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German engineer and RepRap veteran Andreas Haeuser has developed Ardumower –a low cost 3D printed Arduino-powered robotic lawn mower. Driven by 12V-geared motor, the lawn mower features a cutting disc with a diameter of 220 m.
A low cost automatic lawn mowing solution, the Ardumower works on the somewhat similar principle as some of its autonomous commercial counterparts. Available online on Haeuser’s website with all the 3D printable files, bill of material and detailed build instruction, the 3D printed lawn mower will save you from mowing your lawn manually ever again.

Similar to a Roomba in functionality, the autonomous lawn mower can be easily 3D printed and assembled with the help of a 3D printer for about $12.46.
Printed using any common 3D printer that has the build volume of minimum 180- x 180- x 60-mm, the lawn mower has been tested on a 500-square meters lawn. Apart from writing, you can find her reading novels or volunteering with NGOs working towards providing better quality education to children.
The mower  is designed to work inside a “boundary wire fence” (BWF) and is programmed to chop anything in its perimeter.

If it comes close to the fence, it stops and turns and then it goes on mowing your lawn continuously.

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