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Near freezing to start your MondayNovember 23, 2015 - 6:00 AM KTRK ABC Houston Meteorologist Travis Herzog says temps are flirting with the freezing mark across most of southeast Texas. Now back to Lindsay Letters, I love when she started doing other fonts and typeface and abstracts, it all mixes so well. And did you know she just gave birth to a beautiful boy? But before she took off for maternity leave (are you really taking any time off other than the delivery day LL?) Lindsay styled and created all of this beauty! Merry Christmas Girl – you and your sons most definitely deserve a fun and happy one! Our news engine aggregates over 50,000 stories each day from over 3,000 sources.Click here to start customizing your home page. He's more concerned about the white men who grab military-grade firearms and shoot up public venues. It has to be said that Trafalgar Square is an odd choice of venue to show solidarity with France; presumably Waterloo was too busy.
The 8.5 megawatt (MW) power plant in Rwanda is designed so that, from a bird's-eye view, it resembles the shape of the African continent. Simple things may seem difficult to you, while what is extremely difficult for others may seem very simple.
These words continue to put my heart on its knees…where I need to be all year long not just at Christmas! One of the most appropriate tributes was Adele dedicating Hometown Glory to Paris, just as the raids on St-Denis started. I am ordering them to put on the wall in my new studio with washi tape..quick easy and festive! It was there that he learned an appreciation of music from his father who taught him his first song, “My Blue Heaven”. So that evening, Johnny stayed up all night to watch his father dismantle the piano, get it into the small living room of their basement apartment and then reassemble it. Clem Mathis, who worked briefly as a musician back in Texas playing the piano and singing on stage, would continue to teach his son many songs and routines.
He sang in the church choir, school functions, community events, for visitors in their home as well as amateur shows in the San Francisco area.Johnny was 13 years old when Clem took him to see Connie Cox, a Bay Area voice teacher, who agreed to take on the youngster in exchange for his doing odd jobs around her house.

Johnny studied with Connie for six years learning vocal scales and exercises, voice production, classical and operatic skills.At George Washington High School, Johnny was known not only for his singing ability but his athleticism as well. He became a star athlete on the track and field team as a high jumper and hurdler and played on the basketball team.In 1954, Johnny enrolled at San Francisco State College with the intention of being an English and Physical Education teacher.
This is still on the College’s Top 15 list and was only two inches short of the Olympic record of the time. Just as when he was in high school, Johnny’s name was frequently mentioned in the sports sections of the Northern California newspapers.
He was often referred to as “the best all-around athlete to come out of the San Francisco Bay Area”.A fellow student, whose sextet was working at the Black Hawk nightclub, brought Johnny in for a Sunday afternoon jam session. She decided that she wanted to manage his career.In early September of 1955, Johnny landed a job singing weekends at Ann Dee’s 440 Club. After repeated attempts, Helen convinced George Avakian, then head of Jazz A&R at Columbia, to see him. Avakian came to the club, heard Johnny sing and sent the now famous telegram to his record company: “Have found phenomenal 19 year old boy who could go all the way. Send blank contracts.”Avakian left for New York after telling Johnny that he would eventually send for him.
Johnny continued his studies at San Francisco State and gained additional fame as a high jumper.
In early 1956, Johnny was asked to attend the trials for the 1956 Olympic teams that would travel to Melbourne, Australia that summer.
At the same time, Columbia Records requested that Johnny come to New York to start arrangements for his first recording session. Clem helped his son decide that his future and best interests were with the recording company. It included jazz musicians Gil Evans, John Lewis and Teo Macero and songs like “Angel Eyes”, “Easy to Love” and “Babalu”. Nevertheless, Johnny remained in New York and landed bookings at some of the leading nightclubs such as the Village Vanguard, The Blue Angel and Basin Street East.Soon, Columbia placed Johnny under the supervision of producer Mitch Miller. Since then, Johnny’s voice has been used in countless Hollywood movies for theme songs, background music and to enhance a particular setting or segment.“Wonderful, Wonderful” and “It’s Not For Me To Say” reached their peaks on the BILLBOARD pop chart in July of 1957. These successes were followed by the monumental single “Chances Are” which became Johnny’s first #1 hit.In June of 1957, Johnny appeared on the Ed Sullivan Show where he was introduced to the record buying public and became a national celebrity and household name. Columbia Records continued to release albums of Johnny singing beautiful and romantic ballads, classic standards and the best songs from Broadway musicals.
It was not uncommon for Johnny to have as many as four albums on the BILLBOARD Top Albums chart at the same time. In late 1959, Johnny recorded another song that became synonymous with the name of Johnny Mathis, the Erroll Garner composition, “Misty”.Johnny’s accomplishments are numerous and varied.

In 1958, two years after being signed by Columbia Records, Johnny’s Greatest Hits was released.
Johnny’s Greatest Hits went on to become one of the most popular albums of all time and spent an unprecedented 490 continuous weeks (almost ten years) on the BILLBOARD Top Albums Chart.
This record has been noted in the GUINNESS BOOK OF WORLD RECORDS.At one point in his career, according to record historian Joel Whitburn, Johnny was one of only five recording artists to have Top 40 Hits spanning each of his first four decades as a recording artist. Amazingly, his second #1 Hit Single, “Too Much, Too Little, Too Late” (recorded with Deniece Williams), came almost 21 years after his very first #1 Hit Single, “Chances Are”.Johnny has been honored to make several appearances before various heads of state.
Starting in June of 1973, he sang at a State Dinner held in honor of the President of Liberia. In 1978, Johnny sang for the British Royal Family at A Command Performance held at The London Palladium. Clinton (along with the other five living First Ladies) at a very special First Ladies Tribute.He has also been honored by entertainment heads of state. He has participated in the Academy Awards presentation many times to sing the song nominated in the “Best Song” category.Johnny has received four Grammy nominations.
The first was for “Misty” in 1960 in the category of Best Male Vocal Performance - Single Record or Track.
He also was nominated in 2006 for “Isn’t it Romantic” in the category of Best Traditional Pop Vocal Album.Johnny has been inducted into the Grammy Hall of Fame two times so far.
In 1998, he made the famous Hall's list with "Chances Are" (Columbia Traditional Pop Single 1957). Most impressive of all is his 2003 Lifetime Achievement Award by the Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences.In 2004 he sang “Over the Rainbow” with Ray Charles on Mr. The PBS special was later released on DVD as “Johnny Mathis – Gold: A 50th Anniversary Celebration”. 2006 also marked the year that he was honored with receiving the Society of Singers coveted Ella Award.2010 was a special year for Johnny as it marked his first foray into classic country music.
He plays golf almost every day when he's not traveling and has sung at many golf banquets such as the Ryder Cup. In 1985 and 1986, Johnny hosted his own golf tournament, The Johnny Mathis Seniors PGA Classic, which was held in Los Angeles.

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