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The 4-H Foundation has finally been reinstated in Indiana’s Specialty License Plate program, after a judge ruled in their favor earlier last month. Money received from 4-H specialty plates goes to help support specific programs like Teens Teaching Youth AgriScience and Biotechnology and the 4-H National Youth Science Eco-Bot Challenge. When you have confirmed your password, you will be able to log in through Facebook on both sites. Sign up to have exclusive Newstalk VIPs contests, events, coupons, presales, and much more delivered to you for FREE. The Impressionist Paintings 3 Screen Saver displays a collection of 40 images from some of the world's greatest impressionist painters.
Portaits of American Presidents screensaver includes all of the Presidents of the United States. Winifred Brunton brought to life the statues and mummy portraits of Egypt's Kings, Queens and Nobles. Enjoy the colorful and suprisingly whimsical Edwardian Paris fashion plates that illustrate pre-war Haute Couture. This screen saver is based on an innovative extension of the Game of Life: two rival swarms of tiny critters wage a non-stop war for the screen space.

These 33 artistic sketches of Egypt use the natural beauty of the ancient places and art of Egypt in vibrant new interpretations that are both pleasing and intriguing.
Audubon's superb paintings capture the breathtaking beauty of the four-footed creatures of the North American forest and plains of the 1840's. Tropic Lines, a delicious screensaver for to relax and meditate, creates before your very eyes unique and inimitable patterns made of traces in all and every rainbow color. 3aline Screensaver uses 3D shapes to create stunning colorful images with beautiful backgrounds and realistic lighting. Adrift draws floating lines across the screen, creating beautiful patterns with pulsating colors.
Dynamania Screensaver draws dynamic animated 3D shapes that spin and tumble around your screen.
Photo Mishmash Screensaver uses your own JPEG & PNG images, like photos, web graphics or clipart, and squeezes, stretches and swirls them until they are no longer recognizable. Seractal ScreenSaver uses the beauty of fractals to create a wide variety of full-screen images, with virtually unlimited variety in its colors and designs.
Using mathematics and random drawing effects, Seraline ScreenSaver creates an endless variety of wild kaleidoscopic and modern-art-like images, which are always changing and never repeating.

3-D Kaleidoscope is a 30 special effects slideshow screensaver that includes 34 original Fractal generated art pictures, 3 midi files for background music are also included. Shifting Sands Screen Saver contains 30 images of computer artwork sand sculptures that dissolve into each other in hypnotizing patterns.
Repainted 1942 California license plate used as Year of Manufacture plate (December 2010) on a restored 1942 U.S. Because of this, starting on August 30th, Hoosiers will have the option of purchasing 4-H foundation specialty plates.
Watch as the upcoming seconds march towards you in 3D, synchronized precisely with your computer's clock. 31 winged sprites zoom through lush scenes of rainforest ferns, orchids, birds and animals.

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