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Lady Gaga - Just like Aston, this tattoo would be a bit cooler if half the world didn't already sport it. Tommy Lee: As his sex tape past with Pamela Anderson proves, Tommy Lee is a fan of mayhem and controversy.
Scarlett Johansson - Well, if you're going to have a tattoo, you might as well make it as bold as possible.
Evan Seinfeld: The former Biohazard man is another music star who prefers the full body tattoo. Kelly Osbourne - Part human, part evil cyborg sent from the future, she loves her mother, according to the tattoo splashed across her back.

With X Factor's Frankie Cocozza unveiling his cherished bum tattoo to a universal cry of laughter, Gigwise takes a look at other tattoos that celebrities must have thought sounded good in theory, only for them to be openly ridiculed once put into practice.
From Lady Gaga's oh-so-original peace sign, through Lil Wayne's complete body workover, right up to Boy George finding God on his scalp, here are some tat's to turn off even the most foolhardy ink lover. You'lll also find bad ink-jobs belonging to the likes of Tommy Lee, Gucci Mane and Jeffree Starr. We can only guess where this monstrosity goes, but it's bad enough we have to see the top half in all honesty. For behind the ear tattoos, Gigwise is a big fan of Poland and ex-Celtic goalkeeper Artur Boruc's effort, which is a pair of headphone wires leading to the ear.

Ever since David Beckham wrote - to him - nonsensical sanskrit on his person, celebs the world over love a good pearl of wisdom graffitoed on them.
What better way to stir up controversy than to couple a tattoo of murdered child beauty pageant queen.

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