horses and nature. Many participants enter our program without a clear sense of how they will apply their learning after completion.

Becoming an EFLC facilitator is an ongoing journey of self-discovery, self-acceptance and self-advancement; a commitment to growth and expansion. When partnering with Horse you learn to trust the divine timing and the natural unfolding of learning sessions. The EFLC Certification Program is an in-depth program with opportunity for high levels of growth both personally and professionally.
We highly suggest that if you are serious about this work you enroll in the full Certification Program that starts a few months before the on-site Level One so that you are able to take advantage of all aspects of the program.
You will facilitate several individual EFLC a€?practicea€? sessions as part of the requirements to complete the yearlong program. Throughout the entire year you will learn key questions that make a dramatic difference in the results your clients experience. To provide an experience that honors both beings (human and horse) there are many facilitation components that one learns and that cannot be obtained in any other type of training.
A lot of people find that the first book they read inspires them, but it doesn’t change their life. This new journey of yours, depending on what it is, might be a bit bumpy, and you will need something to keep you going. If you ask or desire something, without expecting to receive it, you are just wishing and hoping.
So then their thoughts aren’t very good, which makes them feel not so good, which then makes them act not as efficiently, and guess what, the same ole results show up.
I feel saying affirmations in the morning is quite important, and effective because it sets you off in a great mood throughout the day.
You will attract an abundance of great things into your life if you can feel grateful and happy every day, always look for the good and you will always see good. For someone who has gone through the phase of Kota and experienced it all i can tell you seem to have narrated it well.
The fact that these students spend lakhs of rupees each on tuition and lodging allowed both the coaching centres and the residents of Kota to prosper. We give you the tools you need to immediately incorporate your exciting new skills and knowledge into your own business.
Through the yearlong process of partnering with and experiencing the power of Horse they gain clarity about their niche and what they will choose to offer by the end of their journey. Our processes teach you to access higher levels of consciousness, intuition, and feeling with horses in addition to providing the tools that will allow you to have an immediate impact on your business. We enjoy teaching those who are ready for this co-creative and expansive adventure with Horse.
Between the on-site training sessions you will listen to Kathy coach others along with receiving her powerful coaching yourself. We genuinely feel an in-depth training program is needed to maintain the integrity of the work by understanding and honoring the horse as a mystical and sentient being. Each certification student is held to their greatest potential, creating a space of possibility and encouraging them to step into their unique greatness as they partner with horse. That’s okay, but call it back and if it was a positive thought, bring that great feeling back to the now. Now it is important to take a look at the results you have been getting, and reflect on them.
If you an affirmation everyday, and really feel it throughout your whole being as you say it, it will start to make an imprint on your sub-conscious mind. This forced some residents to look at alternative avenues and given many of them were engineers, and engineering is by far the most popular career choice amongst India's middle classes, coaching for engineering aspirants probably hit the jackpot. In 2011, when working at Bansal Classes, he got a call from someone who spoke English with an accent. Through exploring the nature of Horse our certification students flourish with new teaching tools and coaching language to add to their already existing areas of value, focus and expertise. We strongly recommend you obtain extensive training before ever attempting to work with clients using horses.
Your desire will make sure that no matter how many times you fall you will get up one more time. So avoid this at all times, especially when you a just learning how to manifest, because it can discourage you. Sitting alone in a canteen in a coaching institute at Kota, Kamal Singh was accompanying a friend who was seeking admission there to prepare for the entrance exams for the Indian Institutes of Technology. Disclaimer: I'm not a resident of Kota but have visited the city on quite a few occassions, and have since the first visit always carried the impression of Kota being a decent sized city.
Anticipate more of “you” emerging in your life as you learn the way and wisdom of the horse! It will take repeated reading of books, of listening to cd’s, of going to seminars to completely change your paradigm in your sub-conscious. Another important thing you need to do with your desire is to become emotionally involved with your desire. Well when you are in this state , your vibration is high, you are happy, you are enjoying life. Only then will your connection and attraction be strong, and it will move forward to come into physical form, and into your life. Or you could just read one book over and over again and do the same thing, if the information in there was accurate.
You respond instead of reacting to situations, and you are looking for the good in everything. You will be scared, fear will come and go at the beginning, but when you think about your desire and how much you want it, fear will disappear because you know that you will reach your goal.
And you can eagerly look forward to the future, but if that is all you do, then you miss out on living. Our Higher Self will actually guide us, and start to lead us in the direction of our desires. Basically you will be sending the affirmations straight to the subconscious mind, avoiding the conscious mind. Learning how to manifest in this way is really effective, and accurate because it is a part of you.
If it is a new computer, go out shopping and start looking at different computers and find which one you want. Surround yourself with all this information and study it often, just by doing this, and implementing the ideas, you will become successful in any area of your life. You will either receive the money, or something will come into your life so you will have that new computer of your choice.
Yes money can allow you to do things that will make you happy, and buy you things that can make you happy, and allow you to have more free time. You will soon realize that you start to feel way better about yourself, you are doing things that make you feel good, and make others feel good. And make sure you are thinking about your already in possession of what you want (this is very important). This makes your sub-conscious think this is in the present, which makes the attraction and connection stronger. And on an attracting level, you attract very strongly when you are centered, grounded and completely aware of how you are feeling in the current moment.
How many stories, what colour are the walls, how many bedrooms, do you want a soaker or a jet tub, what is your yard like? Another thing I want to mention about expectation is that when you truly expect and know something will come into your life, you will have no space for fear, doubt and worry, which all slow down the process.
If you want to travel, maybe go to a nice beach, feel the warmth from the sun, feel the hot sand on your feet. This will make it seem to real, even you consciously will have a hard time telling the difference, never mind your sub-conscious! And again, visualizing can really help you while your learn how to manifest your desires.*Try creating a vision board. A vision board is simply a board, paper, or some sort of area where you put up pictures, words, anything visual that shows your desires.
It could be pictures of money, places you want to travel, the perfect job, the perfect partner, affirmations , absolutely anything you want!

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