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License plate recognition - automatic number plate recognition, computer systemWe provide customised Automated License Plate Recognition System, ALPR, ANPR. License plate recognition, automatic number plate recognition, ANPR, LPR, ALPR, computer system  We provide ALPR, ANPR solution and system to meet your project requirement. Automated License Plate Recognition, ALPR , ANPR, Computer System  SD-OMEGA offer ALPR, ANPR and LPR system.
Since the vehicle plates are based on different Country standards, they usually different in form, shape and material. Early LPR systems sufferred from a low recognition rate, lower than required by practical systems.

Stolen cars - a list of stolen cars or unpaid fines is used to alert on a passing 'hot' cars.
IP cameras have always been marketed as security tools, but you probably don’t have time to watch them, and they wouldn’t give you much information, anyway. OpenALPR is an open source software library which changes all that, by transforming an ordinary camera into your own automatic license plate recognition system. Point the package at an image or video stream, and it quickly scans each frame for license plates in US or European formats, reporting whatever it finds along with a confidence level. This kind of technology has all kinds of possibilities, some good (create an automated home which recognizes when individual family members arrive), some more worrying (keep a history of who’s visiting your neighbor, and when).

The open source build is aimed at developers, and really just the core library with some console tools, but it’s easy to test -- even if you don’t have an IP camera. If you like the idea, but prefer something a little easier to use, OpenALPR’s website has a page where you can upload test images.
Please kindly tell us your project requirement so that we can provide you customised solution.

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