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3G's was hired as a plumbing subcontract by Dandrea Construction for a  new Motor Vehicle Agency building and Road Test facility. Infrared Detection of a Driveway and Sidewalk Glycol Snow Melt System After Viewing the images, Click HERE to see a detail these two projects. As we have entered the month of December, it is crucial to prepare our homes for the upcoming winter. The NRCA (National Roofing Contractors Association) recommends for semi annual roofing inspection to be completed.

We handled extensive renovations as well as an addition to their existing vehicle inspection station. Given the importance and role of the roof during all seasons, it is important to prepare your roof for the extreme changes in temperature as well as precipitation that the winter months bring throughout the state of New Jersey. Below we will outline several approaches the homeowner can take to better prepare their roof for the upcoming winter weather to avoid major and costly damage their home could sustain as a result of negligence. Many homeowners do not follow this advice for numerous reasons - carelessness, lack of knowledge of potential risks, or the unwillingness to hire a professional that will perform the proper inspection and tuneup process.

Winter NJ Roofing Maintenance TipsGutter Cleaning - A much overlooked aspect of roofing maintenance, gutter cleaning should be performed in the fall and spring.

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