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This is a poem about the essence of life, the challenges and the joys we experience in our daily life.
Does your work (past, present or future) involve any of the following listed options, or is it in a similar field?
I really couldn’t suggest a career, as this blog post was done all in fun and fascination with the general idea. Expert advice from Bob Vila, the most trusted name in home improvement, home remodeling, home repair, and DIY. A stepping stone path is easier to create than a full-blown walkway and lends charm and practicality to your yard.
To view a gallery of gorgeous garden paths, take a look at our Garden Paths: 12 Easy-to-Imitate Stone Walkways slideshow.
I’m curious to know if this really relates, relates just a little, or completely misses the mark with you. It’s interesting that you better relate to another life path number, as I saw myself in a few other ones as well. I’ve been completely obsessed with life path numbers since I learned about them on Dr.

I have a Life path 7 and I absolutely cannot identify with it (and with no description of it all over internet. I’m an Accountant, once owned a financial blog and now I want to start a couple businesses.
I’m sorry if this blog post has mislead you – and I will update the post to clear things up – but, I can’t suggest careers. Currently Reading: The Individual Psychology of Alfred Adler.Left Brain, Right Brain?Life Path Number Careers? Please consider updating your browser to the latest version of Internet Explorer or Google Chrome.
Examine your lawn and note where the grass has been regularly traversed and has worn down to natural path. Determine the placement of the stones so they align with an average person’s comfortable walking stride. If you don’t mind my asking, did your Husband’s number sound anything like him?
The only one I identify with is Life Path 3 (I’m an art student with a life dedicated to the arts).

Walk along the path and place spikes where the center of your foot lands at each step as you move along the path. Then pack a little more of the loose sand or crushed stone around the stepping stone to give it some added support. Using a long utility knife or a garden trowel, carve a line around the perimeter of the stone.
If you’re using coarse sand, you may moisten it with a fine spray of water to help tamp it down and pack it tightly. Remove the stone and dig out a layer of sod, removing soil so that the hole is about an inch deeper than the depth of the stone.

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