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I am sure you know the song, we have a similar version also in Turkish, more concerned about rhyme, then the meaning of the song. I believe no other bug would be the topic of a cookie decoration anyway…maybe the butterfly and dragonfly! MINNIE MOUSE & MICKEY MOUSE COOKIESMickey and Minnie Mouse cookies were for a brother and sister. I'll be travelling end of this month to US, desperately busy accordingly; but also looking for opportunities to but lots of decorating supplies. As expected Christmas-New Year timeframe was a bankruptcy period for my personal self as it was hectic busy! The show premiered in the US on Nickelodeon on December 6, 2015, among premiering in other countries.
The Kitsune Network announced that they'll be returning to ZAG Studios in Glendale, CA, to interview voice actress Cristina Vee. Merchandise that can be customized, including shirts and bags, is now available on TV Toy Box's website! Jeremy Zag revealed on his Instagram that there is a 2D Miraculous Ladybug OVA in production.
Major Spoiler WarningThis page contains major spoilers from an episode(s) that has not aired in the US yet. In all the other pictures of her as an adult, she wears a black blouse with a light pink jacket worn over it.
There's a portrait of her in the Agreste mansion that resembles Gustav Klimt's Portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer I, commonly known as The Woman in Gold.
The image of her used as Adrien's computer background is actually a real-life photo of voice actress Tara Strong, with the top changed from magenta to blue and Mrs.
Inside a safe-box, Gabriel keeps the Peacock Miraculous and a booklet that reads 'TIBET' in big green letters, in front of a picture of her. Animan • Antibug • The Bubbler • Copycat • Dark Cupid • Darkblade • Gamer • Guitar Villain • Horrificator • The Evillustrator • Kung Food • Lady Wifi • The Mime • Mr.
Adrien's chauffeur • Alec Cataldi • Andre Bourgeois • Armand D'Argencourt • Bob Roth • Butler • Caline Bustier • Chris • Fred Haprele • Gabriel Agreste • Jagged Stone • Jalil Kubdel • Lieutenant Roger • Marlena Cesaire • Master Fu • Mrs. He also does not allow Adrien to go to school without his bodyguard to drop him there and pick him up.

When he meets Cat Noir in "Simon Says", he isn't pleased when the super hero starts giving orders to protect him, yet when Cat Noir insists more, Gabriel tells him that he is headstrong and that he reminds him of someone, after which he turns to face a portrait of his wife. In the end of the episode, he notices both Cat Noir's and Adrien's ring and possibly gets suspicious. Gabriel entrusts his personal assistant, Nathalie, to take care of tasks for him and Adrien. Despite not actually meeting Marinette in person, he recognizes her as a skilled hat maker and lets her prove that her hat is her own creation. With Ladybug, he seems to respect her, listening to her advice and chatting with her while she and Cat Noir are guarding him in "Simon Says".
Theo is a bit taller than Adrien, with brown hair tied up in a bun, brown eyes, and a soul patch. He wears a purple shirt with two unbuttoned buttons at the top, a black overshirt, gray jeans, and black boots.
As Copycat, he gets supernatural strength and agility, along with a copy of Cat Noir's staff and the ability to perform Cataclysm. In "Pixelator", he was with trapped in a photo with Mireille Caquet, having been strolling the Champs-Elysees. However, we need to sing this song, if a ladybird comes to us or lands on our finger…this would mean, what we wished for at that moment will come true. The interview will not be solely centered around the show itself, but also on Cristina's career and other projects she's worked on.
In a picture from her 17th birthday that Adrien uses as his computer wallpaper, she is shown wearing a blue tank top. According to Gabriel, she was stubborn and headstrong when it came to other people's safety, similarly to Adrien. He has a white dress shirt underneath a silver vest with red buttons and a cream-colored dress jacket, along with a red and white striped tie.
He is very protective of his son Adrien, having kept him home for most of his life, although distant.
In "Simon Says", he shows that he's proud of him, telling Ladybug that he's perfect, and that he's a lot like his mother. He doesn't appreciate when she messes up, however, like getting impatient with her when she forgets to retrieve a present from him to give to Adrien.

When Nino objects to him not allowing Adrien to have a birthday party in "The Bubbler", Gabriel, displeased with his authority and decisions being questioned, tells Nino that he is not allowed in the mansion anymore because he is a bad influence on his son.In "Simon Says", he hardly acknowledges his presence inside the mansion. In "Copycat", when he gets upset because Ladybug doesn't attend the revealing of his statue of her and Cat Noir, and when Cat Noir claims that Ladybug is his lover, he gets jealous.
He makes a bad name for Cat Noir by stealing the Mona Lisa from the Lourve, and he captures Cat Noir and attempts to trick Ladybug into thinking that he is the real Cat Noir, in hopes of achieving her affection.
However, this power makes him start running out of energy (which is shown by his ring losing paw prints). The Kitsune Network is also giving the chance for fans to submit their questions for Cristina to answer; the deadline is February 29, 2016.
He is also very controlling of what Adrien does, having his schedule planned from day to day. As a result, he is infected with an akuma by Hawk Moth and becomes the Cat Noir doppelganger supervillain, Copycat. Though more on the quiet side, he has a lot of passion for his work and the things he cares about.
When he isn't able to fool Ladybug, he vows that no one will have her and attacks Cat Noir. I am not a believer in such things, but love the fact that this pretty and colored bug represents goood things.
He has feelings for Ladybug and he takes it hard when she doesn't show up for the reveal of his statue.
While cunning and determined, he falls for Ladybug's trick of asking him about their secret promise that they never made, which he thinks they have. To some extent, he does seem to care for his son, wanting him to get him a birthday present in "The Bubbler", despite not choosing it for him himself. He also gets easily jealous when Cat Noir brags about he and Ladybug being a couple, claiming that Cat Noir isn't good enough for her. However, after he is reverted back to his normal self, he gets over his frustration and jealousy, appreciating Ladybug signing his photo of her and at peace about Cat Noir and Ladybug being together--not knowing that it isn't the case.

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