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In the late 1990s Lawrenceville School's aging classrooms and labs were preventing the school from offering the very best education.
The Science Center accommodates the school's biology, chemistry and physics departments. The 4,000m² structure reflects the existing 19th century school buildings on the Lawrenceville campus and places the school at the forefront of secondary science education.

The school invited RMJM to help select a site for a new science building which would provide modern, interactive and lab-oriented spaces for learning.
Its design provides modern classroom and laboratory facilities, alleviates overcrowding, improves safety and incorporates up-to-date audio-visual and information technologies.
In addition, there was a desire to foster interaction among the students and faculty outside the classroom. Classrooms where a lecture format is utilized are accessed from the main corridor and are directly adjacent to the labs.

Borrowed natural light through the labs reaches the classrooms via windows that separate the two spaces.

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