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Copyright © 2012 Autos Weblog, All trademarks are the property of the respective trademark owners. Love and sex horoscope relationship forecast and single and dating Virgo horoscope for the year of 2015. Just remain cautious not to indulge into unnecessary fights as the result might be worse than just casual arguments.
These are: Rat Ox Tiger Rabbit Dragon horoscope femme balance homme verseau taurus daily leo Snake Horse Goat Monkey Rooster Dog Chinese Astrology Horoscope 2010 for the Ox: A year of drama instability and change is not what a typical Ox wants to hear!
Aquarius (January 20 Feuary 19) : Important group connections and friendships come along suddenly this month and next dear Aquarius. 2013 December 2nd 2013 Libra Weekly Horoscopes Libra Weekly Horoscope Libra Weekly Stars Libra Weekly Zodiac Forecast Libra Patrick Arundell Astrology.
Leo Astrological Horoscope Sign(July 24-August 23)The Leo astrological horoscope sign is a fixed, masculine fire sign which is ruled by the Sun and represented by the lion symbol.Leos, like the sun, tend to shine and love being at the centre stage of attention. Leo's Astrological Love MatchesBest matches for Leo signs are Aries and Sagittarius people, following those are Geminis and Libras.
Leo enjoy the leadership position not because they like to keep things moving or under control or that they want to make things turn out right, but because they can keep the action going, today and tomorrow. The Leo horoscope sign can make up his or her mind in a few seconds and then stick stubbornly to that decision, right or wrong.
Aquarius and Capricorn love compatibility Both signs have a strong sense of self, but Aquarius wants to be free and Capricorn wants to dominate. My research into the Aquarius love horoscope for 2015 tells me that this year is going to be an intense journey for those born under the Aquarius Zodiac. ARIES (March 21-April 19): Take care of personal home environment will put you in everyone's good graces. ARIES (March You love doing this kind of research -- unless someone is putting a damper on your process by watching you too intently.
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If in the last couple of months you’ve passed by the London Underground and picked up a copy of ES Magazine (one of the best free fashion magazine around), you might have seen some very familiar dancers and your guess was right: Jonathan Calugi has been busy experimenting with his latest minimal style. The collaboration with ES Magazine will continue throughout the upcoming months —  try to spot the others! Since joining Machas, Matteo Berton has been incredibly busy working with some of the most influential magazines, such as Monocle, Wired UK and The New Yorker. His interesting blend of architectural elements, human figures and subtle colour palettes was immediately picked up by the editors, who decided to commission him straight away. Paper Art studio Wanda Barcelona dived into TASCHEN’s extensive book collection to create the #Taschenworlds windows installation, a series of magical landscapes mixing natural and cultural wonders from some of German publisher’s bestselling titles.
The collage-inspired installations were developed by Wanda integrating iconic images straight from the books’ pages with different techniques, from 2D cut outs, 3D elements, popigami inserts, all whilst providing display supports for selected books. As all the displays were double-sided, the #Taschenworlds experience was taken inside the store as well and the lucky guests of the Milan store could also enjoy a splendid re-interpretation of the logo placed on luscious bush of roses and Andy Wahrol’s Polaroid plinth display surrounded by a swirling flight of weightless butterflies. The installations were visible in all TASCHEN’s flagship stores around the world and Wanda themselves designed all the elements to be easy to ship and assemble. Diet Coke has taken re-tweets to the next level, not by just sharing the fans’ messages on its social media platforms but by putting them out in the real world as beautifully designed artworks on billboards, accessories, magazine pages and more. Machas’ lettering artist supreme Jeff Rogers was one of the artists called to give shape to the cheerful messages delivering a captivating artwork featuring both lettering and illustrative elements all created in the trademark white black and red nuances.
His instantly recognisable artwork popped up on a massive LED billboard in Times Square, appeared on various magazine and gracefully adorned accessories like towels or iPhone covers — even a guitar case! When he’s not busy with his commissioned work or skating a good two hours a day, Leonardoworx somehow manages to find the time to nurture his personal projects, a personal playground where to test new techniques and new concepts. The latest personal project to go live is Infinite Numbers, a series of one-line calligraphy applied to 3D flowing paint artworks. Since its release the Infinite Number series was heavily featured from the likes of Adobe, Abduzeedo, Betype and Behance. Machas is constantly searching for new talent and when we came across the work of Matteo we knew there was something special about him. Despite starting taking drawing classes only at the age of 18, Matteo posses an interesting mix of works, where branded content sit side by side with book illustrations and concert flyers, proving his hand to be comfortable with a broad range of subjects, from architecture to the human figure, from objects to fantastic creatures.
The attention to composition and the dramatic use of the point of view is definitely a distinctive trait of Matteo’s work, “and I think that is because I first started in comics”, suggests Matteo.
Awarded with the 2016’s gold and silver medal of the Society of Illustrators of New York, Matteo has just completed commissions for The New Yorker, Airbnb, Monocle and Wired UK whilst working on illustrating Jules Verne’s book for Italian publisher Mondadori due to release early next year. Ray Oranges’ rigorous illustrated shapes has met the meticulously exact type of Federico Landini to create four limited edition prints. The project is the first collaboration between Ray and Federico and it was a surprisingly rewarding experience, “ a chance to participate to a completely different creative process” as Ray puts it.
The project was submitted to the annual Type Directors Club and was awarded the Certificate of Typographic Excellence award, a welcomed recognition of Federico’s excellent typographic work and Ray’s art versatility. Machas’ new collage artist created 12 spots illustrations for the Food of The Future issue and can be found throughout the magazine and on the online website, showing how incredibly versatile her style is. What a great way to celebrate out first collaboration with Helene and expect more of her work in Wired UK March issue!
Vem Juntos, Nike Rio do Janeiro’s new online platform, promotes running as a movement for positive change, not just for the individual but for society as well. The platform is designed to improve the running experience and training whilst bring people together in a positive and fun way, sharing experiences and creative ideas.

For the launch of the new project, Nike invited Machas’ Artist Fernando Chamarelli to create a mural in Rio de Janeiro, in the central area of Arcos da Lapa.
Fernando who has produced outstanding outdoor art in the past (most notably a 28 meters long mural at SESC in Sao Paulo),mixed for the project a black and white photo of a group of runners gliding through a bold visual representation of a music theme. Helene is a softly spoken young woman, with an broad, contagious smile and a certain je n’e sais quoi that is a trademark of Parisian women.
Helene is a collage artist and her work is distinctive with a peculiar sense of depth that bridges almost into a metaphysical composition of space. The viewer is literally projected into her fascinating world, where the reality is frequently questioned through elegantly sleek images and an interesting use of light; boundaries of perception are constantly pushed, achieving a elegant short circuit that alerts but not derails the viewer’s cognitive structure. Her commercial work is not that openly challenging but still retain this visual sleekness and edginess but with a more fun, graphic and lighthearted twist. Elena Ghisellini is one of the hottest name in the fashion accessories world but she’s far from being new to the industry: chances are that you already own or seriously desire a bag the Florentinian designer has created. Immediately after a brief email exchange with the owner of luxury bathroom furniture Artelinea and its communication agency, Jonathan Calugi and Machas were invited to a meeting at the company’s offices. Upon our arrival and a quick tour of the factory, we both realised that Artelinea was a perfect example of the Made in Italy brand: a fully owned family business that combines craftsmanships and excellent designs with innovative products. Jonathan’s attention was instantly caught by a glass base material that doubles as furniture and tiles surface. The tiles, designed to have incredibility sleek look as well as the highest standard of durability and resistance to wear, required Jonathan to perform multiple testing on the material to guarantee the perfect result —  and Artelinea’s 100% Italian production provided a vital technical support. The project, aptly named Arte&Linea as a clear reference both to the company’s name and to Jonathan’s style, saw the Machas Artist developing a fascinating series of One Line Dancers, in black, intuitive stokes were balanced out by colourful geometrical shapes. Rarely we have seen a collaboration growing as organically as the one between Jonathan Calugi and Artelinea and we are all looking forward to the future developments.
On the landing page of the dedicated website, the viewer see a visualisation of the physical separation between a mother and her child, who are divided by a long, tortuous road set against an abstract desert-like landscape. Outdoor Festival is one of the most interesting projects both for the artists selection and the stunning location (an abandoned factory that has been saved from oblivion — or more certainly, redevelopment), and this year’s edition has opened its doors to Italianism, a one-day event focusing on the new Italian visual scene. With the contribution of 100 and plus artists, Italianism presented original artwork in form of an exhibition on a “I” canvass as well as live talks aimed at exploring first hand the experiences of the Made by Italians. Machas Artists Ray and Jonathan created two original artworks for the art exhibition, Ufo5 performed a paper live installation, Leonardoworx created the bumper video for the event whilst Machas’ founder Valentina took the live stage to discuss the perks and lows of being an Italian born living and working abroad.
Italianism first edition was a very successful and as Valentina highlights “it was great to see that people are not giving up on Italy but they are actually trying really hard to make a change — for the better. The Universal Exhibition, also commonly known as Expo, has been founded to provide the perfect stage to show off the most ambitious successes that man has achieved over time. As Expo 2015 host, Milan has chosen to bring in the world’s public spotlight the pressing theme of feeding the planet in a healthy, safe and sustainable way. For the occasion Moretti’s advertising agency Armando Testa created a print, digital and OOH campaign that references Italian futurism re-visited with a contemporary sensibility and Machas was involved to manage the talent that would bring to life such vision. After discussing with Armando Testa different visual options, Machas commissioned Danish illustrator to work on the six images released over the six months duration of Expo. Ilaria Accornero Art Director of Armando Testa says:Moretti asked a campaign that everybody could hang at home, graphically appealing and meaningful as the vintage poster advertising.
We worked closely with Machas and Mads, dealing with emergencies, changes, sleepless nights and countless phone calls with Valentina (also on Saturday night and yes, even at two in the morning!), we have produced a strong campaign and people are still asking to buy a poster size to have it at home. Thanks to his immediately recognisable shading technique, geometric composition and bright, modern colours, Mads worked closely together with the creative team to develop a series of striking images, each one of them featuring the Moretti bottle as a perfect complement of the scene.
When working together for months at such a fast paced, it was great to still be able to smile in stressful situations.
Machas has been an important partner and was able to put together an advertising agency like us with an artist, even though we didn’t always have the same vision.
Jonathan’s latest one line style is proving to be quite a hit and many forward-thinking brands are reaching out to involve his minimal, witty, graphically striking style into their storytelling — and that’s exactly what new car insurance Guevara did.
The brand’s inspiration is as outside the box as the name itself and Jonathan had at to illustrate the origin of the Guevara’s idea inspired from Nairobi’s chana, the slum’s native accident-cover system, and then create four concise images to explain how it works. With more than 20 artworks produced over a period of more than two years,  BECHA’s ENI ReThink campaign is without doubt one of the most successful and long-standing campaigns of the European energy supplier. Focusing on promoting a sustainable and more conscious approach to energy consumption both at the supplier and user end,  the campaign comprises of different artworks in which the subjects emerge from BECHA’s elaborate use of collage and intuitive paint strokes.
Upon closer inspection each subject reveals an intricate collage pattern of carefully arranged photos,  depicting gestures relevant to the campaign’s message such as switching off the light or turning down the thermostat.
Such an interesting and unusual approach required preparation: “at the beginning we made a lot of sketches and back and forward with TBWA’s creative director to find a strong art direction. The campaign was seen everywhere in Europe: from billboards to newspapers, from POS to digital.
Dive deeper into your own heart now with free online Scorpio Love Horoscope weekly monthly and yearly to get the edge of your love and Scorpio characteristics today. If you're looking for a kindred spirit you'll find it in another Leo, however be prepared to share the limelight you both crave. They have a deep inner need for love and this finds expression in a number of ways, depending on which Leo you are talking about. While they don’t dwell on problems, he or he will expect you not to dwell on them either maybe for today, but certainly not tomorrow. Wouldn't it be great to know in advance how that new job will work out or how that budding love relationship will develop? So tell that overly attentive store clerk or nosy friend to give you a little more space to do your thing.
To add further depth of field to the composition, Wanda Barcelona finished off each window with a vinyl layer. Sculpted, glass-like integers are set against the anonymously sleek background of contemporary art gallery and, as with most Leonardoworx’ creations, they are much more than just a pretty image. The project, a spontaneous collaboration between two long time friends, was originated from the shared passion for creativity and went on to win the 2016’s Type Directors Club Certificate of Typographic Excellence.
This was the first time Fernando worked with mixed media and the result is quite stunning, as it adds another layer of storytelling to an already rich visual language.

We immediately thought there was something special about this Parisian lady and ask her to be part of the Machas family!
We were heading to the luscious Tuscan countryside to discuss a possible collaboration project and, excitingly enough, the scope of this collaboration was completely open to the artist’s interpretation. We all agreed it was the perfect ready-made canvass for the first step of the collaboration: a live painting performance at Cersaie 2015, the International Exhibition of Ceramic Tile and Luxury Furnishings. A total of 32 ballerinas, the tiles were gifted to Artelinea’s premium customers at the conclusion of the tradeshow. Although Machas was created and developed in the UK and has fiercely created a global approach, it is undeniable that it is part of the Made by Italians movement — and we were absolutely delighted to contribute the event, both with our Artists and as Machas. Expo Milan is literally becoming the world’s biggest restaurant and Moretti, as the Official Beer Partner of Expo, is focusing its presence on its key values of quality, sustainability and Made in Italy. Based on our brief, Machas rapidly suggested a list of artists among them we found the right one. Adjusting his color palette to the warm, saturated nuances of the Italian landscape Mads perfectly captured Moretti’s long standing tradition as well as projecting the brand into the future. Thanks to Valentina we were always able to mediate and to work without too many difficulties. This project was not only a great professional experience, but it gave me a big satisfaction from a human point of view, because of our collaboration with an excellent artist and the strong bond we created with Machas. But I can always be serious at times when necessary and if I have a job (not just a chore) I’d listen carefully learn horoscope virgo career today may cancer weekly quickly and get the job done. Ending the day with a chamomile tea and some lavender oil will help you to unwind and also help to heighten your spiritual connection Horoscope Of February 13 Aries Match Love to sooth any lingering anxieties. Goto Horoscope – 2011 horoscope for the year of the Rabbit daily horoscope astrological prediction distributable. They like to help others be upbeat and feel good which supports their tendency to be great leaders and bosses.
Opposite which are likely to attract you are Pisces and Capricorn signs.If you happen to get into a love and romance relationship with a Virgo or Cancer try to learn from your mutual differences.
It may be expressed as an intentionally cultivated and flamboyant charm designed to attract a sexual partner. To the Leo, being up front, king of the jungle is more important than going into action or achieving the goal. While the future isn't written in stone and there is no way to know it with absolute certainty, the ancient science of astrological horoscopes can definitely give you an accurate understanding of trends and probabilities in a way no other discipline can. Each artwork immediately captured the gaze with unexpected prospectives and complex compositions, whilst the use of color was almost instinctual, expressive, underlined by the use of thick brushes and few tighter lines.
As Ray admits “Federico and I both have a shared love for geometric, rational, angular art and I immediately loved the idea to collaborate on a illustrated version of his type”. Horoscope Of February 13 Aries Match msn horoscope octobre zodiac animal dates Love horoscope Signs Compatibility by Sign. The rabbit was given fourth place the dragon fifth the snake sixth the horse seventh the ram eighth the monkey ninth national horoscope norway astrology leo yahoo the rooster tenth and the dog Sagittarius people are the best there are at ignoring life’s problems. If the rooster is male it is 100 per cent man, and if a female then they are preened to perfection.
Leos are typically ambitious, confident and loyal although they can also be very independent and extravagant.
Leo's aren't supposed to do that well with Taurus or Scorpio signs so you may want to avoid them.
This can be a bit of a problem if you work for this astrological sign because it means that you will be dealing with a forceful personality with considerable ego. You can discover the likelihood of consequences and spot possible problems before they happen. People don’t usually look outside themselves for something they already have on the inside, except that sometimes they forget. Birthday Horoscope 2nd June Zachary John Quinto will be boldly going out to celeate his 36th birthday tonight. A Brief Introduction to Astrology This short online introduction can help make you familiar with most of the Love is about zodiac elements and directions 29 aquarius october 2015 sharing and the emotional physical and spiritual connection that results from this sharing.
Ganesha says that Mercury, the Lord of your Sign, is also the Lord of the House of business for you, so influences of other planets over Mercury will have For 2015 premium Reports, customised to cater to all your needs, you may check out our 2015 Horoscopes Section. Being rather regal like the lion they can also be rather vain and proud and become even a bit overbearing if they feel they're larger than life or they become intolerant and domineering. The worst combination for you, astrological wise, is with an Aquarius.And it’s no surprise that two Leos often don’t get along together.
The best way to deal with a Leo is to make sure that he or she has plenty of constructive outlets for action available. Astrology, the gift of the Ancients, can be yours with an accurate tomorrow’s Leo love horoscope or a detailed astrological report. Pisces Necklace Zodiac Jewelry Astrological Symbol Fish Horoscope Of February 13 Aries Match Love Feuary March Birthdays Astrology Art Pendant with Ball Chain Included (ITEM B109) $27.00 USD SilverRhapsody. It will utilize all that pent up energy for something demonstrative and it will keep the Leo out of your hair and in the public gaze. There is no room for that beige behaviour anymore with the Cardinal signs continuing to take no prisoners.
You can find out more about how you relates to the ones you love with our love and romance compatibility Astrological Report.
Horoscopul Zilnic Berbec - Azi 18 Mai Balana Este o zi n care nimic nu Horoscop Urania 2012. The Revised Julian calendar is a calendar that was considered for adoption by the Eastern Orthodox churches at a synod in Istanbul in May 1923.

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