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The independence ceremony started at 1:30 pm GMT in Thingvellir - 21w07, 64n17 (site of the ancient Viking Althing).
The most significant moment was at 2:00 pm GMT, when there was a 2 minute silence all over the country. Jun 23, 930 - Icelanders established the Althing, an open-air national parliament and the world's oldest surviving parliamentary body.
Jul 7, 1941 - Although a neutral country, the United States sent troops to occupy Iceland to keep it out of Germany's hands.
Nov 14, 1963 - Iceland got a new island when a volcano pushed its way up out of the sea five miles off the southern coast. Sep 1, 1972 - American Bobby Fischer won the international chess crown in Reykjavik, Iceland, defeating Boris Spassky of the Soviet Union. Jan 23, 1973 - Helgafell, an island of Heimaey, Iceland, erupted for the 1st time in 7,000 yrs.
Oct 1, 1996 - The Loki volcano in the center of the Vatnajokull glacier in southeast Iceland erupted. Discover the main astrological trends in your life over the next year (transits and progressions). Learn about the daily astrological weather triggering your daily life events and states of mind. Understand the astrological potential of moving to different geographical places for personal or business success.
Cancer Capricorn Love MatchCapricorn and Cancer astrology signs in Love: Opposites do attract, and both your Venus signs are in opposite places in the zodiac. You, Capricorn, are more emotionally reserved than your partner, but both of you are very mindful of the future.
But when your romantic relationship settles, you will certainly take good care of each other – your Cancer soul mate in a nurturing way, and you in a more practical sense. Aries Capricorn Love MatchCapricorn and Aries astrology signs in Love: right from the start, your differing love styles will be very obvious. When Capricorn and Aries lovers share their finances, you can help reign in his impulse buys, whether he finds this a good thing or not. However if they think that they are always the leader in your affair of the heart, this probably won’t be something you will buy.
Taurus Capricorn Love MatchCapricorn and Taurus astrology signs in Love: While different enough to sustain each other’s interest, you have enough similar love match goals to keep conflicts and tension to a minimum. Because you feel so safe and comfortable in each others’ presence, which is  important to both of you, you might still surprise yourselves for readily professing your feelings for each other when you normally wouldn’t for other people. Capricorn Capricorn Love MatchCapricorn and Capricorn astrology signs in Love: To start off, your similar goals and similar relationship already lay the groundwork for a solid love match. Each of you can be slightly standoffish or shy in the beginning stages of your intimacy, but once past this stage, your respect for each other will just continue to grow. Gemini Capricorn Love MatchCapricorn and Gemini astrology signs in Love: this is one of the more unusual love match pairings in your sign, bringing both frustration and fascination simultaneously to your romantic relationship.
Your tendency to plan for the future and the value you place on commitment may not be very familiar in your lover’s books. But even so, if your consort is the more flighty kind of Gemini, they may get downright bored with your ways.
Leo Capricorn Love MatchCapricorn and Leo astrology signs in love: your partner is very expressive and demonstrative in love, often impulsive while you have a steadier and more practical view of a love match. Your partner lives in the moment, and needs to constantly be reminded of how you feel about them, while you are more concerned about the direction of your relationship.
Libra Capricorn Love MatchCapricorn and Libra astrology signs in love: Romantic relationships are top priority to you both, and you are just as equally committed to them, but only in very different ways. Your caring counterpart longs for romance and eloquence, but to you practical expressions of love are more important.
Pisces Capricorn Love MatchCapricorn and Pisces astrology signs in Love: Your Pisces lover will most likely be drawn in by your aura of conviction and strength. If both of you can accept, and also appreciate, each other’s different ways of expressing love, your mutual admiration can ground your romantic relationship even more. Sagittarius Capricorn Love MatchCapricorn and Sagittarius astrology signs in love: having different natures and needs when it comes to a love match, this pairing is set up with lots of challenges and growth opportunities at the same time.
Chances are you are the less reserved of the two, and your partner is the more outgoing one, not necessarily in terms of personality but in terms of kindling the fires of romance in your relationship. Scorpio Capricorn Love MatchCapricorn and Scorpio astrology signs in Love: Scorpio is one truly passionate lover, and the mere thought of this sends tingles down your spine. Your beloved will appreciate how dedicated you are in a love match and reward you with even more love and attention, in which you will feel cared for and therefore feel at your best. Virgo Capricorn Love MatchCapricorn and Virgo astrology signs in Love: You both have Venus placed in your earth signs, and the similarities in your romantic and love match needs will be obvious. Both of you can be a little reticent in the beginning of your love relationship, probably you, Capricorn more than your partner, as both of you are cautious and responsible when it comes to matters of the heart, so things may move slowly at first. Aquarius Capricorn Love MatchCancer and Aquarius astrology signs in Love: An odd combination, because your partner’s Venus position is in a next-door-neighbor position to yours. Warm and Charming CapricornCapricorn in your love match relationships, things are at their best when your partner realizes that you show your love and care more through actions and less through words.
Aspects between natal Mars and Pluto create a potent, sometimes frightening, source of energy. To read the rest of this article you must purchase a Lifetime All-Access Membership, which allows you to view the entirety of Sasstrology’s archives for a one-time fee of $12. About Nadia GilchristNadia Gilchrist offers 15 years of experience in Evolutionary and Traditional astrology. I have mars in cancer in the 1st house with mars trine pluto aspect in the same house and in my natal chart.
Therefore prepare for a relationship where you get no respect when you comply, or endless conflict when you don’t. Throw in the fact that these people do indeed keep their own motives and activities hidden to the best of their abilities, and you can see that this just isn’t a bundle of fun. By other hand, no one know me as he does…almost like a paranormal effect, he can read me “between the lines”… And after many months and other synastry aspects more or less solved, he is capable of tremendous sweetness and passion. I have Mars square Pluto natally… Mars in the 6th house at 19 deg Capricorn, Pluto in the 4th house at 23 degrees Libra. I need to add on that, in a composite chart, we have mars square neptune, meaning there needs to be honesty and no ego games in our relationship. I’m also a Mars square Pluto female and I have attracted (or been attracted to) my fair share of Venus Square Pluto men (I also have Venus in Scorpio which is similar). A MsP female and a VsP male are intensely attracted to each other – they figure that the other one has the actual intensity to deal with them.
There is another element that is not mentioned here and that is plenty of people who have this aspect have also been subjected to abuse either in a dysfunctional home from childhood, relationship or work environment.
I can’t really add any more to this because I would just pretty much have to cut and paste your entire piece to this space. I remembered that you asked me to look to where my Mercury was located to see how I was processing this. I recently started paying more attention to draconic charts and there really isn’t much information on the internet about how to interpret this sort of thing. So…I probably need to learn to assert myself (natal Mars in 12th, dr Mars conjuncting natal ASC), and perhaps I will learn to assert myself better through the issues of Pluto? Saying that, my dr Pluto is conjunct natal Venus in Sagittarius, which means my natal Venus is also opposing dr ASC in Gemini.
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Gorbachev opened two days of talks concerning arms control and human rights in Reykjavik, Iceland.
You will definitely find each other very fascinating, and the attraction will be a powerful one at best, since you both possess qualities that the other lacks. This can be both a source of fascination and misunderstandings, which doesn’t come as a surprise. It would be normal to hear your lover complain that you are too serious and may need to loosen up a bit at times, but hopefully you will appreciate the fact that your lover is very capable of infusing fun and activity into your relationship.

You both have a desire and appreciation for earthy and sensual pleasures, and you meet eye to eye when it comes to financial matters.
It is already a big advantage for your rapturous rapport that you share common romantic and financial goals. Even if you are very dissimilar on other levels, the mere fact that your partnership needs are the same make it easier for both of you to smooth out any rough edges. But as with all other signs combined with their same sign, there is a tendency for your love affair to get into a rut. Overall, your Gemini partner has a lighter approach towards love and commitment than you do.
Not that you, Capricorn, really are boring, but it is just their nature to want a more active and lively partner than is natural for you. You are more reserved about your desires and emotions, as you are very careful about letting someone else into your heart.
If both of you can get past the different love languages, you will find that the importance you both place on a love match is a very binding one.
You, Capricorn, will appreciate how much your partner is committed to you and you will derive great security from this. Your Sagittarius partner lives in the moment a hundred and one percent, without much interest, much less thought, in planning for the long-term. Even though other lovers think you’re a tad reserved and probably undemonstrative in love, your Scorpio lover has a way of bringing out the passionate you hidden beneath your cool exterior.
You both share the need to be secure in a partnership, and both of you do your part to make sure that your relationship does stay that way.
But once you are in an alliance, there will be lots of trust as commitment and dedication is something you both put first. In astrology, this means that next-door-neighbor signs have a hard time finding common ground. What may look like to be aloofness, snobbishness, or coldness is actually just a facade for how warm and vulnerable you really are. Mars fires up the Pluto need for control, while Pluto intensifies Mars’ desire to conquer.
When you are with this person you are continuously being judged and measured in terms of strength. However, with undercurrents like this running through the relationship it takes a tremendous amount of work to make it work out, and your job will never be done because something in this person seems to require crisis in order to have a sense of control – people who like control like crisis because it gives them the opportunity to exercise control! So if you want intense, sporadic sex powered by someone’s control issues and emotional volatile situations, this one’s for you. Learn to just concentrate on what’s in front of their face instead of constantly thinking their partner is up to something? It says one person can delude the other (him to me) and worse case scenario, lead to infidelity.
En general llevamos muchos anos juntos y han sido demasiado intensos, mucha pasion, discuciones y traiciones, donde cada cierto tiempo pasamos uno de los dos dominando la relacion en guerra y al final nunca logramos separarnos. In general we have spent many years together and have been too intense, a lot of passion, discussions and betrayals, where we spent time to time one of the two dominating the relationship and end war we never parted.
I couldn’t see anything about Draconic-Natal aspects in the previous comments, but please point me to it if my question has already been answered. So, my soul’s need to experience Pluto will manifest itself through the issues of Venus? If you want to avoid having to enter your name and email every time you post, create an account.
The Laki volcano wiped out 75% of the crops which led to a severe famine that killed some 10,000 people, 20% of the population. Your love match will be a complementary one, but your different needs will be a source of problems as time goes on.
You may be unsure about it at first, but once you commit yourselves, you are a hundred percent there.
You can get the best out of your romance when you learn to appreciate each other’s differences as opposed to singling them out and using them to criticize each other. You crave a more earthy and practical love match than you Aries partner, considering all the aspects and potential of a romantic relationship before it even starts, while your lover usually acts first and then thinks later. And because your partner is more forthright in love matters, they will likely be more responsible for getting your romance going.
You are both very careful and mindful when you enter romantic relationships, so you may tend to have a lengthy courtship. You, Capricorn, might probably be the more action-oriented one and find your Taurus partner to be a little too lax at times.
If you share finances, you will see eye-to-eye on where you think money should be saved and spent. You, Capricorn, like it that your partner brings liveliness, humor, and activity to your amorous entanglement, but your need for safety and security in a relationship may not be sufficiently met by your other half than it otherwise would by other signs.
In really difficult pairings, you on the other hand might find them to be shallow and unsubstantial. You, Capricorn, might even be uncomfortable with mushy and gushy emotions, but for your Leo partner, dramatizing feelings come naturally, she wasn’t just hurt by what you said, she was devastated; she doesn’t just like something, she totally adores it. You believe in moderation in both love and money, but your significant other is inclined to go overboard in both.
Your Libra partner is more concerned with equality in your relationship and is often occupied thinking about the pros versus the cons.
On the other hand, you, Capricorn, will likely be drawn in by their hospitable and kind nature, their listening ear and great understanding. Your beloved might find you too rigid for their liking, and their dreamy nature might get you thinking that your lover’s head is too far up in the clouds.
You both crave and fear intimacy, and your Scorpio soul mate can be one of the best people to introduce you to this. Neither of you can remain attracted to someone with a ‘weak’ personality for too long, so even with a few personality clashes at times, you stimulate each other and will never get bored for as long as you practice mutual respect and give and take in your romantic relationship.
Pairing two earth signs has a tendency to be a bit dry, but because of the same core values that you share, appreciation and mutual respect will be easy to come by between you both.
But as it is with many odd love matches, intrigue is always a factor as to why they are drawn to each other in the first place. Hard aspects (conjunction, opposition, square) between Mars and Pluto can be especially challenging. It starts off as explosive sexual chemistry, but for this person sex and control are linked. These people are so driven to get what they want and pursue their goals that your experiences and feelings are ultimately secondary to this drive.
All I have is what I initially saw, which wasn’t much, and then his psychology afterwards of starting fights with me for no reason and being shady with his texts. When other people are attracted to me I find they are also quite intense and sometimes that intensity throws me off.. En algun momento pense que solo la muerte nos podia separar, debo agregar que tengo ascendente en escorpio y el tiene ascendente en tauro. At some point I thought that only death could separate us, I must add that I have up in Scorpio and Taurus ascendant has. Your Cancer partner has an intuitive and sensitive approach to love, while you express your love in a more practical way. This approach stems from being responsible and thinking before acting, not wanting to get yourselves involved in something that you will only want to get out of later on. The characteristic that holds this love match the most is dependability, which you both possess in great amounts. A few clashes are inevitable, but this love match can definitely work once romance and understanding are in the mix. But deep inside you know that you can rely on each other, a non-negotiable trait for you both.
The mere fact that you know you can rely on each other is more than enough to meet one of your innermost love match needs – safety and security – and this is enough to keep you happy.
If they can avoid feeling threatened by this and simply use this to their advantage, this partnership can work out fine.

You, Capricorn, must always keep in mind that your Leo partner’s ego is tied up in how you treat him or her, and there is a tendency for you to curb their apparent overconfidence by limiting compliments!
While you are just as equally concerned about your attachment as your significant other, you are a lot more reserved when it comes to expressing yourself romantically. It is a plus that your partner is very flexible and adaptable, and it would be wise if you acknowledge that in them. This willingness of your partner to accept and adapt is extremely attractive to you, especially because you are more definite in what you want from a love match and how it is supposed to be like. Not only are you cautious about getting into a new romantic relationship, once you are in it, you are in it for the long term. Your devoted companion might have qualms about how you are too serious and wish you could loosen up a bit more. On the other hand, they will be intrigued by how you seem like a hard case at first, even challenging. What you will probably like best about your Scorpio partner is their ability to look past your defences and not get intimidated by it. You treasure your alone time, and your Virgo partner will need to understand and respect this and get past the feeling that this is a threat to your romance.
You, Capricorn, also appreciate their ability to see the big picture and their unique ways of approaching and solving problems.
You are, however, more demonstrative when you start feeling safe and comfortable with someone and are able to match their love.As a Capricorn you are very sensual and loving by nature. These two planets are so strong that even the unity of the conjunction can create friction.
This means that sex eventually becomes transactional – you gotta jump through hoops to get it. This means that sex eventually becomes transactional – you gotta jump through hoops to get it. But if you’re on a rocky relationship, put down the internet, the mobile phone and hang out with him. The latter seems like there would be more of a power tripper while the former would be someone who has the potential to wield the power they have. I would think that this tension at some point will go down and we will be able to relate more quietly … even with all these conflicts have accomplished many things together materials from outside soidos see us as very stable. So with this in mind it has helped me a lot and now I am starting to turn the tables so to speak. This can mean that things might move slowly at first as you will both tend to feel each other, and even test each other out.
You each have your own way of attracting good things in life, and your love match will be one characterized by abundance. You are both very responsible in saving up for a rainy day and it pleases you that you both agree. You can handle their quips and teasing better than others, but you might complain about the observation that your lover’s head is in the clouds. You are both very loyal and put commitment and security first in the love liason, but your approach to romantic relationships are radically different.
In turn, your beloved should acknowledge how stable and dependable you are, and appreciate the security that comes from this constancy.
More than most people, your partner will be able to tap into your innermost heart, uncovering what really is beneath that cool exterior. You are both also natural critics, but you are more concerned about keeping it to a minimum for the sake of the integrity of your romance.
Your Capricorn manner may be hiding an attachment and earthy sensuality to the person you love, but with your partner, what you see is what you get! For as long as you don’t slip into feeling that your love liaison is threatened by their ability to detach themselves, you should be fine. You draw others to yourself by a charming kind of quietness that exudes a competent persona. I don’t think this is conscious on the part of the mars-pluto person, but they simply CANNOT relax into a healthy simple intimate relationship as they cannot separate sex from control. They absolutely demand, unconditionally, your servility, but at the same time they will look down on you if you deliver it. I don’t think this is conscious on the part of the mars-pluto person, but they simply CANNOT relax into a healthy simple intimate relationship as they cannot separate sex from control. Your feet are definitely on the ground, but you also have high ambitions and work towards progress, whatever that means for you. While you have completely different love styles, cultivating and practicing respect on both sides will go a good, long way towards a compatible love match.
You will value your partner’s acceptance of your commitments and find their adaptability a joy in your love match. You want an assurance of security in the relationship, while your partner is all for “winging it.” Your other half is a magnet for the adventurous, optimistic, and friendly type. Allow yourself to be loosened up by your parmour and be invigorated by their freshness and encouragement. Both of you, but especially your significant other, will have to make an effort to channel this into more constructive areas instead of nitpicking on one another!
Aquarius really are a bit detached in romantic relationships, and are not as interested in committing to one special person as you are. Different characters and personalities in this pairing can definitely work with lots of love, understanding, and compromise. You appear to have it pulled together when it comes to love matches, and this is what potential partners sense, which can drive them wild if this is something they can’t get enough of.
I don’t know what to do and I feel my ex Pisces and how our relationship went down has a lot to do with my current trust issues.
I fall in love with friends and never tell them how I feel until my feelings are too deep to ignore, and by that time the friendship is ruined. It is for you to understand that your Leo lover is more insecure in a love match than he or she lets on. On the other hand, you can definitely help your partner see the benefits of extending concern and respect towards others and planning ahead. At the end of the day, the success of this love match will all depend on how much both of you are willing and able to do what it takes to make it how you want it to be.
Hence my lack of trust in people in general and my ice cold glare that intimidates people when im angry.
I feel like I saw what happened, then further witnessed his psychology with this particular woman.
This dates back to June 4th when there were planetary aspects going on that could turn my relationship around and it did! How do I even bring this up to him without worrying that I’m putting my foot in my mouth? He might have had an emotional affair, but he definitely has yet to open up to me, emotionally, for the past year.
And if that refusal to hear put me in jeapardy or led to exploitation of me, then yes, I upped the ante and went for the jugular verbally until I had to ultimately walk away. Hardest lesson has been not to keep trying to convince someone with reason when they refuse to hear, and convey that actions speak louder than words. I have been known to be intimidating, in silence or with speaking and can utilize amazing patience. Biggest weakness has been the outlet of writing… used to write out wounding letters when I was wounded. I grew up believing we are all wanting to heal through uncovering our fears and deceptions and trauma and that it was healthy to reveal and confront our little demons.

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