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If you have ambitions to achieve greater financial or career success this year, then the 6 of Wands is a good luck omen that your efforts could well be rewarded with success and recognition!Choices and decisions you make now and within the next month or so, will determine just how much success you achieve in the next 12 months or so. At the Body Plus Spirit New Age Store in Mooloolaba Shopping Esplanade The Sunshine Coast, we gave a wide range of Tarot Card Decks to choose from.
We stock the entire Doreen Virtue Angle Card Range, the popular Rider Waite and Thoth Decks, as well as some original ones you may not have seen yet.
If you’re favourite Tarot Card Deck is not in stock we can order it for you and have it available to pick up from the shop within days. Call us today to see what Tarot Decks we currently have in store or to order your favourite one today – 07 54777 6440.
We also have an extensive range of new age books and tarot books if you were wanting to learn tarot for yourself.

We have such an extensive range of Tarot and Card Decks in our shop, you simple must visit the New Age Store – Body Plus Spirit, Mooloolaba Esplanade Sunshine Coast.
And While you’re at it, why not have a Tarot Card Reading with any of our gifted Psychic Tarot Readers. Assertive action could bring rewards sooner rather than later.You could receive a promotion or pay rise at work, have a loan approved or sell your property within the next few months!
The energy associated with the 6 of Wands is fast moving and exciting and decisive and courageous action is well rewarded. Perhaps a marriage proposal is coming your way, or your lover is about to ask you to move in together!
Or perhaps you're about to begin a new romance with someone you've been admiring for a while!Essentially, this is a beautiful and exciting 'feel good' card, and a sign that life is ready to become richer and more rewarding.

To transform the possibilities into reality, you'll first need to believe that you deserve greater abundance, and then find the courage to take appropriate action.In the realm of physical health, this is a strength card. So if at first you don't succeed, try, try again!I wish you all the success and abundance you deserve.

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