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Last month there were reports of errors in Google Maps listing for Duke Medical Center phone numbers. When an additional report surfaced in Google Maps for Business Owners from NYU Medical Center, I decided to investigate the depth of the issue and see if was isolated to large teaching centers or was more widespread throughout the medical listings. The report from NYU reported not just multiple and wrong phone numbers but wrong map locations as well. When I found 5 phone numbers listed for a hospital, I spot checked by calling some of the numbers to see where they went and if the answerer had received erroneous calls. The fact that none of the medical facilities with 3, 4 or 5 phone numbers listed had yet to claim the record in the Local Business Center shows: 1)that there is a possibility that they will get cleaned up and 2)that it is a ways off. Please consider leaving a comment as your input will help me (& everyone else) better understand and learn about local.Google Map's medical center phone data: Code Red!
I’d think there needs to be a way to get contact information directly from existing websites rather than the directories. This particular problem seems to afflict this vertical more so than others and I am not really sure why. I scrolled through the other locations and it didn’t match the 2nd number in the G maps directory information.
I would think that G maps specifically and other similar sources, like Y and MSN Local need to take a step to clean the data–primarily sourcing the information from the website and not any other source. Of all sources of this ilk, though, Google insertion of maps is clearly seeing more traffic than any other source and is driving more calls off the G maps inserts. That would be a big improvement…and were they to be successful G would be lightyears ahead of other local data sources. According to Bill Slawski’s patent review they are attempting to do this, why so unsuccessfully in the medical arena escapes me. September 24, 2015 at 4:48 am PST By Jennifer Slegg 4 Comments One of the changes Google made when they dropped all 7-pack local results with 3-packs is they removed phone numbers and full addresses in the 3-pack for generic (ie. This change is brand new – I noticed it while taking screenshots for the Home Service ads being displayed with 3-packs. However, restaurant searches do not.  While they now display the full address, they still do not show phone numbers. This is a fabulous change for local SEOs and businesses.  The removal of the phone numbers and addresses was one of the changes that hurt local businesses the most, because it made two pieces of crucial information an extra click away.
However, like everything Google does, this could be removed.  But since it was already removed and now added back, it should hopefully be sticking around. She regularly speaks at Pubcon, SMX, ClickZ and more, and has been presenting at conferences for over a decade. Emergency telephone numbers that are also known as emergency service numbers, allows a caller to contact the local emergency services for assistance. Below we have given the list of almost all the local emergency and important phone numbers in Saudi Arabia.

As I've mentioned in previous posts, I am a new resident of Berlin, after living almost all of my life in London. In a given day, I'll rely on Google Hangouts, Skype, IRC, Slack and Hipchat to stay in touch, and conduct video and voicecalls on my ipad or laptop. Sometimes however, you if you're somewhere with a poor upstream connection to the internet, the sound quality on voice calls like can become unacceptably poor. This tends to happen more with Skype than Hangouts for me during the week, but is common enough to make using it at times, untenable.
If you don't have a landline where you are, then you're reduced to relying on a mobile phone to call another country, which is rarely a cheap way to call someone, nor for them to call you. Recently, I tried to solve this problem with Twilio, and it's worked well enough so far to share here. There is a cost to this - you pay a monthly fee to have a UK number, and you still need to foot the bill for forwarding the phone call to your mobile in your own country. At this point, it's possible to forward calls people make to this number, to another number in the same country. You need to authorise international calls by filing a ticket - this part is a bit clunky, but your request is answered quickly. Assuming you've been able to activate international calls, the next step is to use the Twilio API itself to connect someone calling your UK twilio number to a phone of your choice. To do this, I suppose you could write a simple Sinatra style webapp, that posts to relevant endpoints of Twilio's API, then deploy that to heroku for free.
An easier way to do this is, is to just use a Twimlet, a pre-built PHP app, that uses the Twilio API to make a phone call to the number you set, when you fill in the details at the Twilio Forward page. Now, when someone rings the number you registered with Twilio, it triggers a POST to the Twilio API endpoint responsible for starting a phone call, and connects the caller to the number you've specified to dail.
Because you're relying on a voice network, rather than unpredictable wifi, phone calls should have a more consistent sound quality, and it becomes much easier and cheaper for people to call you if they need to.
This whole exercise assumes the mobile you're forwarding calls to is in an area of reliable mobile coverage - but assuming a) you have that, b) there's no convenient bolt-on tariff for your phone contract and c) roaming and international calls are still unreasonably expensive, this seems to work fairly well so far. Although with the UK specifically, it is a shame there are no number services which offer both voice and sms on a UK Mobile Number. Not only were the numbers often times wrong but Google Maps was listing as many as 5 phone numbers for a single facility, few of which went to the central switchboard.
Google’s new feature in the Local Business Center, allowing the movement of Map markers, will facilitate some corrections about location but not the problems with phone numbers.
18% of all listings showed 3 or more phone numbers despite low verification rates through the Local Business Center.
In very limited tests, the numbers went to a department rather than the main desk facility listed and noted receiving a fairly large number of wrong number calls.
Another (perhaps more real world) test of the quality of this data would be to see if the single number that Google picks for these records in the Local OneBox is the correct one.

There were some records with additional detail providers (BBB, Talking Phone Pages) as well a some records with multiple phone numbers that had no recognized source for details. Google though, by virtue of their market dominance in search and the inclusion of the local results on the Local Onebox gets more scrutiny than the others. Perhaps meidcal centers have more to worry about than their Google listing or perhaps because they are somewhat outside of the profit incentives that motivates others to get their records squared away. At least some of the people within Google have read, and advocate for the Google philosophy, published here as Ten things we know to be true.
Please keep in mind that all comments are moderated according to my official commenting policy. These numbers are very important and everyone should keep all the local emergency numbers in diaries at home and also in mobile phones to quickly contact the concerned people for help.
Also, almost all my family is still in Blighty, as are almost all of the people I work with in my day job. However, this is usually cheaper making a single phone call of any length from a mobile to another country.
To Google’s credit the Duke Medical Center situation was resolved rapidly on an individual basis.
Most medical centers have difficulty complying with Google’s protocol for record correction as they have multiple mail stops making delivery of the PIN card unlikely and multiple phone lines making a call for verification almost impossible. And if you live in Fargo, ND it appears by Google’s account that there are more medical phone numbers than there are doctors.
I think it is safe to assume that any facility with 4 or 5 (and likely 3) numbers listed probably has numbers not for the main facility or that are in error.
This allowed a quick assessment of the extraneous phone number issue as all numbers were shown directly below the specific listing rather than in the pop up box.
Ultimately, for the public to broadly embrace AND rely on local search, the issue of accuracy needs to be solved. You can now easily expand your business across the, state, country and even internationally. The residents of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia should also keep the local emergency numbers in their diaries in order to avoid any problem at the time of any emergency. I will find a local phone number for New York and forward it to my office phone number or mobile number in Chicago. When customers from New York dial my business phone number for New York it will actually be answered by staff in Chicago – Having local numbers across increases the chances of receiving call from specific area. Get your Free DID Number for Trial Now !!!11000+ rate centers to choose from.No Minimum, No commitment.

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