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August 29, 2015 by Lisa The Library of Congress (LOC) is a dream destination for many U.S. The Library of Congress is home to the World Digital Library, “a collaborative international project led by the Library of Congress.
Advertising: classifieds, companies your ancestor worked for or owned, store ads, runaway slaves searches and rewards and ship arrivals or departures.
Legal notices and public announcements: auctions, bankruptcies, city council meetings, divorce filings, estate sales, executions and punishments, lawsuits, marriage licenses, probate notices, tax seizures, sheriff’s sale lists. Lists: disaster victims, hotel registrations, juror’s and judicial reporting, letters left in the post office, military lists, newly naturalized citizens, passenger lists (immigrants and travelers), unclaimed mail notices.
Community and social events like school graduations, honor rolls, sporting and theater events; social news like anniversaries, church events, clubs, engagements, family reunions, visiting relatives, parties, travel, gossip columns, illnesses, weddings and marriage announcements. With Chronicling America, you can also subscribe to receive “old news” on many of your favorite historical topics. Flickr Creative Commons describes itself as part of a “worldwide movement for sharing historical and out-of-copyright images.” Groups and individuals alike upload old images, tag and source them, and make them available to others.

The Library of Congress has a FREE video about how to create and properly preserve digital or print archival scrapbooks. Also check this out: the Preserving Your Family Treasures webpage on working with originals at the Library of Congress website. The Library of Congress is Your Library, a four-minute video introduces the Library of Congress and gives a brief history. How to Find Stuff at the Largest Library in the World, a 5-minute introductory video showing how to use subject headings, research databases and other helpful tools to find books, photos, sheet music, manuscripts and more at the Library of Congress or other locations. Do you know someone who would enjoy this article? It’s easy to share by using the social media share buttons on this page. It now includes more than 10,000 manuscripts, maps and atlases, books, prints and photographs, films, sound recordings, and other cultural treasures.
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The building's architecture looks stunning outside but it's even more beautiful on the inside. I took the guided tour and learned a lot about the place and appreciate it on a whole new level. The worldwide and historically deep scope of digital content can help you explore your deep cultural roots in another place. The History and Geography Section offers great visuals and includes (small but growing) sections on biography and genealogy.

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