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Seeking Libran BalanceLet’s look at a few of the Libra’s traits; one of these traits is balance.
A Friend in NeedI had read my tomorrow’s Libra horoscope and the one part that caught my attention was that it said I would meet a new friend.
It was early evening that I was walking home from the library where I work, thinking about tomorrow’s workload, when something unusual caught my eye. Samuel Taylor Coleridge, the poet, who became a victim of opiates, was born with his Sun here. A violent man holding a bow, and before him a naked man, and also another man holding bread in one hand, and a cup of wine in the other; the signification of these is to shew wicked lusts, singings, sports and gluttony. Alan Leo: This will awaken the mental side of the sign Libra and cause the native to take a keener interest in all intellectual pursuits.
We want to know how those signs affect our lives and what are astrological signs and meanings. I’m a rather reserved person, typical Libra, and the idea of making a new friend wasn’t something that made me jump for joy. It was a small dark patch set against the snow that had covered the park I was walking through. This original of the wolf in sheep’s clothing is represented as impaled on the spear of Centaurus.
Marie Antoinette, who was accused of extravagance and profligancy, and so was beheaded, was born when the Moon was in this section of the sky. He will be fond of reading and learning, and should now make much progress in all intellectual pursuits. If you were born between the 22nd of September and the 23rd of October then your horoscope sign is Libra. When you live in a cold climate, snow becomes just a normal thing that you see during the winter months and your mind dismisses it after a while.

I left her with the vet promising to return tomorrow I called in the next evening to find a beautiful little dog I barely recognized as the misshapen thing I had rescued from the snow. And as designed it indicates the almost certain fate of those born under this portion of the sky who transgress either the laws of man or those of God. And Henry IV., king of France, who led a stormy life and was finally assassinated, had this decanate on his Ascendant. This influence, moreover, will either bring some travelling or changes, or a great desire to travel and take journeys. Libras have a tendency to put themselves in “the other guy’s shoes” when it comes to differing opinions.
While their imaginations can sometimes get a bit out of control and cause worry or anxiety, they also provide an ability to see things in a new light and figure out problems from new angles. But your mind does notice when that pattern of snow is disrupted, especially if you’ve stubbed your toe a few times on partially hidden obstructions. But as it is the decanate in the sign of partnership and open enemies next to the sign of death, Scorpio, there is sometimes a peculiar fatality associated with it. Due to the brilliancy of their minds they sometimes use their talents to ensalve their fellowman and keep him in ignorance and poverty that they may profit thereby.
It will bring kindred, relatives, or their affairs more prominently into the life, and some connection between the native and his relatives is sure to occupy his attention. It’s symbol is the Scales and like all the different symbols of the Zodiac, it has a deeper meaning when related to people born under this sign. Of all the Zodiac signs, they are the least likely to take a stand and stick to it no matter what. Libras may not be able to debate problems very well, but they can solve them better than most.The best professions for Libras are those that include close reasoning and compromise.
But when they live straightforward moral lives and do not fall into corruption, they rise to positions of power and usefulness, and no tragedy overtakes them.

When I reached the middle of the day, I was beginning to wonder if this alleged new friend would ever appear and whether it would be a man or a woman. It brings a greater attention to details into the life, and greater gain is shown throughout. You can find out a lot about yourself or that special Libra with a regular reading of your tomorrow’s Libra horoscope. When I come home from work, she greets me with unreserved joy, yapping and spinning with ecstasy. Another common characteristic of the Libra horoscope sign is a mind that concentrates inward.
She loves to lick my face when I’m on the couch, or contentedly chew on her toy as she sits on the lap of her very best friend, me. In this respect, Libras are the exact opposite of the outward facing Taurus and have more in common with the Gemini astrological sign. So, an accurate tomorrow’s Libra horoscope reading can be a great help in determining the best actions to take in your future. Although, Geminis, like Libras, have an active internal life, the Gemini is far more inclined to share that life with others. Holding her in my arms and doing my best to keep her warm, I carried her to the nearest vet.

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