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Please register to participate in our discussions with 1.5 million other members - it's free and quick! If I recall correctly, the state went back to yellow after years of complaints from the police that the blue ones were hard to read, not enough contrast. The old blue plates had very poor contrast, and were extremely difficult to read, especially in low light conditions.
I think the pure white license plates are the new version of temporary paper plates you get when you buy a car. I got a new car this past spring and had the traditional temporary paper taped to the window. Another way for the politicians to take the easy way out rather than actually cut spending or raise taxes.
Unless you are talking about vanity plates, this is  false.  In New York you must surrender plates when there is a change of title. The last time there was a change in plates (they added another digit sometime in the mid-90s) one had to buy new plates when the registration was renewed.

It will be bad, but sooner rather than later, one of the states is going to take a big insolvency dump.
I don’t care if you charge me $20 but let me design the plate, the new one looks ugly! Florida has done basically the same thing recently.  There was  a 35 percent increase in the cost of annual registration fees.
Current license plate design is a sadly low-tech solution for our high-tech cars and not even a Tesla escapes having one slapped on to the bumper. We used to get the ones that looked like a certificate and taped onto the back window, so I think these are the new temps, out there where you can see them a lot easier. By next April, every licensed vehicle in the state will have to switch to the new plates, at $25 a pop. NEW MEXICO STATE LICENSE PLATE AUTOMOBILE CAR TAG Please click here if you are not redirected within a few seconds. If you have ever been treated to the aerial acrobatics of a flock of Eastern Goldfinches, you would not think that the color of our license plates was the color of one of these birds.

That’s ten bucks more per plate than the previous models, and keeping your previous number or vanity plate will cost an additional $20.
The switch is estimated to raise $129m for the state, which is currently facing a $5b budget shortfall. NEW MEXICO STATE LICENSE PLATE AUTOMOBILE CAR TAG SEMI TRAILER Click image for more foto“License plate has rust, dents, scratches and is used. Best of all, the new plates will mean new jobs for 120 inmates in New York’s penal system.

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