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Below you will find a brief report on the status and history of our HD restoration and conversion project.
That's ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND people in the first twenty two months since we started this site. And we know that many of these bikers, wrenches, Harley fans and friends are returning visitors who follow our progress and return here on a regular basis.
It's just that we've come into a phase where the type of work we've been doing on the bike takes a bit longer to finish or is not really suitable for showing on a webpage. One of the things that kept L & T busy over the last couple of months was the design and fabrication of the oiltank. That's FIFTY THOUSAND bikers, wrenches, motor enthusiasts and friends in the first fifteen months since we started this site.
In our minds, the choice of Harley tank logo plays an important role in the overall impression that we aim to create.
We fixed the valve push rods and rocker boxes onto our 1973 Harley Sportster Ironhead engine!
It took a while, but we've got our cylinders bored, and we've got a new set of oversize pistons to match.
Before we reassembled the rocker box units we checked all parts and cleaned and polished the rocker boxes so they now look like new. For a more extreme Bobber look, L&T wanted the Sportster gas tank to sit higher on the frame. On Sunday 15 March 2009, we had the pleasure to welcome the 25,000th unique visitor to the Harley Oldschool Bobber website! On this photograph all parts are ready for installation onto the main shaft of the Sportster tranny.
Here the 81 years young man is showing the original 1973 HD Sportster brake hub laced into the new oldschool style 21" front wheel rim. Early November the startmotor was back in place after it had been completely disassembled for cleaning and inspection. By the end of October 2008, LnT had the primary side of the lower end of the 1973 Ironhead engine back in place. After the 2008 summer vacations we started rebuilding of the lower end of our Ironhead engine. 35 years old 1973 Harley XLH Sportster Ironhead prior to stripping, cleaning, overhauling, restoration and rebuilding. This website is a fansite and is not in any way affiliated with the Harley Davidson Motor Company. The names Harley, Harley Davidson, HD, Sportster, Softail and Evolution are only used for reference. This website, including but not limited to all of its individual pages, photographs, art, text and information, is meant for your personal use only. The Dapper Lighting headlight kits embody the classic look while substantially upgrading the quality and spread of light. You get 7" round waterproof headlights and specially-designed 42mm Bi-Xenon projector (high and low beams) with adjustable light focus and flat light distribution to prevent blinding of oncoming traffic.

In Texas, you can use a vintage license plate that matches the year of your classic car or truck as long as you have two plates in good condition with the proper colors.
I had a couple of pairs of plates that were in nice condition, but they had a few nicks and dings in them.
The next thing to do is to very carefully sand through the black base coat to reveal the white numerals underneath. Since we applied 5 coats of clear, there is no chance of sanding through to the white underneath.
When all the numerals are to your liking, you can apply a couple of coats of catalyzed clear over the whole thing. Cool stuff - I started a similar plate restoration thread here a while back but didn't get past the rust removal. A government big enough to give you everything you want is strong enough to take everything you have. I just renewd the registration on my wifes 75 duster and managed to find a set of personalized 1975 Texas plates that say "WARP 2" she doesnt like them but I do! Custom-built California license plates by Restore A Tag featured on Jay Leno's Garage - watch the show! Check out our Before and After Gallery or take a virtual tour of our license plate restoration process and custom tags process. RestoreATag, the premiere license plate restoration company, uses a unique process that makes even the ugliest, rustiest tag a beauty to behold. When I bought my tag, I didn’t realize I could potentially register it to use with my Bronco. The most tedious work is not the sanding or painting, but researching your state’s laws regarding using original plates.
The folks at my motor vehicle department took a minute to figure out how to register the tag to me, but once they figured it out, it was as easy as sticking a little decal with the current year on the tag; just like you would do with a normal tag. Check with your state’s motor vehicle division to ensure you can register and use your old tag as a legitimate tag.
As for painting scuff up the plate with steel wool then primer the plate with a quality primer that will allow for laquer to be applied. This is a much better way to go because it is so hard to hand paint the letters or to cut out a stencil, and those methods almost never look authentic. They both own Harley Davidson Evolution motorcycles, which look great, run great, and sound great.
Although we like the regular Nash Gimp Hangers a lot, their Midget Gimps have the narrow design that fits our dreams of a slim and narrow bobber. You are currently viewing our boards as a guest which gives you limited access to view most discussions and access our other features.
You can register them as either Classic Car which requires you to re-new the plates every year, or as Antique plates which are pro-rated on a five year cycle. The county tax office said that for the plates to be approved, that I had to touch them up. I have lots of plates for the years of all my cars and while the ones I use on them are in good shape, I have lots that aren't.

Originally the '69 and up plates were white, but they yellow over the years, even if they are new and have never been used.
I think (and I'm not great with paint) that I'd have a tough time trying to sand and get straight lines.
RestoreATag is one of the only companies that can truly restore reflective license plates. Regardless of your state, we can restore a historical tag or create a vanity tag just for you. It was only after reading about purchasing a new ‘antique vehicle’ tag that I realized this was a possibility.
In Alabama, for example, one can register early license plates as long as the year on the tag corresponds with the year of the vehicle. Because these license plates are old and made of relatively thin metal, I decided to hand sand mine. I didn’t worry about removing every bit of paint, just cleaning up the obviously ugly parts. Get a can of Draino, place the plates in the pan, add the Draino and enough warm water to cover the plates.
By joining our free community you will have access to post topics, communicate privately with other members (PM), respond to polls, upload content and access many other special features. Registering them as antique plates only requires one plate on the car (even though you need both of them to be approved at the county tax office) and you do not need a vehicle inspection sticker anymore.
While I leanred how to work the dents out (think wood dowel in a drill press), I hadn't thought about this method to paint them.
While reading about similar projects on the web I heard that paint stripper might work also. This model paint worked well mainly because there was a large selection of colors to choose from and it was dirt cheap.
I am curious to see if I can get away with not putting on the current registration sticker.
As antique plates, you are supposed to only use the car for parades, car shows and club activities, but I have used them on a few of my vehicles for years and the police really have not bothered me when I use the cars for a regular drive around town.
The people at the tax office are so dazzled by the shiny new paint that they always pass them. RestoreATag also performs pristine restorations of gas pumps, bicycles, air pumps, antique signs, Coke coolers, memorabilia, and more. Even better, I can keep using this tag year after year and don’t have to switch to a different tag. If you have any problems with the registration process or your account login, please contact contact us. It didn’t take long to paint, and I’m sure the results would be better one took their time to make it flawless.

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