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Hence, this pairing is often associated with passive-aggressive maneuvers, frustration and repressed anger. If you can avoid falling into the passive-aggressive side of this energy, you can use it for the good: to express more peace, beauty and diplomacy.
Subscribe to our newsletter for updates about upcoming appearances, retreats, and other astro-goodness from the Saturn Sisters. Libra is the sign of relationships and Mars shows where we are most naturally prone to direct our energy.

With Saturn also in Libra for a few more months, these two planetary heavyweights will be working in tandem to amp up our need to do the right thing and consider the consequences of our actions. She is a professional astrologer in private practice in San Francisco and New York City for the past eighteen years. Mars likes to make things happen pronto, and Libra prefers to stall while carefully weighing out every decision. This is just to give you a sense of how challenging the combo is, and to explain why it may feel more uncomfortable than usual to be in our anger — let alone express it directly.

If we can channel this energy into healthy competition versus the compare-and-despair side of Mars in Libra, we’ll come out feeling all the more beautiful and empowered.

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