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Nature speaks to us in symbology; and the Flowers of the Earth have always whispered their secrets of LOVE!As with All TOTEM work, each Individual Flower Totem presents attributes and distinctive messages to guide us down the garden Path!
Bible Readings is a topical study of the Bible that uses a friendly question and answer format. Bible VerseJohn 17:2 As thou hast given him power over all flesh, that he should give eternal life to as many as thou hast given him. There are those couples that just know that they’ve met their soul mate the first time they lock eyes… And then there are the rest of us.
One of the most commonly asked questions all readers are asked is, “can you fix a broken relationship?
You can manifest love with the specific person that you want, if you deeply believe you can be with him or her.
We often receive emails from Rock My Wedding readers suggesting topics for posts – particularly if there is a specific W-day matter that is more than a little troublesome.
As well as being one of the first brides to feature in our Real Wedding section, Rachel is also the author of the very lovely Flowers And Stripes blog which is full to the brim with fabulous thoughts and quotes. What makes a wedding different to a wonderful party celebrating a couple’s love for each other? In true RMW style – whatever ceremony you’re having it’s important to make this your ceremony.
I love the idea of everyone sitting up straight and really listening when they hear the opening lines ‘I do not love you’. So, a few petals of word confetti amidst a flurry of poems and passages which could be used. The idea behind this post was to get you sharing the passages you are thinking of using (or used) to support each other in making your ceremony reflect who you are and let every guest, be it two or two hundred, know the love you share. Rachel made a very good point at the end of her email to me actually and that was that these tokens of love needn’t be restricted to just W-day. Let us know if any of these examples took your fancy or what other pieces you have found for the Big Day, we would love to know. I am loving the 1st and 3rd readings you have shown so it may be bye bye to Captain Corelli!!!

We wanted something quirky and that a 9 year old could read so we are thinking about Adam Sandlers I wana grow old with you. We are having the passage from Captain Corelli – it gets me all teary eyed every time…we are one tree! We had planned to have A Lovely Love Story, but both I and my brother-in-law forgot to bring a copy!
Jules, our CofE vicar has approved this one as a religious reading if it’s any help to you? We pondered over many a reading for our big day and finally went with this one by Louise Cuddon.
I had Corinthians (Love is patient… etc) and The Art of Marriage by Wilferd Arlan Peterson. The only one I liked and came back to again and again was Corinthians but I was blowed if I was going to have it when EVERY other person does. Fankoo Rebecca, wise words indeed about everything else pailing into insigificance and I’m sure we all need to keep hold of that thought when the minor details are taking over our lives! Ditto on the whole loving the ceremony – it was definitely our favourite part of the day.
And then our final reading was an excerpt from Everything is Illuminated by Jonathon Safran Foer.
Palmistry, pendulum readings and ancient Indian healing are just a few talents of Love Heera the Psychic. She is renowned for her chart work and helping those who are confused with their life path to bring them back into focus and steer them in the proper areas. Although she has always had the gift of third eye intuition and contact with her personal spirit guides, she has been performing readings for over 15 years and has already helped over 2000 people via our online network. Love Heera can address any concerns you have across all areas of your life as well as professional goals as well help you with personal mantras and spell work if needed for your particular case.
Experience a truly authentic psychic reading with Love Heera for all your questions and personal needs.
The Scorpion will back up with stinger raised if you act like you’ve got them figured out.

Would be equally as lovely in a card, little note or perhaps blown up onto a canvas for your wall. Mine has to be Shakespeare’s Sonnet 116 – as soon as I heard it when I studied english I knew I wanted it at my wedding! But for anyone who knows me and Mr S, we couldn’t pull off elegant and sophisticated without looking like wannabees. I would never meddle with gorgeous literature, but I think you can get away with it on song lyrics.
A certified healer andA  guru of the ancient and mystical arts, Love Heera can help guide you in the right direction.
She has a very strong but pleasant presence that will make you feel right at home and comfortable with her reading and guidance. With more than one million copies of this book being sold, Bible Readings has proven to be an excellent aid to private, family, and public study of the Word of God. I agree with Rachel about reading the book if selecting a passage, to see the context thats a good idea. I adore Ed Monktons Lovely Love Story but our minister is quite traditional when it comes to marriage ceremonies so it might have been too much for her! Fun readings can be delivered in an authentic and heartfelt way, religious regions can be unique, and the swoony swoony classic literature, will never ever fail to move you.
When deciding on our passages I did read the whole of a George Eliot novel to only then decide not to use the passage.
Love it that there are so many different ways to do it, but that ultimately they’ll all have the same effect. I also loved the excerpt from Beethoven’s (I think) letter that Carrie reads to Big in the first sex and the city film, that would make a lovely reading.

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