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This sacred 'lucky number' is stenciled in to the fabric of the painting allowing the word to create a sub-conscious message of luck and positive affirmation in our every day lives. The pictures below are only to help you to imagine how the painting could look like in a room setting on a colored wall. Pinyin : ba) , sounds extremely similar to the Chinese word that means wealth and  and to prosper.
This artwork is a 100% handmade original painting, not a giclée print or any other kind of reproduction.

Please note that the painting may not be quite to scale and the colors may vary slightly from what appears on your monitor. This number is believed to be extremely favorable to have as part of the numbers that make up your address, or telephone number. This painting is coated with a clear acid-free glossy varnish in order to protect it from dust and light.
Many believe that the number 8, is the luckiest number of them all.The number eight is said to be representative of the feeling for inclusion.

The Chinese also believe that the number eight is a supernatural number and is a number for initiations and spiritual ascension for that fact that eight or 8 represents the forces within the world of phenomenon. There are many other numbers that the Chinese believe to be lucky and they use these numbers when dealing with others in business, relationships and partnerships of any kind.

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