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As we head towards the Winter Solstice (in our part of the world), the darkest day of the year, we do so with confidence that this dark season will soon give way to light. You are now invited to embrace a powerful healing system and gain the secret wisdom of the ancients in this comprehensive step by step guide.
Give a Self-Healing Expressions eCourse as a thoughtful holiday gift to a friend or loved one. If you (or a loved one) are struggling with life or career direction these days, try this Life Purpose eCourse for the New Year. Fellow in Thanatology (FT) is an advanced professional certification for thanatology professionals.
Bereavement Counselor Marty Tousley, CNS-BC, FT, DCC has earned the Distance Credentialed Counselor (DCC) credential, having met the requirements set forth by the Center for Credentialing and Education, Inc.
It is with great pleasure that Self-Healing Expressions recommends a new book authored by Shaman Elder Maggie Wahls. You will be guided to learn your personal dream language and let it assist you in healing relationships, your body, and life by discovering the longings of your soul.
Subscribe to this (no fee) uplifting Self-Healing Expressions eCourse and get a sense of how our self-paced delivery system works while being inspired by interfaith prayers. We are pleased to announce a new partnership with our friends at Sounds True, leading publisher of multi-media titles in the fields of health, spirituality, and wellness. Can numerology readings, astrology readings or tarot readings empower you to change your life?
We call to the spirits of above, of below and within, we ask to be united with God, Goddess and Great Spirit of All That Is. You will learn the techniques, methods and practices used by the ancient Indian, Chinese and Japanese Masters; techniques used for centuries to achieve amazing feats of body-mind-spirit connection.

Laurie Sue Brockway had a vision of beautiful the beautiful Goddess Lakshmi and was given a clear message by her.
If you enroll now, you have the option to take this course with a friend at no additional cost! Check out our new online store featuring bestselling book, audio, and video titles, with discounts up to 33% off list price. But few people actually dedicate the years of strict practice required to truly see the awesome, life-changing benefits.
Have you ever wondered if you were with the right person, in the right career, or if you were pursuing your true life purpose? We honor wind and ask that new opportunities for peace fill the air and that the white Dove of peace flies freely in all nations. We honor fire and ask that we be infused with warmth, enthusiasm and passion for the mission of creating peace on earth. We honor water and ask that it cleanse the hearts and souls of all women and men, and sooth our angers and wounds so that we may never again thirst for war.
Coming to terms with a life challenge and doing "the work" that may come with it can be a slow process at times – where we wonder if we are making any progress at all. This eCourse invites you to get off autopilot and reclaim your power and your life by living mindfully. Acting on Lakshmi's message, she spent years researching everything there is to know about this "most popular Hindu goddess". We invite you to browse through the store, including hundreds of samples, for titles by bestselling authors such as Eckhart Tolle, Caroline Myss, Andrew Weil, Neil Douglas-Klotz, and Pema Chodron. But then one day or one season, we feel stronger and realize that a shift has actually occurred.

It changed her life in extraordinary ways and set her on a path of love, success and happiness. I'm still depressed about it, and with the holidays coming I just feel like crying all the time.
Our store is your one-stop shopping experience for guided meditations, healing music, and the highest quality tools for your inner life. Even when the advantages of meditating for hours each day are well-known and truly profound.
Your astrological horoscope, numerological chart or tarot spread can give you deep answers about the most important aspects of your life.
I lost both my parents around the holidays - my mom died four years ago on November 29 (her birthday), and my dad passed six years ago, on December 30th.
The details are hidden in your birthday, your numerology name and the place and time that you were born, astrology reading, or in symbols with a professional tarot reading.
I don't expect everyone to know what it's like losing both parents and now my cat around the holidays, but it irritates me when others say to get together with family and friends and do something fun. I'm not much for getting together with other people anyway, and when you're single it makes it even more lonely.

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