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Paul and I spent hours and hours trying to find the right words for our wedding readings and vows. Since our wedding, whenever I read the words of our readings it brings back how I felt that day. I have had so many lovely comments from people regarding the print I designed for Paul, that I decided to design a number of prints that can be personalised in the same way.
Words can never tell you how perfectly dear you are to me, perfectly dear to my heart and soul. I look back, and in every one point, every word and gesture, every letter, every silence, you have been entirely perfect to me, I would not change one word, one look.

My hope and aim are to preserve this love, not to fall from it, for which I trust to God who procured it for me, and doubtless can preserve it. You have given me the highest, completest proof of love that ever one human being gave another. We wanted words that represented how we felt about each other and marriage, that reflected our personalities, and that we felt really meant something. If you are looking for a thoughtful gift for your loved one, why not take a look at the designs in my Etsy shop here, here and here. The night before my wedding I wrote a card to my now husband and gave it to him to read in the morning.

I had written my own brief words but totally stole Robert Brownings word in a letter he had written to Elizabeth Browning on their wedding day.

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