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Providing the finest and most technologically advanced CCTV video security cameras and installation is just not good enough for StarVision Surveillance & Security. A 6X12-inch aluminum front plate for your car, so that you can let everyone know that you were once a part of the Army's Top Ten Percent. While you're here, please take the time to learn more about the ASA novel Voices Under Berlin: The Tale of a Monterey Mary, by following the links below. I forgot to say…I also had all my tools and my good first aid kit stolen from the back of the truck.
In my experience both in the rental car industry as well as around town, license plates are pretty commonly swapped because they’re easily available.
Someone is driving a stolen car and it is easier to blend in without a license number that is reported stolen. Someone has expired tags (didn’t pay ad valorum) and would rather risk stealing a plate than getting pulled over for bad tags. Someone bought a cheap used car and preferred to steal a licence plate rather than pay for one at the tag office.
It’s ridiculous that this happens as frequently as it does, particularly in crowded parking areas where anonymity is easily come by.

If it’s at night the first you know of it is when the police call at your home with evidence of your registration being caught on CCTV.
In reality, most stations that advertise pay first,(except those along major highways and toll roads) will still allow pumping first if you just pull up and start the process. My Saab came with Torx screws for the license plate and I’ve never had a problem, since most thieves are unlike to carry anything beyond a simple flathead and phillips screwdriver.
What about a threadlocker type product I’m wondering if this would work to stop lp theives.
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We believe that only by forming a partnership with our clients can we truly ensure the needed peace of mind that a security system should supply. They’re designed to make your plate just a little harder to steal than the one on the car next to you. Some reviewers complain that the bolts are too large for standard plates, but that seems like an easy fix (get out your drill and enlarge the holes). It is annoying and costs ~$20 for replacement plates plus the time and effort to contact the police and report them stolen so they don’t come looking for you if they are used in a crime, go to the DMV to apply for new plates, etc.

They are easier to get and enough of a deterrent to send a license plate thief to the next car.
Your business needs a partner that you can depend on to provide not only timely and attentive customer service and technical support, but an understanding of your needs. I came across this while spinning around Amazon looking at tools, and I’ll admit my first thought was “Really? Of course, you could always just resort to any of the many anti-theft machine screws available [What’s This?], or just make your own. As always, none of these guarantee any real safety; they simply make you slightly less of an easy target.

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