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The famous people generally tend to live crazy lives; they have their lives, and I have mine is the route I tend to take. Over the last while though, it’s been hard not to get caught up in the storm surrounding a certain Ms Jennifer Lawrence. Jennifer, while being interviewed during the promotion for the new film, came across as genuine, funny, smart but above everything else: 100% honest.
In her interview on the Late Show with David Letterman she told him she was ‘so tired’!

As a young actress, she has spoken out about the industry and what she believes is wrong with it. According to Bodywhys, an estimated 200,000 people may be affected by an eating disorder with 400 new cases each year.I really started to notice J-Law when I came across this posted on Facebook.
In it she tells how when the first Hunger Games movie was coming out she was told she had to lose 10 pounds. The character she is portraying in the movie is one of strength and she chose to use that instead of bowing to the norm of the industry.

She has managed to get the message across that not everything is about how you look, not everyone needs to be stick thin and unhealthy and she’s had fun doing it too.

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