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Did Taylor Swift Urge Selena Gomez To Ditch Justin Bieber And Go After Katy Perry’s Man? Signing on the dotted line as one of the NFL’s top players guarantees fame and fortune. From guys who made a measly $35 million to Michael Vick and his famous $130 million bankruptcy there is no lack of bankrupt NFL players. While some guys in the NFL have managed to lose $25 million or less we chose to focus on the NFL’s top money losing bankruptcies. Tiki Barber was one of the best players in the NFL during his playing days and that respect landed him a paying gig at NBC.
On the field MaMarcus Russell became one of the biggest rookie jokes in the NFL after being signed by the Raiders. His NFL career is pretty much destroyed so we don’t expect to see him lost another $40 million anytime soon.
Mark Brunell made a good deal of money then threw it away on bad real estate deals in Michigan. At 41-years-old there is no way Mark Brunell is suiting back up to earn another $50 million.
After his retirement Taylor was arrested for various drug situations and was caught by the IRS while filing a false tax return. We didn’t know Chris McAlister was broke until he went before a judge and asked to have his child support payments reduced. A former cornerback for the Baltimore Ravens, McAlister eventually had to move back in with his parents. Along with paying child support four times over he also claimed ownership of a lion skin rug and 240 pairs of Michael Jordan branded Nike sneakers.
One year after leaving the NFL he was $7 million in debt and the local Sheriff’s office was auctioning off his Louisiana home.
While he managed 15 touchdowns in his final NFL season his age and strange on-field antics led to a forced retirement. A six-time pro-bowler with money problems is sad, watching it all go down on reality TV is even more sad.
Vick had personally bankrolled the dog fighting business and he was forced to spend two years in prison. During his bankruptcy hearing we learned that Michael Vick spend $18 million in one twenty three month period. Vick after getting out of jail inked a new six-year, $100M deal with the Philadelphia Eagles.
Michael Vick’s story may not be fully written yet but the financial ruin of the other NFL bankrupted players on our list shows a less certain future. TNA News: Pop TV Excludes TNA Wrestling From Upfronts Listing, Possibly Dropping TNA Programming?
Two Time Super Bowl ChampionLawrence and his Big Blue Wrecking Crew went on to crush the Denver Broncos, 39-20 in Super Bowl XXI, then beat the Buffalo Bills in Super Bowl XXV, 20-19.

A smash-mouth memoir by one of the game's greatest players, an unsparing look at the giant of all Giants whose struggle with a cocaine habit was the only thing in his life he couldn't tackle with ease.
Remember when retired NFL star Lawrence Taylor got caught with that underage hooker and said it was all a misunderstanding [click here if you missed that]? Lawrence Taylor plead guilty to misdemeanor charges of sexual misconduct and patronizing a prostitute and must register as a sex offender. L T is not expected to receive any jail time at his sentencing on March 22, 2011 because he's agreed to cooperate with the prosecutors in their investigation of the underage hooker trade in New York. LOL, smmfh, what does LT know about an underage hooker ring in NY, I live here and I dont know bout it.
PLS EDUCATE YOURSELVES!!!Damn from the comments I see many of you have no clue about the law. Agreed 1:41And to add, he didnt plead guiltyt o what they accused him of, which was sleeping with an underaged prostitute. Umm, there are a number of different sex crimes that require SORA registration and don't even have to involve actual sex.
Although he is lauded as the NFL’s greatest defensive player, Taylor off-the-field struggles hit their apex in 2009 when he was busted having sex with a 16-year-old girl. Black women testing 10 men on Maury Povich and still nto finding the baby daddy is disgusting. And not that it matters because he didn’t sleep with her, but Denise was 17 when she gave birth.
Marvin Gaye started with Janus at 16 and Foxy Brown accused Jay Z with being with her at 14 and giving her VD (GOOGLE IT).
Plus Pete Townsend was cleared of all charges after forensic scientists proved he did nothing wrong.
Lets use our brains here just because you were cleared of charges doesn’t mean they are not guilty just recently George Zimmerman was cleared of all charges for a murder he admitted take the celeb cocks out your mouth and lets be real all of these men are pedos and this list should be longer. Many of the names listed here were involved with adolescents, which would make them hebophiles (early adolescence) or ephebophiles (late adolescence). This distinction has been made so many times and in so many public fora that there’s no excuse to get it wrong. Can someone tell the moron who wrote this article that a pedophile is a person who is sexually attracted to pre-pubescent children, not post-pubescent teens?
I wonder why Pete Townsend is on this list when it says a four month investigation cleared him of any wrongdoing.
How can you call a guy a pedophile when marrying a 16yo is legal in Nevada with a parents permission? However, with that fame and fortune comes high-limits spending that can land players in financial trouble and even financial disaster. However, Tiki eventually left his pregnant wife for a 23-year-old intern and NBC fired him while citing the company’s morality clause in his contract. We don’t understand how a fast food chain called Whataburger could possibly do him wrong.

Unlike Burnell his bad investments focused on sniffing drugs, lavish spending, and an overall questionable lifestyle. In fact, the former NFL All-Star is believed to have sold his Super Bowl ring and National Championship ring.
After all, this was a group of guys who did one thing really good in life, played football. He has the charisma to become the next George Forman with lucrative endorsement deals, but NO, he has to go and screw underage prostitutes.
He pled guilty to reduced charges which fit what he admitted to (which was basically hiring a girl to put on a show for him. I agree he should have tried for a better deal that didnt include SORA registration, but if he'd gone to trial on the felony charges, he would probably have lost and dont years on top of SORA registration. Thats the problem with society, judging people without knowing any facts and spreading mis-information. There is a lower incidence of pedophiles among the gay community than in the heterosexual community. Are’nt there any armada of cruise ships leaving soon on free cruises to other continents!! While our society regulates sexual contact with minors under the age of 18 and sets penalties for engaging in such behavior, Pedophilia is an sexual attraction to Pre-pubescent children. Even after every team in the NFL turned him down he continued to spend money as if he would return. Both he and the girl said they did NOT have sex)-------------------------------------------------------Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight! All things considered, he got a decent deal on the misdemeanor.And the only evidence that he and the girl didnt actually have sex is hearsay, which isnt very strong evidence.
We Americans can even throw in $100,000 for each passenger, just in case they decide to stay in any of the destinations they’ll be visiting. My grandmothers were married at 15 and 17 respectively and although that is not accepted under today’s standards, neither of my grandfathers are pedophiles.
Other than Sandusky, and possibly MJ, these guys broke the law and should be punished but they are not pedophiles. Always thinking the rich and famous get some magical deal that regular ppl don't get is just misguided. Go figure…it is even on an apple APP and legal but they keep on arresting people to make money on prisoners.

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