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People tell me they have nothing to be grateful for, I reply to them you are alive, you can walk, you can talk, you can see, you can smell, you can touch, you can read, you can write, you have water for free to drink and wash your clothes and wash yourself. If you use this step correctly it is a great exercise of how to apply the law of attraction. Everything is created by you and you can change everything you create, but please everyone be grateful it is free and easy. This step raises your vibration and brings you into harmony with the energy of the universe.

As soon as you use the power of gratitude correctly things will fall into place and your life will improve. You probably have food to eat, you have stores that bring food in daily and are easily available, you have transport, you have great nature.
On the other hand complaining attracts more to complain about, I used to work in a place with lots of negative people and they always complained, I had to balance my energy around these people which I called my emotional plaques.
You can not gain more health, wealth, success if you lack gratitude for what you already have.

They miss the fact that you need to be grateful in order to attract more stuff to be grateful for. So remember you become what you think, so be careful what you think as it shapes into reality.

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