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License plates that feature a bald eagle, killer whale, deer, elk or black bear are a great way to show support for Washington wildlife. Purchasing these plates not only expresses an appreciation for native wildlife, but also helps to fund wildlife viewing, game management and the recovery of protected species. The initial cost of wildlife background license is $72.75, with a renewal fee of $30 in addition to annual tab fees, which vary by location and type of vehicle.

A portion of the fees collected, $28 per plate, supports specific wildlife activities depending on which background is selected.
For example, sales of the endangered wildlife plate, which features a killer whale, are used specifically for the recovery of Washington's threatened and endangered species.
Wildlife viewing activities, such as the development of wildlife watching trails and webcams, benefit each time a Washington resident buys a wildlife watching plate, which sports a bald eagle as the background.

Management activities include improvement of public access opportunities as well as wildlife population monitoring.

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