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They show you techniques that teach you what prosperity truly is and enable you to use the Law of Attraction to bring this energy into your own life.
You can use scripting in order to write a story about your life according to how you would like it to be. Pretend you are a writer and you are writing your own story and you have the starring role. You can write about anything that you want for example, if you desire a relationship or if you want to manifest your dream home, dream car or better health. You must write your story as if it has already happened, use your emotions to describe how your desires make you feel.

Express your appreciation for what you wish to attract into your life as if you already received it. Reading your script over and over will help you to focus your attention on your desires causing you to send out powerful vibrations into the universe. AFTER YOU ARE DONE SCRIPTING - YOU CAN CREATE A VISION BOARD WHICH IS ANOTHER FUN WAY TO ATTRACT ALL THAT YOU DESIRE!
This deck contains 60 double-sided cards with beautiful illustrations and the wisdom of Abraham regarding the Law of Attraction and Money. I have a happy loving home with a supportive, respectful, financially abundant and loving spouse.

These cards bring the words of Abraham to life with beautiful colored illstrations to inspire you with the teachings of the Law of Attraction every single day of your life. This deck contains 60 double-sided cards with beautiful illustrations and the wisdom of Abraham on each one. Prosperity Angels Money Healing!A brand new energy healing video for attracting prosperity into your life with the loving help of the Prosperity Angels!

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