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New York NYC Crime Bronx Brooklyn Manhattan Queens Education Obituaries Sports Yankees Mets Giants Jets Knicks Nets Rangers Islanders Football Basketball Baseball Hockey Soccer College High School The Score News Crime U.S. Love, family, friendship: This year, your relationships will provide you with an ongoing class of life lessons, and although you dona€™t like conflict and will try and avoid confrontation at all costs, it is more likely that you will stand up and speak your mind instead of walking away.
Career, money, purpose: There are a few planetary positions that shine brightly on your career life this year.
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Socially: Libra weekly horoscope signs have an uncontrollable urge to please everyone and along with their sense of justice, hate for disagreements and ability to see everyone's side of things they often refuse to take sides in order to be everybody's friend. Intimate Relationships: As lovers and as friends, Libras are welcoming, easy going and enthusiastic about everyone's interests, you can expect for a relationship with a Libra to be pleasing and long lasting. Libra Sign ChildrenWhen Libras are growing up, same as when they're adults, they have winning personalities which tend to charm everyone that gets to know them.Even as a young child, a Libra will have a 'balance' orientated perspective and will have a distinct intolerance for any perceived injustices committed against their sibling or against themselves.
For those Libras with louder, overwhelming siblings, young Libras may be unintentionally forced to become quiet and submission in order to cater to the interests of the more assertive children simply to avoid confrontation. Libra EmployeesYou can always identify a Libra horoscope sign employee because they'll be the ones with the beautifully decorated office or workspace and have ample seating for their visitors. This is the basic personality profile for the Libra weekly horoscope.If you would like to get more in depth information including details regarding the life path, relationship compatibility, soul urge and destiny for your particular birth date, visit our Horoscope Astrology Reports page to access your in depth Virgo report and find out what the planets have in store for you. Libra weekly horoscope persons have a naturally strong concept of right and wrong, are essentially very honest at the core (except for when it comes to their tendency to tell little white lies in order to keep the peace) and loath all that things and people that cause chaos and disruption to harmony and order in their lives and the lives of those in their circles. Libra astrological sign will consciously and subconsciously gravitate toward all things that support and create balance in everyone's life and resort to sugar coating everything in their lives and those of their loved ones to smooth over the rough edges of life whether this means to 'slightly alter the truth', buy beautiful things for their home or office or try and be everybody's friend. Libra Astrological Horoscope Sign(September 24-October 23) The masculine seventh zodiac sign of Libra is also a cardinal air sign that brings in the beginning of fall and is ruled by the planet Venus and represented by the scales of justice. Libra's Astrological Love MatchesBest matches for Libra's are Aquarius and Gemini astrological horoscope signs, and following those are Sagittarius and Leo signs.
Libra Horoscope and LoveVenus is the ruling planet of Libra, which makes Libra one of the most romantic signs. The Purpose of HoroscopesLife is often hit or miss and there are many times when we are just guessing what to do next. First, your work life can take off in the second half of the year with your sense of self-worth also receiving a positive boost. If a situation is not suitable, you can deal with it in a way that eliminates the issue before it has a chance to build into a larger concern. Planet of abundance Jupiter, will ingress your solar tenth House of career and business midyear and heralds the commencement of an extremely beneficial one year period for career advancement.

This sometimes leads to the Libra person to seem uncommitted and indecisive which can get people upset with them; however those who know Libras know they can depend on them to always try to calm any ruffled feathers should a problem arise. The refined, sociable Libra is often a tactful communicator as their obsession with justice and their unparalleled ability to see all sides of any matter results in considerable intellect. However, in Libras addiction to the idea of finding their soul mate and their need for someone to be in their life at all times, can sometimes lead them to looking through a pink lens and making themselves see a bright side when there may not be so much of one in order to avoid disturbing the peace or causing an argument.These tendencies can be bad in abusive relationships. Particularly in the latter case, a young Libra can develop a grudge against the offender which won't be alleviated until the Libra feels that adequate apologies have been made. Beyond this submissiveness however, Libra children can be very creative starting from an early age and will often do well in school when it comes to artistic subjects like art and literature while having a harder time with more academic topics such as math or science, this won't be for a lack of intelligence however, but rather because of a lack of motivation and inspiration, this is where parents may need to step in and give their children some gentle guidance. Libra's ability to network like nobody's business will gain them a considerable amount of business contacts, this in turn supports their knack for getting people together to collaborate for the common good. These people are sociable, charming individuals with very refined personalities and strong sense of right and wrong, the most important thing to these people is to be just and fair. If you're looking for a partner whose thoughts and feelings are closer to your own a Libra is a good option. Not only are Libras loyal and attentive partners, they are also playful and just plain fun to be around.
As your quest to learn and grow as an individual continues this year you will become more interested in spiritual growth with a desire to walk your own truth. You can gain an understanding that developing long lasting relationships takes time and effort, and even if it does place you in an uncomfortable place the reward is worthwhile. During this time, you may also change what you do, or at least look at your objectives and alter your goals to suit a new view or change in your dreams, desires and values. Because of their preoccupation with being well liked by everyone, Libras are seen as a bit flirtatious as well. So to avoid this Libra weekly horoscope people should think carefully and consider whether or not they are in a relationship because they've genuinely found their soul mate or if they just want to have somebody in their life. While the Libra employee may tend to be a bit slow productivity wise, because of their habit of analyzing each aspect of a task, the finished result will often be near perfect with all the necessary details addressed. Libra individuals naturally strive to bring balance in their lives and in the lives of others.
Opposites you will likely find attractive are Pisces and Taurus signs.Should you fall in love with a Scorpio or Virgo horoscope sign, be sure you try to learn from what's different between you. It is perhaps easier to find a long term love relationship with a Libra, than with any other horoscope sign.
Since your home is always very peaceful and quiet you like to be in your house as much as possible. The knowledge you seek in the first half of the year will be put into practice during the second part of the year.
With the influence of planet of change Uranus and power planet Pluto in your relationship and family zones in your solar chart for a number of years, relationships become more real, and your expectations of people and values can change in a way that will provide you with a more candid view of what is acceptable.
With Saturna€™s business minded influence in your solar second House of money and possessions for the next two years, you will need to incorporate a good money management system to keep control of income and expenditures. Libra's also love to know everything they can about the people in their circles so they can have a reputation as a gossip. Libras can't deal with disharmony in a workplace no more then they can at home and will utilize their problem solving skills in the office, however, if these issues are beyond their ability to resolve they will look for work else where. They are the best of all the other zodiac personalities at seeing both sides of any issue and while they are eager to please everyone all of the time, they also have a tendency to be peacekeepers.
Cancers and Capricorns are considered to be poor relationship matches, however the sign you may really want to avoid as your love interest is Aries.
The feelings of friendship are always reciprocated and your friends love to be with you as much as they can.
What are the chances that our new love and romance will blossom into a lifelong commitment?

Personal growth: It is important this year to gain a greater understanding of your relationship between your material and inner values. There will be opportunities to deal with deep seated family issues so you can clear blockages and renew relationships. This is the year to engage expert financial advice and make your money work harder for you. A Libra horoscope love sign generally desires to learn everything about the people in his or her life and sometimes ends up with a reputation as a gossip as a result of today’s action and not thinking of tomorrow’s reaction. On the other hand, their general gentleness and desire to accommodate can make them excellent love partners.
Although you are very imaginative many people may misunderstand and tend to criticize you even when it may not be needed. Planet Saturn will encourage you to look within to uncover what your real life values are, and not place too much emphasis on material pursuits. It is up to you to take responsibility of how you earn and spend your money, and there are many resources you can draw upon to do so.
The bad side of the Libra personality however can include resentment, gullibility, indecisiveness and self-indulgent. To find out where you stand in relation to the ones you love, click here for an Astrological Report. The average Libra will usually prefer an evening snuggling in front of the television with a bowl of popcorn to a wild night out at a nightclub and tomorrow’s headaches.The hardest part of loving a Libra is getting that person to open up and reveal his or her true feelings.
It is important to realize that you are not defined by how much you have in a financial sense, and this year you can appreciate how essential other areas in your life are, not just how many things you own or how much money you have in the bank. You may move home or embark on a project to remodel or refurbish your home to transform it into a place of beauty and comfort to share with family and friends. The main requirement for you this year to succeed with your career is to do what you love, and follow what makes your heart smile.
Libras are cautious when it comes to love because they desire a deeply personal and meaningful relationship. In fact even good criticism does not gel with you too much and you must learn not to dwell on it too much and certainly do not carry it into tomorrow.You easily believe people.
An accurate tomorrow’s Libra love horoscope or a detailed astrology report can give you the information that you need and help you handle those often confusing decisions in your love life. Romantic month: The love duo planets, romantic Venus and passionate Mars, connect on the seventh of April in your solar seventh House of love and partnerships making this one of the most electric love dates of the year for Libra. The more creativity you can apply to your work the more fulfilled you will be, and when you are satisfied at work this happy vibration will spill over into other areas of your life.
If you can get a Libra to open up through gentle coaxing and demonstrations that he or she can trust you, you will find a tender and loving person who will be utterly dedicated to you.
You believe that the person is telling the truth and don’t have the slightest suspicion that they might be lying.
A challenging transit between Uranus and Pluto in May and November can force unexpected and cathartic changes in your life, which can act as the catalyst to transport you to a better place.
You enjoy the company of your friends and gossip with them regarding anything in this world. Angel advice: You can best look after yourself by finding out what works for you in the way of diet, exercise and relaxation to de-stress. The happenings in the lives of other people and things related to other people are the favorite topics, and you enjoy talking about them. Dona€™t be too concerned about other peoplea€™s advice, it is more important to listen to your own body and follow its suggestions accordingly.

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