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2015 is almost here and many of us have started thinking about the personal goals we would like to tackle in the new year. Download our 2015 Book List Printable and hang it in a place you can easily track your reading progress in 2015. About Silver Dolphin BooksFor over 17 years, Silver Dolphin Books has published award-winning activity, novelty, and educational nonfiction books for preschoolers to 12-year-olds. When looking for ideas and inspiration on how to get organized with our curriculum, much of what I found was secular.
I should note that we homeschool year-round, obviously with breaks on weekends, vacations, and any sick days.

Health and wellness, family life, personal growth, professional development… No matter what you choose, make sure to find a way to write down your goals so you have a visible and regular reminder on what you hope to accomplish. Our focus is to create books that engage and inspire children to learn more about the world around them while fostering a love of reading, exploration, and creative expression. Right now, I’m struggling with wanting Phoenix to know it all, but yet still give him that free time to play and explore the world at his own pace.
Actual paper lists can sometime; be a better remind than one stored online or on your computer.
From adorably-illustrated board books for toddlers to interactive play and building sets, to sound books made for story time, we develop innovative books that both enlighten and entertain.

Let’s not talk about the pit I felt in my stomach when Luv accidentally deleted that list on my iPad.
I kicked a few pebbles in disappointment, then I dug into my stash of scrap art {up until now was only used to design my blogs} and made some pretty homeschool printables for my notes and curriculum notebook. I’ve looked into unschooling (a few books by John Holt) but found it to be a bit too free for us.

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